Website Update: Freshman Orientation 2019

Standing at 6’2″ and weighing 160 pounds, Scuba is a 19-year-old cutie who will quickly seduce you with his bright, sexy smile and innocent “boy next door” look. He enjoys playing sports and claims to have an equal interest in guys and girls.

“Whatever attracts me, attracts me!” he shrugs with an adorable smile.

But don’t let that cute baby face fool you – Scuba’s not nearly as innocent as he looks!

He’s actually dreamed of becoming a “porn star” ever since he was WAY too young to pursue it. And now that he’s all grown up and (barely) old enough to legally watch and do porn, he’s decided that joining BBA might be an easy way to earn extra money and have some fun exploring his sexuality at the same time.

“Expect greatness to come!” Scuba promises with a seductive smirk near the start of his impressive action debut.

Returning fan favorite Luh Redd can’t resist the temptation to spy on Scuba taking a shower. When Luh Redd boldly decides to join the new kid in the shower, things quickly evolve into a steamy encounter that neither boy will be forgetting any time soon – and neither will we!

There’s nearly a FULL HOUR of multiple-“nutt”-draining action that includes lots of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and fucking as these two irresistibly cute black teens get caught up in the passion and excitement of their first time together.

It’s especially fun to watch Scuba shake off his nerves and start to come out of his shell. Before you know it, he’s turning his porn dreams into a reality and proving himself to be a freak and superstar in the making….

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to enjoy Scuba’s exclusive gay porn debut any time you’d like!

13 comments on “Website Update: Freshman Orientation 2019
  1. D'Sean

    Happy to see Luh Redd as always. Scuba is sure to be a star. He really enjoyed Luh Redd. I wonder was there a round 2..

    I can’t wait to see Scuba with Teddy, Trapp, and Justice. Hell it would be cool to see Scuba fuck Dominic.

  2. anthony johnson

    I hope mike give (SCUBA) some more scenes he got that sexy fine young thug body like shaun he makes me think about shaun i love this young bull sexy body and the freak in him when he licked his cum off of (LILRED) body i lost it that’s why i always say it’s a new breed of young thugs they r the super freaks(THAT RICK JAMES WAS SINGING ABOUT THE KIND U DON’T TAKE HOME TO MOTHER) i see that(LILRED)IS NOW USING THE (FISHMOUTH SUCK)WHEN HE WAS SUCKING ON(SCUBA)ASS HOLE WHEN HE WAS LAYING ON HIS BACK(SCUBA)BABYBOY WHEN U R LETTING SOME1 EAT YOUR ASS IF IT FEELS GOOD GO AHEAD AND LET THEM MOANS OUT I BUSTED A SUPERSIZE WHEN U WAS MOANING I LOVE A YOUNG THUG THAT LET THE OTHER PERSON KNOW THEY R DOING A GOOD JOB.

  3. Tori Fan

    man… u and these skinny dudes with BIG DICKS and PRETTY TOES… have me…. HARD AS FUCK… haha…. so I’ll give Scuba a 8/5. he needs a lil meat on him to get a 10. but looks like u got a vers dude too.

  4. Jayden

    This kinda LIT! You guys are comin’ through with that 🔥. You continue to be the good shit that porn dreams are made of! BBA has brought some fresh meat in the house, and he’s cute too! 😜

    The interview was cool, but it failed to provide a single clue to the excitement that followed. Scuba seemed like he was going to be boring AF, but he was the COMPLETE opposite. 😜 With every article of clothing he removed, we got to see more of that beautifully smooth, milk chocolate skin. Just before removing his boxers, he teased the audience by playing with his dick through the boxers. Shax’s slow-speed footage adds to the tease and allows for glimpses of the head to be seen. Awesome! Finally, he removes the boxers for the shower, and the fun begins!

    The shower portion has become a highlight of the “Shax BBA Experience” for me. I love it! The first part offered something for the bottoms as you witness Scuba’s beautiful dick bouncing up and down. The second portion is for the tops. The suds come out as we get a close up view of his cakes, watching the slow motion of the water and soap carefully accentuate every curve of the 19 year old. Beautiful. If you’re verse, then you already know that Scuba has something to offer everybody!

    Shortly afterward, we see Luh Redd playing the role of voyeur. Great to see him again! Close ups of Luh Redd were dope, especially the underwater shot. Luh Redd’s waves were 🔥. Luh Redd is a tall glass of water. He’s beautiful to look at, and freaky as hell! Love it! Luh Redd’s oral skills steal the show. Everything from the kissing, to the awesome blow job! I don’t think there was place on Scuba’s body that Luh Redd didn’t touch. His performance as a bottom was amazing. He rode Scuba in reverse cowgirl/cowboy, and went deep. Scuba’s face was priceless.

    Scuba brings an exciting dose of youthfulness to the scene. His excitement about sex and porn gives off a crazy awesome, infectious vibe! I enjoyed watching him receive the “Luh Redd oral experience”. Scuba’s face lit up like a kid in the candy store as he enjoyed the enticing sensations that his partner provided. Oh yeah, speaking of his partner, the chemistry between Scuba and Luh Redd was FIRE! 🔥 OMG! Bodies don’t lie. The constant erections were very telling about the attraction the two had for one another—I loved it!

    One important thing I noticed was that Scuba genuinely wanted to give Luh Redd pleasure. Everything Luh Redd gave him (ie: head, rimming, kissing,), Scuba made every attempt to return the favor in the same degree. I liked the cum shots from both models , but I really loved watching Scuba eat his cum off of Luh Redd’s chest. HOT! Scuba’s inner freak became, officially, unleashed! What an incredible, unforgettable debut! Thank you! Welcome to BBA kid! I can’t wait to to see what the future holds! Cum through whenever you’d like! 😉

    To Mike, Shaxx, Luh Redd, and, BBA’s new kid on the block, Scuba, thank you! That was hella LIT! 💯💯 Thanks for a good time!

    1. Montez

      Are you auditioning to take Michael’s place in writing the scene summary? LOL What a review. So happy you liked it. I agree, Scuba did come off a little shy and almost sheepish in the interview, but that just added to his cuteness. Once it was time to take his clothes off though, he came alive. Here is a little inside scoop for you…. The climax at the end was not planned at all. I had very jokingly and in an exaggerated way, said out loud “Yeah, when you nut, just lick it all up!” Shax, Luh Redd and myself were very surprised when he didn’t waste a second (or a drop lol) and did exactly that. What a debut!

      1. Jayden

        👋🏾 Montez!

        Thank you for the huge compliment. There is no way I could take Mike’s place. I read all of his summaries—he writes waaay better than I do! The reviews are written from the heart, and BBA scenes are lit and inspire a lot of writing material! What can I say, I’m a fan, and I gave you all some love!

        The fact that Scuba licking his own cum was unplanned makes it even hotter!! I enjoyed the fuck out of Scuba and Luh Redd in this scene, and I have enjoyed the fuck out of BBA in 2019 this far! Keep it up!

        Question for you sir. When will we see you in a scene?

        1. Montez

          Well, it was an awesome review to read. And yes, Scuba licking up his own cum was definitely just a passing joke I made that he decided to just do. lol Believe me, it shocked the hell out of us LOL.

          As far as me in a scene… Not sure. I can say that Michael sure is trying. lol

  5. Seymour

    One thing I enjoyed about this video is the way a smile broke out with Scuba at moments in which he was relishing what he was doing in his first porn shoot. It did not seem to me to be something false but a real expression of pleasure. That is real amateur first time enjoyment for the viewer.

    1. Montez

      I can tell you first hand that Scuba was really enjoying himself. He was eager and excited from the moment I met him and couldn’t stop telling me how ready he was. He did not disappoint, in my opinion. He brought such a sexy, playful, fresh and authentic vibe to the shoot and I am happy that seems to be coming across on camera to many of you.


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