Website Update: Lapdance With Benefits (Part Two)

Freaky J Gets Fucked

In September 2009, Freaky J became an overnight sensation on YouTube with his erotic striptease and sexy dance videos.

With his slim, toned physique and strikingly handsome face (he’s a mix of African-American and Puerto Rican) – not to mention the infamous “monster” swinging between his smooth, skinny legs – Freaky J has seduced and entertained countless females and gay men all over the world with his dance, jack-off, and straight sex videos, as well as private engagements all across the country as a male stripper and exotic dancer.

Freaky J has never appeared in anything but his own homemade videos – until now!

After patiently pursuing him for OVER FOUR YEARS, I was finally able to talk this sexy straight Blatino stripper into making his long-anticipated “gay for pay” debut here at Black Boy Addictionz….

Freaky J Interview
The Official Freaky J Story
provided loyal fans and new viewers alike with an intimate and illuminating look at the real person behind the amateur videos as Freaky J shared his story with the world for the very first time.

Freaky J: The Next Level brought you the YouTube celebrity and exotic dancer in his very first hardcore sex scene with another guy.

In this third and final installment from his recent BBA visit, Freaky J takes things one freaky step further by showing his gay and bisexual fans what an intimate one-on-one show with him might look like if you paid him enough!

Like many of Freaky J’s fans, I’ve always wondered just how far this sexy straight stripper might be willing to go in a “private engagement” with a generous client. So when I finally flew him here and met him in person, I couldn’t wait to put this question to the test!

Freaky J Lapdance
In Part One, Freaky J treated me to an erotic lap-dance and gave his fans an exclusive sneak peek of one of his hot private shows. We also got to witness more exciting “firsts” for the married straight stripper, such as him kissing another man, getting his ass licked, and SUCKING DICK for the very first time.

Now comes the shocking conclusion that will be sure to have everyone talking as the YouTube celebrity and exotic dancer finally gets his CHERRY POPPED by Michael Galletta and takes a hot, messy “nutt” all over his face!

Freaky J Taking Dick

“Expect the unexpected!” Freaky J tells us at the end of this scene, and that pretty much sums up this scene’s hot surprises – including the fact that he lets his fans watch him get fucked without a condom! 

It’s Freaky J like we’ve NEVER seen him before, sprawled across the bed with his muscle-butt in the air, wincing and moaning and cursing as my RAW white dick plunges in and out of his tight virgin ass….

Michael Galletta Fucks Freaky J
To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to see Freaky J finally get his CHERRY POPPED and take a hot, messy “facial” any time you’d like!

Freaky J Gets Fucked
As Freaky J explains at the end of this scene, taking the major step of trying “gay for pay” porn and finally surrendering his ass is all that was left to be done in order to close this chapter of the Freaky J story.

But he promises to come back to BBA soon and reassures his fans that even though one chapter is ending, an exciting new book is about to begin!

43 comments on “Website Update: Lapdance With Benefits (Part Two)
  1. tynfyr

    this is what i have been waiting for…

    and it was worth it, no doubt…

    that ass is lovely, to say the least…

    you know i love an ass with it’s fare share of hair…


    i’m almost inclined to believe this was his first dick…

    if not, he deserves the oscar…

    although he reminds me of the “unfinished business” on taking it so well…

    could be because he’s wasted almost senseless…

    but i loved that goofy ass grin he kept on his face…

    all in all…

    great job, michael…

    bring him back and let some big dick black dude fuck him up…

    like that dude that did the three-way with beno…

    or isaiah or stephon…

    or trae, of course…

    keep ’em coming…

    love it…

    1. Michael

      Thanks, Tynfyr! I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed this final installment from Freaky J’s BBA visit and that it was worth the wait. You’re so right about Freaky J’s ass….and trust me when I say that it FEELS even better than it looks 😉 !

      You’re not the first person to say that Freaky J looked wasted, although I’m not exactly sure why. He was totally sober while filming the scene. I think the goofy grin and silly comments are just part of his outgoing personality and “Freaky J” persona, and something Beno and I tried our best to get him to take down a few notches, LOL. I guess I can see how that might come across as him seeming wasted?

      Anyhow, I’m glad you enjoyed the scene and don’t worry, I’m hoping to have him back soon, and would LOVE to see him get pounded by a bigger black dick!

    2. Willie

      Freaky J is beyond phine ten plus body beautiful afro-centre lips he is a real man would love to see him get fuck by 12 inches of black dick. It all about his beautiful chocolate ass.

  2. D-Money

    great ending to the chapter watching Freaky J enjoy just a great conclusion to the scene loved watching his ass glide on your dick mike and to know that yall working on bringin him back to do more like i would love to see possibly fuck with josh or beno in a new 3way scene would be a fantasy of mine — wonderful job as always mike!!

    1. Michael

      Thanks, D-Money, I appreciate you always taking the time to share your feedback to the updates each week.

      I actually had MUCH more planned for Freaky J’s BBA visit, including a group scene like you mentioned, but it turned out to be the weekend from hell and it’s actually kind of a miracle that I was able to get the scenes that I did. Will try to share more of that behind-the-scenes story here on the blog soon!

  3. eagerbeaver

    Hmm…. it was whatever… I would have like it more if beno brought his ass from behind the camera so he could have picked up the slack… … it just seemed to me that J just layed there and took it idk if anyone else noticed but when it was starting to get boring at some parts, it seemed like he was being coached to moan and talk shit to keep the level of excitement up… and since Michael’s dick ain’t big enough to get these models moaning and toes curling just shows that someone else needs to step in and give these models a GOOD break in…… kmd of feel like I wasted money for this last scene…. If he bottoms again… please let tay or Beno do it!!

    1. Michael

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t like the scene, but remember that this is REALITY PORN and you’re living in a fantasy world if you think someone with a dick the size of Tay’s should be “breaking in” these virgin straight boys.

      Beno was actually supposed to do a scene with Freaky J later on but it didn’t work out for reasons I’ll try to explain here on the blog soon. Will definitely try to have Freaky J back soon and hopefully film him bottoming for another BBA model!

  4. chucke1

    OMG, he will be back! Can’t wait for that one! TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT MICHAEL, WOW! Now for Saint, Isaiah, Noah, mystery man and Jaye cum swapping! Why is it I can’t wait for next update each week!?!? You are on a roll and I enjoy seeing previews each time you post them as well! Hope to see Freaky J doing Saint or any of the before mentioned hot boys! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. chucke1

      Almost forgot Lil Tyga as well and yes top or bottom for him! I joined Tumblr and have enjoyed that as well! Can your site get any better? Cancel my twenty other CCBILL gay porn memberships! LOL

  5. Man1234

    I just watched the video with freaky J and as always I enjoy the process of turning him out and watching him take it for the first time. I have enjoyed watching what you do for the most part over the last two or three years since I found your website. However, since this is a place to voice opinions I will finally do so, not that it will change what you do. I hate those facial cum shots I think they the most degrading thing in the world to do to another human being, your models agree to it so I guess that is between you and them, but I usually fast forward past them because they make me want to vomit. I also don’t like the stupid stuff you have them say like “I love having Mike’s dick up my ass” when we all know that these straight men and the gay tops don’t want any man’s dick within a mile of their ass. I guess that just feeds your ego or it is just comic relief. At any rate I suppose my opinion on those few things really does not matter to you and I guess most of your fans enjoy those two things that I don’t like, most all of the other stuff I really, really love. It is fascinating to watch men who are totally straight get giant erections and fuck each other for money. It brings home what I have always believed about sex, It is on a continuum, no one is truly anyone thing. It was brought home to me watching Saint fuck the hell out of Star Beauty and suck the hell out of Stephon’s dick, that was so very hot and I watch it over and over. Finally, it was amazing to see AB give up his ass and how easily your dick went into his ass, who would have thought it would have gone in so smooth?

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the honest feedback and for candidly sharing some of the things you love about BBA, as well as some of the things you dislike. Please don’t ever feel like your opinion doesn’t matter to me. I might not always agree with you, and it might not necessarily change how I do things, but I’ve always welcomed respectful and constructive feedback and BBA wouldn’t be what it is today without the feedback and suggestions from viewers like you.

      I’m afraid that your point about the “facials” is one of those areas where we’ll just have to agree to disagree, LOL. Very few things turn me on more than seeing a hot, masculine guy with cum splattered all over his face. I love watching them, giving them, and even the couple times I’ve tried taking them has been a huge turn-on. So while I can understand and respect your aversion to them, the “facials” are just one of those basic BBA elements that will continue to be included in many of the scenes.

      I hear what you’re saying about the corny stuff I sometimes say when fucking the guys. You can blame Beno for that, as that is something he’s always done in his scenes, and I guess it’s just rubbed off on me over the years, LOL. I think in the unedited version, I actually followed it up with “Trademark, Beno” or something like that. Many of these scenes involve an element of seduction, conquest, pursuit, etc., and getting the guy to verbally acknowledge that he has a dick up his ass is part of the fun and eroticism for me and many viewers.

      I’m glad you’ve still been able to enjoy the models and scenes overall, especially those that reveal just how fluid and complex human sexuality can be. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions, and I hope you’ll continue to share your feedback here on the blog!

  6. Cobra

    Nice but almost something anti-climatic about the last chapter. Freaky J continued his shit talking which I kinda enjoyed this time. Clearly not his first “rodeo” but it still stood out in my mind how he had that “wet noodle” the whole scene. He even made Mike look like “iron man” compared to his package. So much for a big dick bottom scene. All-in-all I enjoyed the series.

  7. curtsjksn

    I have to admit this was hot and I love conquest and the fact that Mr freaky is so masculine literally this is what got me off I mean he is a man period point blank about his business. I like the part where he got his face blasted with nut DAMN and then the part where he farted out the nut I mean woooooooooooowwwwwwwwww.

  8. DC

    thank you very much Mike but I tell you this is not freaky J first time getting f***** in the ass he playing you but he not playing me he’s bisexual more than theYMCA band P s and he married no way

  9. Mike

    Shut it Down!!!! Freaky J has changed the game…. I like how he keeps it masculine, with a lil humor and mad sex appeal…. Great Job Mike…..He got me wanting to make a appearance on your site…. Let’s make it happen Mike

  10. Cobra

    A special shout out to Michael who has the insight and the persistence to hunt down and find the special featured guests like Day Day and Freaky J. Added with the gay for pay guys on deck like saint, stephon and Isaiah, its a joy to see whats up every week. I’m waiting on the gay for pay gang bang featuring a special guest and the gay for pay all-stars (kinda thought that one up lol).

  11. Skentae

    I want to see Freaky J and Beno do a flip fuck scene and bring AB back so he can bottom again. Freaky J, AB, and Beno are my kind of guys. Masculine and still like to get fucked. Love it

  12. J.

    I would love to see AB, Jaye and especially Joshua (even though its been a while) back. They all have beautiful asses and it’d be nice to see them again. An AB and Isaiah part 2 duo would be hot too.

  13. Dexter

    You guys are giving him way to much!! As I said before the anticipation for this scene was built way up and turned out to be a flop…. Although I did enjoy him getting fucked it didn’t do anything for him he just LAYED there and smiles the whole time!! I figured this would happen thou!! I couldn’t even cum I was to busy looking and wondering what the fuck is going on!! I guess it’s just me!! Maybe try a bigger dick next time!!

  14. Cobra

    It’s not the build up but the simple fact that some models don’t appeal to some viewers with or without any buildup. A couple models I’d never pay to see, some viewers worship the ground they walk on so I guess we all gotta realize we’re not gonna love every post. I appreciate the effort and expense Mike goes thru to bring us what he thinks is the best in gay-for-pay viewing.

    1. Michael

      Thanks, Cobra, I appreciate the encouragement and support even when you don’t like a particular model or scene. I was actually just talking about this with another producer. I’ve always welcomed constructive feedback and worked hard to make BBA the kind of site that viewers with a variety of types and tastes can enjoy. But at the end of the day, I have to film what turns ME on and I can’t worry TOO much about catering to other people’s tastes.

      I learned a long time ago that I’m going to get criticized no matter what I do, and with each and every new model and scene there will be those who love it and those who hate it. All one has to do is read through the blog comments on the past dozen or so scenes to see just how hilariously contradictory the feedback can be. Then of course there are those individuals who are ALWAYS negative and complain about EVERYTHING, even after I give them what they asked for.

      If I’ve had any one guiding business philosophy/principle over the years, it’s been to film the types of guys and scenes that turn ME on the most, and trust that there are plenty of others who are turned on by the same types of models and themes. I think this approach has been a big reason behind BBA’s success over the years, and continues to be my approach to this day.

  15. Cobra

    This is truly a unique site and you have a talent for finding and giving your viewers models that are willing to go the extra step that is seen no place else. Well there are a few others but the models are actors pretending to be straight. The different interactions and reactions to “gay sex” is the appeal most viewers crave. Keep on doing what you do.

  16. DMV Fan

    Freaky J’s performances were all outstanding and they exceeded all of my expectations. As a long time porn consumer, I can see all the hard work, time, money and effort that you put into BBA . It is my favorite web site so please keep up the great work!

    I’ve been a dedicated fan for the past few years so I can honestly say, you’ve come a long way baby!

  17. kenny fan

    I enjoyed this scene….I give it a 7 outta 10 for 3 reasons

    1. It’s kinda suspect looking at his reactions to taking dick “For the first time”

    2. Even tho I like SOME of your scenes with the models….I wish Beno was the FIRST to fuck him and get a reaction from him instead of your dick because Beno is roughly around the same size as you

    3. You be talking some OBVIOUS corny shit Michael For example (You giving up your ass for the first time Freaky J) Like NO SHIT we can clearly see that and he can see that!….You did it with Saint, Stephon, Day Day, AB and SOON Isaiah ! 🙂

    Anyways I like the scene and I hope he returns

    1. Jamitis28


      I couldn’t have said it any better. The scene was cool but I haven’t watched it but the 1 time. I’m cool with the build-up but please let the actual scene be hot. It was just ok & that’s only because we finally saw Freak J getting fuked. The actual act was very blah. If Isaiah ever gives up the cakes, please let Beno go first. His dick isn’t much bigger than yours Mike & possibly same size as yours. You find some hot guys but your fucking skills are just not good sir. But thanks for at least finding these hot dudes.

    2. Jman

      He does it with every one of the models he fucks! Corny ass shit…Lately I’ve had to work extra hard at blocking out some of the dumb shit he says. “You’re getting fucked [model’s name]” or “did you ever think you’d be taking a dick up your ass?” And for shits sake Mike, get your pasty ass in a gym and in some sun light!! Have saint or stephon teach you how to fuck too.

      I will say tho you’ve stepped up your game with the consistency and for the most part with the quality of the models. Drop the corny shit but keep up the good work.

      1. Michael

        I will try to scale it back a bit, but at the end of the day I’m a pale, average-looking, and yes, CORNY white guy, and I make no apology or excuse for that fact. It’s not a persona, it’s just who I am, and no amount of insults on your part will change that.

        If it really bothers you that much, turn down the volume or skip the scenes that I’m in. Something tells me if I didn’t say anything at all, you’d be the first to complain that my scenes are too quiet and boring!

        1. Jman

          You just so sensitive!!!! Like it would kill yo ass to get a tan!!! Please!! I’m glad you’re committed to toning it down a bit.

  18. Cobra

    just re-visiting the Freaky J series. Damn I miss him already. Like Saint, I don’t think you can match him with a partner that won’t be entertaining. I must admit I had seen the xtube and youtube clips and he never popped out as sexually interesting to me. I basically tuned in not expecting too much even with the previews. One thing I have to say is that I do believe he is a true “gay for pay” model due to the fact of his difficulty in maintaining hardness. I still think most viewers would bye into bi scenes if you had the guys fuck and ladies take on a supporting ass-licking role in a more traditional bi scene. I’d love to see if Freaky J pops to attention like Saint in his last bi scene. Another classic may be a “Pay for straight” scene where Saint shows Day Day how to fuck a girl. Not sure if he’s bi but I’m pretty sure his experience is very limited at best. I know most viewers want only male only scenes so I appreciate your experimenting even with the criticism. I also know that most scenes are planned out according to a budget and travel logistics. The cool part about BBA is if you aren’t feeling a particular up-date, you have plenty of classics to replay.

    1. Michael

      I will definitely try to include more guy-on-guy action in the straight/bisexual scenes, as well as have the guys get their asses licked by the female.

      The idea of flipping the script and filming a “straight for pay” scene in which a straight model teaches a gay model about guy-on-girl sex is both hilarious and also kind of hot. I think Harlembrotha and possibly others have brought up this idea in the past. Let me give it a little more thought 😉 .

  19. Cobra

    Thanx Mike for the consideration. I’m simply amazed at the fact that two of my favorites in Freaky J and Saint are actually married primarily because of the work they do. I believe they feel the need to release that info to verify to viewers of their “straight” status but I appreciate the work they do and all the models at BBA.


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