The Official Premiere of Black Boy Addictionz on Tumblr

BBA Tumblr Teaser 1

I’m excited to announce the official premiere of Black Boy Addictionz on Tumblr!

The first official Tumblr for Black Boy Addictionz will be run by a long-time BBA fan and veteran Tumblr blogger with a very popular Tumblr blog of his own. Please stop by and introduce yourself (his name is Montez).

Our goal is to make the new BBA Tumblr an informative, entertaining, and INTERACTIVE experience for BBA’s fans that will be totally different from the BBA blog, with its own unique and exclusive content.

In addition to sharing a variety of hot images, gifs, video clips, teasers, and behind-the-scenes posts featuring your favorite BBA models and scenes, we also welcome your feedback, submissions, and questions and even plan to hold special contests with hot prizes in the near future! We will also feature the occasional non-BBA images, gifs, video clips, etc. that we think fit nicely with BBA’s overall themes and might be enjoyed by most of BBA’s viewers.

The new BBA Tumblr has been up and running for a little over a week, and there is already some really great content there for you to check out and enjoy!

If you’re a supporter, fan, and/or subscriber of BBA, new or old, please be sure to follow us at the new BBA Tumblr and help us spread the word by “liking” and re-blogging your favorite posts!

BBA Tumblr Teaser 2

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