Start Spreadin’ The News….

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already a third of the way over! Where has the time gone?!?

It’s certainly been an eventful and exciting year around here so far. From Kingston going viral and then taking things to the next level, to Dominic and Justice shocking everyone by surrendering their tight, virgin asses; Apollo and Bandit’s epic showdown, to Ross’s unexpected return; it’s been a year jam-packed with steamy showdowns and epic surprises.

And we’re just getting started 😉 ! Like I mentioned in the latest scene summary, we’re stepping up our search for fresh faces and hope to add a variety of hot new guys to the BBA roster in the weeks and months to come.

I also wanted to let everyone know about a stressful but exciting change coming up in my personal life. Within the next couple months, I will be leaving my life in Saint Louis and relocating to New York City. I’m eager and hopeful to discover what this next chapter will bring, but of course it would also be nice if I could just snap my fingers and already be settled into my new life in the Big Apple. Tons still to do before that can happen.

This partly explains why we’ve been featuring so many scenes directed by Shax Carter lately, and will continue doing so throughout the next couple months until I’m able to resume my normal production schedule. Montez and Shax have both been incredibly supportive and helpful in picking up the slack and keeping everything running smoothly while I deal with these unavoidable challenges and distractions in my personal life.

Fans of Shax’s beautiful cinematography and more polished, professional style will be in for a real treat this Spring. But those who miss my own scenes need not worry, I plan to get back behind (and maybe even in front of) the camera again just as soon as I can 😉 !

With this in mind, below is our TENTATIVE May 2019 schedule:

Update #1: May 16th or 17th
Update #2: May 23rd or 24th
Update #3: May 30th or 31st

We’ve got some hot things in the works for our viewers. For the latest previews, updates, announcements, etc., please follow us on Twitter @bbaddictionz and @bba_michael. ​Thanks!

14 comments on “Start Spreadin’ The News….
  1. KingatopV

    Good new month of May 2019, hope you have a safe blessed move out to NYC when things get in place for that appreciate your keeping us fans informed about new exciting things going on at BBA!

  2. Brian

    Please film again. Some of us like the juxtaposition of you with the boys. I miss your facials. Like the fact that you haven’t nutted on Ross or Trapp’s face bothers me lol. I miss Mike in scenes.

    1. John pecca

      Ditto. Raw footage is great too. Polished is okay, but maybe post the fly-on-the-wall version too? This is why onlyfans is good sometimes.

    2. Al

      Congrats on the move! NYC is a tough but beautiful city. I’m looking forward to a great spring. Mike is an AMAZING director and I personally prefer him behind the camera not having sex. No shade! Just my opinion.

  3. Ricky

    Congratulations Michael. On your move to NYC!!! Enjoy everything the “The big Apple” as to offer!!!

  4. Christian

    Congratulations!! I REALLY miss the old regular meeting for first time or real interviews instead of the new scripted way with movie like editing. These last few post updates with new publishing has been a nut kill. The real interaction is what always set you different from other websites. I actually love to pay for this subscription bc of the authenticity of your product.

    1. Michael

      It’s nice to know that my scenes are missed. Shax’s style is definitely much more polished and professional looking than mine. He works with much better equipment and has many years of training and experience working on mainstream commercials and Hollywood films. So it only makes sense that his work has a more cinematic look and feel than my grittier, more amateurish “reality porn.”

      Many viewers really seem to love that and see it as a step up, while others share your preference for the more amateur look and feel. Like I said in my announcement above, those in the former category are in for a real treat over the next few weeks, since Shax has been doing most of our filming while I focus on this big move. But I promise to get back behind the camera just as soon as I can!

  5. MARC

    Congratulations on the move to my city of NYC. I am sure you will have a fantastic life here as there are opportunities and experiences like no other. The DL guys may be a little rough around the edges here but it makes for an exciting time.

    If you need someone to show ya’ll around or advice/tips about living in NYC, give me a shout.

  6. Robert L. Yoder

    I am looking forward to the next postings either by Michael from NYC or from Shax. Wonder when the next advanced notice will come out.


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