The BBA Battle Bowl

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve DOUBLED the prize amounts and extended the application deadline to the end of October! Please help us spread the word about this fun new contest to find out which one of you is the ULTIMATE BBA Fan!

We are excited to announce the second BBA Tumblr contest entitled BBA Battle Bowl!

The BBA Battle Bowl will be a single elimination TRIVIA tournament that will run over the course of several weeks and will test the competitors’ knowledge of BBA and BBA’s models. The final competitor will be declared the ULTIMATE BBA fan and receive the grand prize of $1,000 and a personalized private video from an (available) BBA model of their choosing!!!

To enter the tournament you will need to submit an application, preferably through our Tumblr “Ask” feature, but we will accept e-mail applications sent to as well. Applications should include a creative team name, how long you have been a BBA fan, why you love BBA, your favorite model and scene, and most importantly, why you think you are the ultimate BBA expert. Montez and I will review the applications and select the best ones.

If you aren’t currently a BBA member, don’t fret! You too can sign up to the site to brush up on your BBA knowledge or do some research to prepare for the contest.

When the tournament officially kicks off, competitors will receive their questions and a deadline to submit their answers. In each round, you will square off against only one other competitor. The winners of their respective matches will advance to the next round. In the case of a tie, there will be a tie-breaker question. This will go on until there is only one competitor left.

The top three competitors will win the following prizes:

3rd Place: A free 3-month subscription to the website.

2nd Place: $500 and an official “shout out” in a BBA scene.

1st Place: $1,000 and a personalized private video from an (available) BBA model of your choosing.

So get those applications submitted! The deadline to submit applications is Monday, October 31st at midnight Eastern time. Competitors must have PayPal in order to receive monetary prizes.

8 comments on “The BBA Battle Bowl
  1. Westchaseblk

    1st prize is on point for me. I would donate the money to the models who were doing my personalized video, i.e., Bandit, Shazeer, Stylez and Lil Scrap; any combination would work or all four but they would have to flip fuck. Now that would be a BBA to remember.

    Great prize ideas Mike! Too bad I missed the deadline.


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