Website Update: Sparring Match

Mello Training Saint

Mello is a straight amateur boxer with an undefeated record and ambitions to “go pro” in the very near future. It’s been over six months since he first experimented with guy-on-guy sex, but he’s finally back and ready to try it again!

This video-shoot took place the day after one of Mello’s matches (he remains undefeated), so I asked him to bring his gloves so he could teach his scene partner Saint the basics of boxing.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this sexually charged “sparring match” between two masculine and athletic straight guys. Things take an interesting turn when flirtatious joking leads to some playful touching and grabbing as the guys’ slim, toned bodies keep getting closer and closer.

Next thing you know, they’re locked in a tense but erotic embrace that leads to a very different kind of “sparring”….

Mello and Saint's First Kiss
“I’m trying to see if you’re good at something else!” Saint teases Mello before pushing him against the wall, yanking down his shorts, and burying his face in that cute bubble-butt.

It’s an action-packed “gay for pay” encounter you don’t want to miss that includes lots of kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating between two horny straight guys who both have clueless women waiting for them at home.

Saint Eating Mello's Ass
Mello Sucks Saint
Of course the can’t-miss highlight of this scene is Saint burying his thick, eager dick in Mello’s firm muscle-butt and aggressively RAW-FUCKING the sexy straight boxer in a variety of hot positions….

Saint About To Fuck Mello
Just as you might expect based on his model name and chosen sport, Mello is the strong, silent type who gives up his tight, near-virgin ass with mostly stoic endurance – although Saint’s thick dick and demanding thrusts still manage to fuck some sexy grunts and groans out of the reticent boxer!

“Damn, that ass hella tight!” Saint gasps in pleasure as his thick, RAW dick plunges eagerly in and out of the light-skinned athlete’s round ass….

Mello Riding Saint
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Saint Fucking Mello

21 comments on “Website Update: Sparring Match
  1. Cobra

    A “KNOCKOUT” performance! Saint is hand’s down the “gay for pay” champ. Simply Amazing how he maintains that “straight” persona even while becoming one of the best tops and dick suckers in gay porn. Watching him eat a ass you would swear he’s a starving man eating a last meal. Mello played his role perfect down to requesting a condom for dick sucking but willing to take the dick raw. This scene works well because each model was in his preferred position I even enjoyed the post fight analysis without the prompting of the camera man.

    Saint’s not ready to take on Day Day’s dick but I’d love to see a rematch, maybe with a add-on bottom (like Tyga). I still disappointed to this day i never got to see Saint slobber down on Day Day. Consider a Saint match-up with Freaky J. Bi scene with those two would be “off the charts” and would go over more with bi critics as long as the guys “bang out” after their natural habitat desires are met. As long as you bring back Saint time-to-time…I’m a BBA member and fan for life!

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback, and I’ll be sure to share your compliments with Saint!

      I completely agree with you about Saint running away with the title of “gay for pay” champ. He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever worked with before or will likely ever work with again. We have our fair share of challenges and difficulties off-camera, but as a performer he rarely disappoints.

  2. Man1234

    So it is still hard to believe that Mello has never been involved with men before BBA simply because he was able to be penetrated so easily with very little discomfort. I could see that it hurt a little, but as a man who has had sex with men for years, I can’t even take it as easily as he did and Saint is more than average size and not at all easy on him. Just my thoughts. Otherwise I really enjoyed the scene. Two great looking guys. I was interested to see the Mello would not suck Saint without a condom but agree to raw sex, what’s up with that?

    On a different note will we see AB back to take more dick? Perhaps from Beno or Saint or Lil Tyga? LOL. The same for Freaky J, I would love to see him with the power top Beno. If he thinks you destroyed him booty?


    1. Michael

      Keep in mind that Mello has admitted to messing around with transsexuals before his BBA scenes, although he claims that he’s never been fucked.

      Everybody reacts differently to taking dick, and not every guy, straight or otherwise, is going to cry and scream and run from the dick. I think it’s a mistake to assume the guy is necessarily experienced and/or not feeling any discomfort just because he’s not howling in pain and running for the door.

      I’ve dealt with enough straight and “DL” types to know that a lot of these guys prefer to keep what they’re feeling bottled up inside and surrender their asses with stoic endurance. Even with a dick up their ass, they see any kind of noise or expression of discomfort as a sign of weakness and compromise of their manhood. There were numerous times throughout this shoot when it was obvious to me that Mello was feeling SOMETHING and struggling to take Saint’s thick dick, and I had to keep coaching him to “let it out.”

      Trust me, I was as puzzled as you were by Mello insisting on using a condom for oral sex, but later letting Saint fuck him raw. Turns out his concern when it comes to oral sex is less about safety and more about the fact that he doesn’t want to taste the actual dick. He doesn’t mind putting a dick in his mouth, but thinks he’ll throw up if he tastes the actual skin. I swear I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried, LOL!

      I’m hoping to have Freaky J back soon, but still not sure about AB. Unfortunately, AB is one of the most shady and unreliable guys I’ve ever met. He will disappear for weeks and months at a time, and/or commit to doing a shoot and then back out at the very last minute, or completely stand us up without any notice. Any other director in his right mind would have cut ties with him long ago, but I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because I know how popular he is with most of BBA’s viewers, which is why I haven’t given up on him yet.

  3. D-Money

    well once again mike when u right u right u nail it on the pairing of those 2!!! mellow being mellow shy innocent but its something that paired with the right partner aka saint he can come out of his shell and i have to agree with saint him and tyga are really starting to play their roles out in breaking stars in well — gotta say for this scene saint u always had great 4play skills but in this one whether it was mellows sexy yellow ass or u was turned up for the scene the way u ate that ass was one that i had to control myself from even nuttin off of so saint as always never have any issue with how u slowly making a name for urself as well on bba keep doin what u do…..mellow is definitely on the come up timid but having that boxing background will bring the aggression out of him slower but surely i swear he reminds me of a lighter jd blackstone in my opinion on his demeanor always shy timid seem like he didnt belong but when the cameras came on slowly but surely opened up — once again im loving the end of summer series and come on i know the fall booties are coming mike!!! great job as always!!!

    1. Michael

      Thanks, D-Money! I wasn’t quite sure how this pairing would turn out, but they ended up getting along well and having a really great chemistry – at least as much “chemistry” as one can expect between two straight guys, LOL!

      I really enjoyed filming, editing, and watching this one, and I’m glad you and so many others seem to feel the same way!

  4. Que

    This is for sure my favorite scene EVER with saint !!! His performance from beginning to end was impeccable. Mello was a great choice for him Michael I think saint really does have a thing for lighter skinned guys and I saw how his dick even got flaccid just running on Mello’s ass and the touching. These two made quite the pairing. My favorite part of the scene was actually Mello on his back during missionary because we could see how deep Saint was inside him. The added bonus which prompted my explosive nutt was the milking sound of Mello’s ass which told me exactly how wet he was while still remaining “BBA’s Tightest Ass.” I think that a great scene next would be Beno, Saint, and Mello with continued boxing lessons

  5. Stoned Mountain

    Mello is wonderful, so handsome, slim hard body AND THAT GLORIOUS ASS. And Saint knew what to do with it. Best of all you got all the shots I like. Made me go back and enjoy his encounter with the adorable Rabbit. Enjoyed especially that nice scene with Rabbit fucking and the nice faces together in foreground. Sweet.

    Enjoyed seeing Saint, as usual enjoying his role as teacher.

  6. Hakeem

    I agree with Cobra sure would love to see a rematch with Day Day. Saint is one of the main reason why I come here everyday looking at him and his videos, man Saint is sexy as hell. Is there a better dick sucker on here, I doubt it. Michael keep up the great work.

    1. Cobra

      Hakeem it seems that from the early blogs, our fav Saint killed this scene. Mike would be hard-pressed to find a bad matchup for Saint. After my third or fourth time watching (losing track), I had the funniest thought of Saint teaching someone like Day Day how to have sex with a woman…most viewers aren’t crazy about the bi scenes but mike just needs to add actual boy-on-boy in a part II or last part of the scene. During the outtakes Saint made several references to making love to a woman and you could tell by Day Day’s face he was absolutely clueless.

  7. A.J.

    This is the hottest thing you have posted on the site in a while Mike. Mello is attractive in an unconventional way and I’m really glad to see him return and take on something bigger. As usual Saint put it down but seeing him do it raw was like 10x hotter. He was rock and I see he enjoys the sex more and more each time and that’s hot too. Great update Mike way to end the month on a bang. BTW is Rabbit still around or nah?


    1. Michael

      Thanks for the enthusiastic review! I’m glad you enjoyed this scene as much as you did. I was very pleasantly surprised with how this pairing turned out.

      Rabbit is from out of town, and I haven’t really been in a rush to work with him again unless he’s willing to bottom, which he’s still considering 😉 .

      1. A.J.

        Well I’m glad he’s considering cause that’s why I asked. He doesn’t have much to offer up front so his back is where it’s at. On a side note you must constantly be in negotiations Mike lol.

  8. R J

    Hey i enjoyed this update I was surprised because mello was reserved last time. Yo the raw sex was crazy loved it. Would love to see him with Isaiah lol. I also would love to see more versatile scenes on your site if possible. I LOVE SAINT…..he doesn’t make any apologies for what he does. Most gay 4 pay stars act like the sex is disgusting but not saint! He and Beno need a rematch with saint topping. That would be wild!

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the positive feedback and hot suggestions! I’m glad this scene came as a pleasant surprise and that you enjoyed seeing this new-and-improved Mello. I will definitely try to bring you more versatile/flip-flop scenes in the future. I think a pairing of Mello with Isaiah sounds hot. Saint is truly one of a kind. He came close to working with Beno again very recently, but unfortunately things didn’t work out and the shoot never happened.

  9. RayEvyDay

    The scene is one of the best scenes on the site. Im sure I speak for a number of subscribers, when I say we would love to see Saint and Mello do a sparring session part two. They had really good chemistry. Hopefully getting these two to do another scene together will be possible.


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