Website Update: The Puppy and the Tyga

Lil Tyga and King

Sorry for taking so long to announce last Friday’s website update here on the blog! I just got back from a second long weekend of filming, so while I know the blog’s been kind of quiet lately, the main reason is that I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to continue bringing you hot new content in the weeks and months to come….

There have definitely been a few disappointments,  but I’ve also been filming some fresh faces and exciting new scenes that I’m pretty sure most of you will enjoy 😉 ! I’ll try to post some previews and catch up on replying to some of your questions and feedback as soon as I possibly can.

If you still haven’t checked out the new BBA Tumblr, please be sure to stop by and see what you’re missing! We’re sharing new and exclusive content there on a near daily basis, including video previews, gifs, and behind-the-scenes photos featuring everything from the BBA classics to more recent fan favorites. Our goal is to make it an entertaining and interactive experience for BBA’s fans to enjoy between the weekly website updates, and I hope you’ve been enjoying it so far!

Here’s the official scene summary for this past Friday’s update:

King is a shy black teen with a smooth, dark-skinned body and a cute bubble-butt. Lil Tyga is an aggressive older “top” who is always on the prowl for fresh meat.

I couldn’t wait to see what would happen when I introduced the older BBA veteran to this newest and youngest model on the BBA roster, who also happens to be Beno’s foster “baby brother”!

I film both guys meeting for the very first time, then leave the camera running as they nervously talk and flirt and check each another out….

King Meeting Lil Tyga
“I’m going to have to break you out of that shyness!” Lil Tyga warns the nervous young teen, promising to break him in “the BBA way.”

See for yourself what happens when this wet-behind-the-ears “puppy” meets the older and more experienced “Tyga”….  

Lil Tyga Licking King
Lil Tyga Eating King's Ass
It’s over thirty minutes of hot amateur action that includes lots of dick-sucking, ass-eating, and even a spontaneous “69”!

And of course Lil Tyga lives up to his well-deserved nickname by aggressively pounding that fresh teenage ass….

Lil Tyga Fucks King
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Lil Tyga and King

12 comments on “Website Update: The Puppy and the Tyga
  1. Stoned Mountain

    Thanks for bringing the King back so soon! I love his sexy blackness, the mouth and those wonderful big eyes. And I was amazed at the ease with which he took the dick. A wonderful masculine bottom.

    King may be well named, with so much going for him. Sexy good looks, those doe-like eyes. Sensuous, gives great head, loves to get his big dick serviced — great ’69’ scene. I liked this Tyga scene better than the one with Beno, with more caressing, more kissing, more lovemaking, which resulted in the King orgasm that caught you by surprise. King looks ready for whatever. Can he top?

  2. D-Money

    well first off wanna start off by sayin the tumblr is a good place for that nugget that i didnt expect to find on people so im definitely glad mike u have it — next is this scene here first off let me just say this prolly other than beno tyga takes his aggression and knows how to channel on the right person and this is what king needed after i saw the beno flick last week i just was hoping to see him try his hand with tyga next and that was exactly what i expected i could get use to seein him breaking in more of the new stars and showing if u wanna be on bba here your test great scene great chemistry and mike i kinda like how you taken a backseat and let the models do the opening of the last couple flicks here makes them come out of their shell a bit — like that added touch!

    1. Michael

      Thanks, D-Money, I’m glad you enjoyed this scene and that you’ve been liking the change of pace with the scene introductions lately. Happy to hear you’re enjoying the new BBA Tumblr as well!

  3. Tori Fan

    I just watched Lil Tyga and King. That was hot. Thanks for the toe shots. I think King gonna be a new personality to attend to.

  4. Cobra

    Not one of my favorites but I’m sure all the Tyga fans will appreciate this one. The Puppy also is ok but I still prefer the mixed up and broke straight guys. For gay porn I like the coco dorm and the thugmart channels. They also now have “straight” male exotic dancers in solo jerk off scenes probably setting them up for a “gay for pay” scene over there. You mite wanna try to get them over to BBA. Dancers like “Ruff Ryder” from Philly, “Anaconda” from DC and “Midnight” from NY.

  5. A.J.

    I think King is hot as hell but why must he arch his brows? He would look a thousand times better if he just groomed them instead.

    1. Michael

      I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out, LOL! I completely agree. Guess I was paying more attention to certain “other” parts of King’s sexy young body 😉 !

  6. princegwa

    Lil Tyga is now my favorite BBA model his ability to be versatile is truly too hot.
    He has a ass I would truly love to get my tongue in. But now it’s time for a group scene where he shows his versatile ability.


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