Website Re-Releases: Behind Closed Doors & Behind Closed Doors #2


We’re taking a brief break from our usual updates this week to re-release TWO lengthy, action-packed threesomes from the archives of the DL Chill Spot, back by popular demand:

Both scenes take us “behind closed doors” to spy on all of the freaky, NASTY things that horny black guys do with each other IN SECRET when their girlfriends and “baby mamas” think they’re busy at work or hanging out with their “homeboys”!

This includes choking on each others’ big dicks, licking each others’ tight, sweaty assholes, and sometimes even fucking each other in the ass!

bba_behindcloseddoors_two_large1 bba_behindcloseddoors_two_poster

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to enjoy these re-released DL Chill Spot classic threesomes any time you’d like!


15 comments on “Website Re-Releases: Behind Closed Doors & Behind Closed Doors #2
  1. Meh

    Hmmm. These scenes were always kinda gross to me anyway and under the circumstances I’d have preferred for them not to be on this site, for obvious reasons.

  2. Scott

    Hello Mike, I have a been a member for years and never wrote in however, the throw back stuff that we have seen (on old site) and should have been on the new site whn you changed is pretty tired. Not tryin to be a bitch but my monthly payment should be a bit more satisfying then the current situation. It’s getting pretty old.. I’m just saying.


    1. Michael

      Sorry, Scott, but I’m only human and sometimes these brief breaks in the schedule are necessary in order to continue bringing you the hot new content I’m assuming you enjoy most other weeks since you’ve been a member for years. Instead of posting bonus footage/outtakes or no update at all, I chose to re-release these two lengthy, action-packed threesomes that many viewers have been requesting.

      I’m very proud of the scenes I’ve been posting so far this year and confident that most members who take a step back to look at the bigger picture and consider both the length AND quality of the scenes posted most other weeks will agree that a monthly BBA membership is still more than worth the modest price of admission. If you disagree, then I’d recommend trying the new credits system that allows you to pay only for the models and scenes that most interest you. Thanks!

      1. mb

        I think the weekly updates have been pretty consistent over the past many months. IMO each month usually includes 1 or 2 scenes that I consider very hot and 2 other scenes that I may consider so-so or not my taste. That’s pretty good in the business of porn site production. In comparison to some of the other porn sites that specialize in featuring black men, BBA ranks high in content, high def visual & customer service. And since the commitment to updating on Thursdays, have been dead on, except in a blue moon occasion where a heads up is provided.

        I would like to suggest that in these off weeks or “breaks” as they are described, that BBA features a scene or compilation of Isaiah outtakes, or Beno, or Apollo, or Rico, or any model who has built up enough footage where you can create an outtakes compilation of them.

  3. Tori Fan


    So this morning I woke up on time was energized to do shit around the house before I went to work. BUT I decided to check to see what new clips you had. I have never been a fan of the DL CHILL SPOT. Something about their porn is kinda nasty. I didn’t subscribe to them but only watched it when you put up a clip. But these last two made me RUB ONE OUT THIS MORNING. Surprisingly it was really nasty in a hot kinda way. It actually had me moaning. I’m like WTF.

  4. chucke1

    Michael, you aren’t going to believe this, I actually enjoyed the update this week! You know how much I enjoyed DL Chill Spot porn! Nice to see these boys again!

  5. decaturbaby

    I like BBA, I never was a member or never would have subscribed to DL Chill Spot. .. I love your nice sterile environment and your HD camera and excellent angles, DL chill spot videos seem unclean and rough and even the way he speaks to them I don’t like… admittedly, I have enjoyed one or two of them (the ones with the brothers were my favorite), but I don’t like any of the other ones.. This was the last week of my membership and I was hoping to get something really nice before i had to renew… but, on the bright side, I did get my money’s worth for the month with some pretty hot updates, just not this week, even though you did post 2 at once… just not my tea.

  6. Erickson25

    As promised, I have to say. Mike. I have grown to appreciate you a little more after these two videos. At least you know how and when to shut the f*k up…. mmmaaaan. I got through 20mins and just shut the computer down. I admit it was grimy, and for some odd reason, very real. But nah, I thought you were a talker… this guy had you beat… RIP

  7. Bkboi

    Michael you did mention a while back that you’re done with posting DL Chill spot videos. So why go back on your word? BTW here in NYC these XXX video stores has a bunch of DL Chill spot videos that didn’t make it to your site, these shelved videos should help u out between your breaks instead of repeating videos

  8. Chris

    Just being honest I feel as tho once a month I’ll be disappointed in an update. I only like a handful of very active models & a couple of once every so often models.

    I need Ross Isaiah Caesar Bandit or AB back Mike

  9. John Williams

    I agree with many of the comments about the DL Chill Spot – I think the CEO is abusive and self indulgent in a nasty way. But what ever happened to his murder investigation. Did they get the perpetrator. I would suspect that it was one of his models who was embarrassed when they were outed.

  10. mosheh

    I also agree with many of the comments about the dl chillspot. but really enjoyed murda and chippy where are they? anything more of murda in your archives?


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