Website Update: Taz For The Taking

We’ve all known boys like Taz in our lives, and some of us might have even once been the same way: Sexually confused and curious but scared to let others see our true selves, not realizing at the time that everyone around us ALREADY KNOWS (or at least strongly suspects) what we’re usually the LAST to admit to ourselves!

Well, here at BBA, we’re all about helping cute and confused black boys like Taz explore and expand their sexual identities, regardless of whether they’re gay, straight, or somewhere in between.

After making his solo debut on the site just a couple weeks ago, Taz is back for more – and this time the bi-curious “college boy” is taking his recent experimentation with guy-on-guy sex to some pretty extreme and exciting new levels!

“A BIG JUMP!” as Taz puts it at the start of this scene.

Shazeer and Taz
I turn on the camera less than twenty minutes after introducing Taz to the still way too subdued but undeniably sexy Shazeer – himself still a fairly new BBA model who hasn’t yet fully shaken his nerves or come out of his shell.

Of course watching these two complete strangers sit side by side as they nervously check each other out only makes it ten times hotter when they start to get MUCH better acquainted just a few minutes later!

“Damn, you got a nice ass!” Shazeer observes with surprise and growing excitement as he pulls down Taz’s underwear to get his first promising peek at the cute black twink’s prominent bubble-butt….

See for yourself what happens next in this action-packed “initiation” that you do not want to miss. I don’t want to spoil too many of this scene’s hot surprises, but let’s just say if you’re able to make it past one of the WETTEST blowjobs I’ve filmed in awhile without busting an explosive “nutt,” then you’re a far stronger person than I was while editing the footage 😉 !

And that’s not even counting all of the occasionally awkward but eager tongue-kissing, ass-eating, and butt-fucking as these two hot and horny black boys discover and explore each others’ naked bodies literally minutes after meeting for the VERY FIRST TIME!

“Shit, I do not believe this!” Taz moans in guilty pleasure and dazed disbelief as Shazeer eventually pulls off the condom and proceeds to pound his fresh and supposedly “virgin” ass RAW….


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31 comments on “Website Update: Taz For The Taking
    1. KayJay

      For those of us who like a more masculine type of dude, Taz is probably not going to make our favorite model list. Nonetheless, I’ll still give this one 8 out of 10 only because he gives up his “virgin” hole. (He seemed to take it better than most guys getting fucked for the first time.)

      Still, not a bad update this week.

      Thanks, Mike!

  1. Cobra

    Love Taz. Taking off the condom was priceless. Just waiting to mix some of the newbies with the “gay for pay” vets. Most of the newbies are already bi so the scenes don’t have that “gay for pay” taboo feel. Some great new models like Taz but I’m just not feeling the combos right now. Some fans are according to the blog so it’s just me lol. When Taz and Lil Scrap mix it up with the vets like Isaiah , Saint and Apollo, imma be in heaven.

  2. Denzel

    Very hot scene! Taz is very sexy and I think your viewers won’t get tired of him anytime soon. He will continue to be interesting as a bottom but will also be fun to watch as a top. I hope you keep using him! Anyway, congrats on a five-star scene!

    Oh, and breathlessly waiting for Scotty. Is he the Thanksgiving week special?

  3. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Great update compared to last week’s update. I’m glad to see Shazeer back! My question is: was Taz a virgin anally ?? I never downloaded the solo/audition scene so I must ask.

    I give this scene a 9/10

  4. Kody Fan

    I really enjoyed this video!! Great angles as always, super full body & facial reaction shots. Loved the feet shots of Taz’ feet! Great sex, hot fucking but just one question…. When are we gonna see Shazeer getting his ASS busted???!!! Lol.

  5. Allen Wells

    This was, if anything, ok. Not your best work Mike. Could’ve been saved for your next vacation weekend, but I’ll settle for now. I’m not sure who was more bored, Shazeer or me. Now that the octoberfest of Lil Scrap & Taz is over, can we now get back to the real BBA? Is it gonna take the last day of fall for you to finally release Scotty? That would be the weekend of 12/15/16. I’ve cancelled til then. But will be back. Holla!

  6. decaturbaby

    I’m so grateful that my membership ended last week so that I didn’t have to watch this… Not a fan of either one of them… If you have another video in the can of Taz, go ahead and show it next week so that I don’t end up getting him when I resubscribe. For me, it has been 3 disappointing weeks in a row. (last week was not as bad as the other two but was still “too soon” for that threesome).. hopefully we’ll get Scotty soon but depending on who you pair him with, that too could end up being a disappointment.

  7. Chris

    One of Shazeer best scenes but I was disappointed because I thought after 5 weeks of teasing us with Scotty I thought this week would be his return.

  8. Sylvester

    I like Taz. He has a nice body & that smile is everything. If he was my bf I would spoil him rotten just to see him smile. With all that being said this scene was boring as hell. It seemed forced unlike Shazeer scene wit Tyga where the chemistry was there. Mike u been slipping with these updates over the last few weeks. I don’t understand why u posted Scrap, Spice & the other guy two weeks in a row when nothing spectacular happened besides Scrap giving head & even that wasn’t the best. I think I’m going to cancel until I feel like a scene is worth my money. BBA ain’t the same no more.

  9. chucke1

    I am also concerned, Mike PLEASE pay attention to what we are saying! This site is too good to go the wrong direction! Please put some of the pros back in the mix! There have been some disappointing updates lately in my opinion!

  10. Tori Fan

    If this was his first time, I’m glad you chose a normal size dick. Taz was a champion. I fully believed he was trying to satisfy the viewers but then decided…FUCK THAT this shit hurts. It was cute when he tried to get some kind of confirmation that “raw” would feel better. It looked like it did…but I don’t think he’ll do too many more raw scenes unless he gets more experience OR he’s fucking somebody.

    Thanks again for the toe shots. I’ll give it an 8 for a good try. I think Taz has some possibility with BBA!

  11. A.J.

    Damn y’all actin like this is uncommon. We have these times when we don’t appreciate the content as much. Don’t fall apart about it. Personally Taz is cute to me a little twinkish. I was gonna add it to the cloud but I’ll wait to see what u got 2morrow.

  12. Michael

    Some of you really need to stop being such drama queens every time I happen to post two or three weeks of models and scenes you dislike.

    *OF COURSE* I’m always paying attention to what viewers are saying! But some of you need to understand that my creative choices aren’t always going to revolve around YOUR specific tastes and demands.

    If you don’t care for a particular model or scene, DON’T WATCH IT! There are still over 300 other scenes for you to enjoy at any given time. Feel free to express your dislike here on the blog or in the website comments, but please spare me all this extra melodramatic BS about BBA heading in the “wrong direction” or not being “the same no more” just because you happen not to like the past two or three weeks.

    ESPECIALLY following a month that has included one of the hottest solo scenes in BBA history, one of the hottest threesomes in BBA history, AND a freaky fetish “sequel” that MANY viewers enjoyed. I realize that Taz might not be everyone’s type, but all you have to do is browse the feedback both here as well as on the website to see that there are many viewers who feel the complete opposite and actually enjoyed his amateur action debut!

    1. Chris

      Taz or Shazeer aren’t bad I think they was expecting or wanting something else. I actually liked it. But I do remember a period where you knocked it out the park like 6 weeks in a row.

    2. Jamal

      Mike I think u are the one being a drama queen. This is a blog so people are telling u they don’t like the scene. There is no reason to name call and go back and forth because people don’t like the scene!! They aren’t saying the website is bad just saying they don’t like the scene. You always take things so personal and then decide to go on a rant and name call

    3. Jo Wilf

      My take:
      A $19.95 monthly subscription is fair for one or two quality scenes..🤓
      BBA has produced good scenes for the past few weeks.. a solo of LIL SCRAP and a sequel of LIL SCRAP, STYLEZ and SPICE.
      What more can I say.
      Happy Veterans Day to my favorite BBA Model APOLLO.. and to others who rendered their services to this great Nation.

  13. Skentae

    Michael these people are paying their money so they have a right to express their opinions. They keep your site going so you could show them more respect than you do.

  14. chucke1

    Well, I have said it before and will say it again “there is no accounting for some people’s taste”! Why shop at Belk when Saks is sooo much better? Answer-some people are too comfortable with less than designer clothes or low budget material! Taz is low budget for sure! Go for the gold Michael, hope to see you at Saks soon LOL!

  15. man12345

    First, as far as Taz, there is such a thing as variety.

    To you Mike, I was really concerned that you encouraged these guys to do unprotected sex. As someone who is really concerned about health issues that affect the black community I am super concerned about that.

    Do you have your models get tested regularly?

    1. decaturbaby

      wtf r u talking about??? no one’s mentioned anything about raw-fucking.. this is a PORN site.. now, I might not like TAZ, but I love the fact that most of the time it’s all raw sex… You don’t need to be questioning Mike about how he handles his models..

    2. Erickson25

      I will take a stab at this one Mike. Although I’m a little late. 1st off all porn site are required to test models before shoots.. .. I understand you concern, but this is his site and it would not be up if anyone was infected by any STD’s …

      See, short and sweet.

  16. CL05ETFR3AK

    I dont have a problem with Taz (seeing that my first comment I made ever on the website about him was to pair him with Shazeer) he is cute very cute & I like variety but watching the scene with both, it seemed Taz was more into it than Shazeer until the deflowering where it looked like Taz has been in that position before you know he was sooo comfortable & smoothly receptive I may be wrong but it was ok.

  17. CL05ETFR3AK

    So Michael when are you going to finally start breaking down Armando? If he’s as straight as he says he is what sense does it make to come on a gay for pay website ? I for one cant wait to see that cherry popped! He’s way too arrogant & needs to be brought down a notch & I believe when you work your magic on him he’ll be one of the best & for Shaun & his buddy Scotty mmm mmm luscious! How long is Shaun in for? Because he needs to finish what he started, one can only hope he catching some practice on the inside lol also that scene with Scotty……….. Im waiting patiently.

  18. Stoned Mountain

    The more I watch Shazeer and Taz the more I appreciate their show. You were johnny on the spot when you told them to take off the rubber, which was an irritant to Taz. When they went raw they got hot and I now have a special appreciation, especially for Shazeer. I’ve looked up other stuff he has done and want to see more. The show he did with Kody was HOT. I wasn’t crazy about the stepbrother story line but the boys played it great, I’d say, like professional actors. Which is a tribute to you.

  19. Cobra

    Had a chance to re-visit this scene. Not bad at all. First thing I noticed is that Taz’s solo video also got as many “likes”. When a solo video competes with sex with a partner it’s a clue the chemistry was a little off. Can’t wait for Taz to meet Saint or another BBA vet.

  20. R

    Yo Taz is hot asf….most people complainin are bottoms. No disrespect in that. I wonder why the sexy bottoms don’t stay…..the site needs variety. Bring Taz back.


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