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Lil Scrap let us know during his solo audition that when it comes to his still relatively limited experience with guy-on-guy sex, he has ALWAYS been a dominant “top” who enjoys being the one in control. And since his monster dick usually gets all the attention and tends to attract submissive “bottoms,” that has always worked out just fine….UNTIL NOW 😉 !

With Lil Scrap asleep in the other room, Stylez and Spice discuss their unforgettable threesome from the previous night and how they couldn’t help but notice the PHAT ASS on Scrap, or the fact that he never reciprocated by sucking THEIR dicks.

Stylez pulls out a set of hand and leg cuffs and devises a devious plan to “turn the tables” on Lil Scrap and have some forbidden fun with the sexy “strict top” in a way they hadn’t been permitted the previous night….

Stylez and Spice sneak into the dark bedroom where Lil Scrap is passed out asleep. They carefully pull down the covers to expose the enticing bubble-butt popping up and out of his basketball shorts, almost DARING to be given some long overdue attention!

“WE’RE in control now!” Stylez whispers to Spice with a devilish grin after slowly sliding down Lil Scrap’s shorts and cautiously cuffing him in his sleep….

Lil Scrap wakes up in cuffs to the shocking new sensations of horny hands grabbing and groping his naked, upturned ass while probing fingers poke against his tight, virgin hole.

“But I’m a TOP!” Lil Scrap angrily insists when he hears what his horny co-stars have in mind, and suddenly starts to realize just how vulnerable he truly is….

“You ever sucked dick before?!?” Stylez taunts the helpless “strict top.”

“Hell, naw! I don’t do that shit!” Lil Scrap desperately protests, squirming in vain to escape and demanding the keys to the cuffs.

“Well, TODAY YOU IS!” Stylez replies, his eager dick leaping to full life as he suddenly realizes what he’s about to enjoy.

See for yourself what happens next in this unique and surprising “sequel” that forces Lil Scrap out of his comfort zone and into an uncharacteristically submissive role, and features nearly a FULL HOUR of shocking “firsts” for our sexy new star….


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15 comments on “Website Update: Today You Is!
  1. Cobra

    Interesting fantasy theme. I know every model has their own comfort level but I just remember Saint and several others sucking dick for the first time. Maybe Lil Scrap is just more open but he seems to be a hella fast learner lol. I still look forward to seeing him mix it up with some of the vets. Not bad for an all-rookie cast tho.

  2. Allen Wells

    Well, the best thing about this scene is that it’s over. I’m not into 3somes but part 1 of these three models was a classic compared to this one. I’m now getting a little bored w/Lil Scrap. He is not being put in a position for me to see what he’s all about. I am now more interested in Stylez. I would love to see you eat his ass or him in a one on one scene where he’s the top. Trying not be too harsh, this scene was a total flop for me. It did absolutely nothing. I guess better luck next time.

  3. Donald

    LOVED IT! It’s my new favorite. Stylez is the truth, he go hard. Them the only 3 models u need, they could entertain every week, u need a vocal freak like Stylez….get him as much as u can! Now since Stylez got revenge, Bandit needs revenge from his last shoot, get Bandit to top Stylez, it’ll be hot.

  4. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Okay so after my nutt to this new scene of this week I must admit it wasn’t that bad and my nutt was good. The part I nutted too was where Scrap had the beads in his ass and him hollering in pain I thought that shit was hot as fuck and him sucking dick. The part of them fucking Spice again was something Idc for so I went back to that part. I give this scene an official 8/10. I can clearly see that Stylez wants to fuck the shit outta Scrap and vice versa if they got the chance. Who ever fucks Scrap first should be Stylez then Saint

    PS: no more of this trio split em up now please.

    Also please consider your tags properly because they may be misleading.

  5. Tori Fan


    Thanks for the toe shots….I know you did them just for me.

    I’m usually not excited about cum…but when Stylez came in Spice ass…I almost lost my load. The bondage scene was hot too. I know it was prearranged cause ain’t nobody gonna let someone finger them that long. The after shots were good too.

    I give it a 9….why not a 10…..waiting on Stylez toe shots…..greedy me….

    But I put those 3 up there on my LUST LIST. If you ever think about having a mini audience….I gotta be the first invite.

  6. Stoned Mountain

    GREAT SHOW! Scrap said it, Spice is definitely MVP. He is soooo sexy taking dick, and then busted that colossal load! All the guys are stars but Lil Scrap is a gem. That dick, that body, that cute face, that personality are all beautiful. For a minute I thought he might take dick, but he definitely is down for it.

    Please have somebody put him on his back for a deep slow fuck, with a deep kiss. Ooooeee

    Preferably Blake

    1. decaturbaby

      from one Dekalb county to another.. BLAKE, BLAKE, BLAKE.. I would love to see Blake’s dick in Lil Scrap’s mouth or Lil Scrap’s dick in Blake’s mouth.. and of course them flip flopping in each others ass.

  7. Chris

    I think Scrap is a very sexy cute short lil thug nigga but…. I absolutely hate 🚬 ciggs so if those were his in that end photo that knocked him down from a 9 to a 7 . still fuckable tho ☺

  8. Jamal

    Maybe it’s me but this just seems like a repeat of the first scene they all did. Only difference was Scrap got his ass played with. Sucked a dick but oh well I’m sure everyone else liked it. Good job Mike


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