Website Update: Middle School Reunion #2 (Bonus Footage & Outtakes)

Saint and Dee Weezy

This is one of those scenes that started off with a lot of potential, but unfortunately failed to turn out like I’d hoped and expected.

Nearly a year after being reunited for their first scene together, Saint and Dee Weezy meet up again for the very first time since their unique and unforgettable Middle School Reunion. The idea behind this “sequel” was for them to flip the roles and let Dee Weezy fuck Saint this time around.

There’s a playful but also passionate chemistry between these two childhood friends that is fun and entertaining to watch, and as you’ll see in this previously unreleased footage, they really seem to enjoy getting to know each other in ways that would have been unthinkable back in their middle school days….

Saint and Dee Weezy Kissing

This NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN footage shares with you some of the hottest moments from this second encounter, including lots of passionate kissing, dick-sucking, and even a spontaneous “69” initiated by Saint!

Dee Weezy also dives in for his very first taste of his long-lost friend’s ass….

Dee Weezy Eating Saint's Ass

When it finally comes time for Saint to try taking more than just his friend’s probing tongue, he makes a brave attempt but simply can’t take Dee Weezy’s big dick. Saint is usually one of the most cooperative and open-minded “gay for pay” models I’ve ever worked with. He’d swallow a hundred “nutts” if that was what his fans wanted to see! But for some reason, getting fucked is still a big struggle for him.

Facing time constraints caused by Dee Weezy showing up late and another video-shoot scheduled for later that day, I finally had no choice but to give up on what had started out as a promising shoot. But not until Dee Weezy takes a hot, messy “facial” and Saint gulps down every drop of his boyhood friend’s “nutt”!

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19 comments on “Website Update: Middle School Reunion #2 (Bonus Footage & Outtakes)
  1. Pascal

    I can see you consider this a failed shoot but I liked it a lot: it was cool to see a model being allowed to skip on something he wasn’t comfortable with. I understand that if they all went like that you wouldn’t have much of a porn site but it also showed that you care about the models.

    And that rimming was out of this world. Perfectly executed and nicely shot too. Got two nuts out of me so kudos to Weezy! He should rim the whole BBA stable from now on…

    And it is interesting to see you still mix the most amateurish (Beno’s unchecked burping almost “ruining” part of Freaky’s update) and the very professional (scheduling several shoots on the same day!).

    I could see you preferring to work with Freaky J rather than Saint from now on but Saint’s still the Man. Even when he is being uncooperative (but I’d always rather see a smiling, heavy-breathing model like Saint getting rimmed than a cringing pained one)…

    So once again congratulations on getting a 35 min nut-worthy update out of a ‘messy’ shoot!

    1. Michael

      I’m surprised and happy to hear that you ended up enjoying this bonus footage even more than some of BBA’s regular scenes! Two nutts, huh? Thanks for the encouraging feedback!

  2. Cobra

    AMAZING scene. The attempt was as arousing as taking the dick in a “gay for pay” classic outtake. I’m glad you got as much as you did in with Dee Weezy and Saint. Dee Weezy was not one of my favorites but you’ve just won over a conversion here. The off camera outtakes were hilarious as Saint tries to negotiate alternatives to taking in Dee Weezy. Last post I gave you a shout out Mike. This time it has to go to Saint. Saint your work on this site is amazing and even here you didn’t disappoint.

    1. Michael

      Happy to hear that Dee Weezy finally won you over, ironically enough with a failed/incomplete scene! Much like Saint, he always brings a great energy and eagerness to please to all of his scenes.

      I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the fact that he cut his hair. I expected to get some complaints about that. Personally, I liked it much better the way he had it before.

  3. D-Money

    i will say this mike i never thought of repairing these 2 up for a part 2 but i always had a crush on both dee weezy and saint…….now minus the big time tardiness on dee’s part i think the premise was good i saw good chemistry great 69 by both parties but i think mike where u thought u could push the button on saint he wasnt ready yet and i think if u let this melt a bit and try this in another year it could work — i love both those guys and wanna see them paired differently in the future — saint always willing to go above and beyond and dee weezy is a youngin in the game but with a quick understudy vet could turn the corner into big things too……ok normally mike u know i dont ask u to spill the info too much but im sayin next month is my bday month (shout out to the virgos) spill the beans on one or 2 of the new fall rookies u got coming into bba!! I know u got some lined up!!!!!!!

    1. Michael

      Don’t worry, I’ve been busy filming over the past couple weeks, and I have some fresh faces and hot new scenes lined up just in time for your birthday. Stay tuned!

  4. DC

    Mike that’s not right you have two people to perform and it’s a fail performance is this what I’m paying for old us another shoot they did nothing on this shoot no fucking at all

  5. A.J.

    Ah hell naw now. Mike you tell Saint he gonna have to use a toy or sumthin before it’s game time so he can loosen up if he’s gonna play his position and all. Now that’s this scene and Beno and Freaky J well at least this one actually occurred just not the way it was intended to. Downloading as I type I might just like it.

    1. A.J.

      I’m glad Saint had on socks because that made it easier to get past him not bottoming. I got a good look at his ass so can’t complain too much nice bonus Mike. Now get Saint loosened up a little like DC said.


  6. Cobra

    One thing everybody on this site seems to have in common is wanting to see ALL the models bottom. It’s kinda crazy because even some major porn stars never bottom and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. I’ve seen so called “professional” tops who never give head. Maybe its just me but if a bottom is moaning in pain and screaming like the world is about to end…that is NOT sexy to me. What is sexy as hell is when straight models get rock hard and enjoy the moment like when Mike gave Isaiah the massage and his dick was bouncing all over the place.
    Mike I have one question for you. How come you get these nice suites and I’ve never seen a “hot sexy” shower scene? One room in particular had what looked like a large walk in shower. The Dee Weezy scene in the kitchen area with Saint was pretty hot and a change up from the standard “bed set”. Kinda late in the season now but maybe also consider doing a “outside” shoot. We all love your models on different levels so it may add a little spice to change the settings for just some of the videos.

    1. Michael

      I hear what you’re saying about not wanting to see every “top” take some dick, but I’m definitely with the majority of BBA’s viewers who feel otherwise. BBA has always been about testing limits and pushing models out of their comfort zones, including getting stubborn straight boys and “strict tops” to surrender their asses. In fact, one of the reasons I started making my own movies in the first place was my disappointment and frustration with other porn studios who always seem to feature “strict tops” and “power bottoms” in the same boring, predictable roles. I understand that’s what some gay porn consumers prefer, but that’s never been very exciting to me, and that’s why BBA is one of the only black gay sites to offer something different and unique.

      I completely agree with you about trying to spice things up by using different locations, and this is definitely one of my goals for the future. One of the down-sides to filming out of hotels is that the physical space can sometimes feel very generic and creatively limiting. I try to mix things up as much as I can, as you can even see with the use of the wall and mirror in the recent scene with Mello and Saint. I’ve also filmed several scenes using bathtubs or showers, but most of them are solos (Cory, Tay, Noah, etc.). The scene with Cory and Dee Weezy included some erotic bathtub action.

      But I would ultimately love to venture beyond the hotel rooms and film in more varied and exciting locations in the near future!

  7. Stoned Mountain

    I love Saint and Weezy, and they are great partners. Interesting point, that wrestlers get “feelings” in those sweaty clinches! Always wondered.

  8. Stoned Mountain

    I wanted to see Weezy lay the wood to Saint. But looks like Saint is scared of dick, and did not make it easy for fumbling Weezy. But wow Saint sure gives some wonderful head!!!!

    Give Weezy a bottom and let him get some ass. He has a nice piece.

    1. Cobra

      Hey Stoned Mountain I strongly agree that this is a great combination even with Saint unable to take the dick. And by far Saint give the best head on this site bar none. I kinda wondered why Mike didn’t salvage the scene by letting Saint top again. It’s been a year and after the first performance this is one combination I thought worthy of a repeat.

      I’m sure you know Mike but when you deal with “gay for pay” actors you have to assume they may agree to stuff they can’t deliver sometimes so you should always have a plan B. I thought putting this on outtakes was perfect because even with Saint failing to take the dick it was a pretty nice scene. Better than some with fucking.

      1. Michael

        If only it had been that easy! I had another model flying in from out of town that very same day, with another shoot scheduled right after this one. Dee Weezy had already put us way behind schedule by showing up nearly two hours late, and in order for him to switch roles and be the scene’s “bottom,” we would have had to wait another thirty minutes to an hour for him to “prepare” and shower.

        Unfortunately, we simply didn’t have that much time to work with, which is why I ended up skipping to the cum-shots and calling it quits.

  9. Cobra

    I see you run an organized schedule which is a must for a weekly updated site. Appreciate the work you put in. I really know the tight schedule you have to keep to have the updates running smoothly.

    In another note I decided to go back and re-visit the first shoot with these two and now that strange grappling episode is explained in the first shoot…they were former wrestlers lol.


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