Scuba Signed As New Exclusive BBA Model!

We’re excited to announce that Scuba is the latest to join the BBA team as an EXCLUSIVE/VIP model!

With his sexy, seductive smile and innocent “boy next door” look, there’s no doubt that Scuba is a young star on the rise. We’re proud to have him be a part of the BBA Family and look forward to helping him turn his dreams of becoming a “porn star” into a reality.

Scuba promised “greatness to come” when he made his impressive action debut just a couple months ago, and boy, has he delivered! It’s rare for a new model to make the kind of striking impression that Scuba has made in only two scenes so far. He is definitely a FREAK and a superstar in the making!

Scuba brings to his scenes a joyous energy and eagerness to please that has already made him an instant fan favorite. But don’t take my word for it! Here are just a few of the initial reactions to Scuba since his official gay porn debut:

Scuba brings an exciting dose of youthfulness to [his scenes]. His excitement about sex and porn gives off a crazy awesome, infectious vibe.”

“Scuba has the IT factor like XL and Apollo to me. He is quiet and freaky.”

“Scuba is a sexy cutie with great energy and chemistry.”

“Scuba is, indeed, the WHOLE PACKAGE. Look forward to more scenes with him.”

“We have a winner here, Mike!”

In addition to being a natural performer, Scuba has demonstrated an instinctive talent for marketing and self-promotion through his social media, gaining over 18,000 Twitter followers in just a few weeks.

Like many of you, we’re looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for this cutie. Scuba will no doubt bring us many more unforgettable scenes in the weeks, months, and hopefully years to come!​ ​

(Photography by Shax Carter)

7 comments on “Scuba Signed As New Exclusive BBA Model!
  1. Chris

    That’s great. He stood out with his youthfulness.

    I was really hoping he didn’t turn out like Mikey Piper & Tarzan and we wouldn’t see him again.

  2. Stepp

    I am 100percent here for it! Now let’s get the stuffin beat out that muffin. I vote for
    a flip with Bandit.

    1. Michael

      You’re trippin’ lol. Or at least not keeping up with my announcements here on the blog or on Twitter 😛 .

      There were two updates in July, with our latest scene counting as the third July update, just posted a few days later than planned due to production delays. There will still be three additional updates posted this month.


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