Website Update: Michael’s Birthday Cakes


I recently passed a major milestone in my life by turning FORTY years old. (Yes, I’m now officially a dirty OLD man 😉 ).

Since I was busy working on the major website redesign at the time and unable to do anything exciting or celebrate in the way that I wanted, I decided to treat myself to a belated birthday present by enjoying a freaky, unforgettable threesome with two of my all-time favorite straight BBA models….

Join me as I experience every true Black Boy Addict’s birthday fantasy by having not just one but TWO muscular, athletic straight black boys all to myself for the night!



To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to join me for my 40th birthday celebration any time you’d like!


34 comments on “Website Update: Michael’s Birthday Cakes
  1. chucke1

    THANK YOU MIKE!!! THREE OF MY FAVORITES TOGETHER! Thank You soooo much for this one! When you pulled out of Stephon and stuck it in Isaiah’s mouth I could not believe what I was seeing! Great Job!

  2. Man12345

    I always enjoy seeing Stephon getting dicked so that makes the scene worth it to me. You clearly enjoy some stuff that I find disgusting such as the raw dick to mouth stuff, that is so gross I almost want to throw up, I get it is just a matter of preference. Some of the scene was very hot and over all pretty good.

    1. Michael

      I’m sorry that the scene didn’t go the way you had hoped, but nowhere in the scene summary or preview pics did I suggest that both guys get fucked. This was a conscious effort on my part to AVOID misleading viewers because as a porn consumer myself, I always HATE when that happens and don’t ever want BBA’s viewers to experience that. So I can definitely understand your being disappointed that only one guy takes dick, but to call it “misleading” is a bit unfair and inaccurate.

  3. Cobra

    First Happy Birthday Mike. I almost busted a nut looking at the preview pic but it was not the blockbuster update I hoped to see. For two of your hottest models, the sex in this update was pretty lame. Even Bandit and the other rookie dude had better dick sucking. I was expecting Isaiah to go to the next level in a crazy threesome sex and he turned out to be a spectator most of the scene. Even to the point of having to watch a cell phone video to bust at the end. It wasn’t a total flop but considering the lineup, I expected a lot better.

    1. cocopop

      I too found it somewhat lame, unlike your last birthday scene with Beno and Rico, that was hot and well put together even though Rico couldn’t take the dick. Being that it looked like it was filmed in Houston, with Apollo behind the camera maybe, can we expect a part 2 next week, a natural habitat or a threesome with Isaiah, Stephon and Apollo? That would be hot! Or was Isaiah there to visit with Apollo? he booted that ass up like he wanted some dick too Mike, why didn’t you give him some?

    2. Michael

      I agree with you for the most part. In my opinion, this was a GOOD scene that had the potential to be GREAT, but fell short for a variety of reasons.

      Long story short, this scene was thrown together at the last minute when another shoot had to be canceled. And while it definitely has its hot moments, it didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped.

      My original plan was to take turns fucking both guys, but without a cameraman to help with the filming, that proved difficult and stressful, and for some reason it just wasn’t working every time I tried fucking Isaiah. The bed was way too small and we couldn’t get his tall body positioned in the right angle for it to work. Plus my dick wasn’t cooperating and seemed more interested in Stephon’s ass than Isaiah’s, maybe because I hadn’t seen Stephon in so long? (Absence makes the dick grow longer, LOL!).

      I know there are probably a lot of viewers, especially those who don’t like seeing me in the scenes, who would have liked to see Isaiah and Stephon fuck each other as well. But you pretty much hit the nail on the head in your recent follow-up comment. Straight guys as hot as Stephon and Isaiah are a hell of a lot more expensive than the average viewer probably thinks, especially when it comes to getting them to participate in the more extreme end of the “gay for pay” spectrum such as sucking dick and getting fucked raw for the whole world to see.

      Stephon had only agreed to ONE bottoming scene for another black guy and I had already planned for that to be with Apollo (the very next day, I believe). In fact, part of this scene’s purpose was to help Stephon get used to taking dick again and loosen him up for Apollo’s much bigger dick. I knew Isaiah’s dick would be too big for Stephon, plus Apollo brings more verbal energy to his scenes and I figured he could deliver a hotter “comeback” scene with Stephon than Isaiah could, since I could only choose one.

      There’s some footage of Isaiah sucking Stephon that I cut out of the edited version because Stephon’s dick was pretty much limp the whole time. So I knew that Stephon fucking Isaiah was also out of the question unless we wanted to be there all night.

      With a little more planning and the help of a cameraman, this could have been an even better scene that included more/better fucking, but I still had fun and enjoyed the experience (can’t you tell 😉 ?) and I hope plenty of other viewers will enjoy it as well.

  4. Anthony B

    This was really cool! And happy birthday Michael. And not to knock anyone else but….Isaiah was just hot without even trying. He had my attention throughout.

  5. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Okay this scene was a hit and miss for me
    It was a hit because my nutt was good and seeing Isaiah and Stephon in the same room was a plus

    BUT! was such a let down when you didn’t fuck Isaiah I felt like he got away from taking dick this time plus it was too much time on foreplay than fucking, I was really really hoping to see them flip and you dick them both down

    This scene has some hot moments like seeing Stephon riding it and then both getting their ass ate and Isaiah sucking you when you took the dick out Stephons ass but I just felt like more can be done !…..I give this scene a 8.5/10

    Can we PLEASEEEEEE get Knockout Isaiah Stephon and Apollo in the same room taking turns on each other ? Knockout and Isaiah don’t have to fuck Stephon but we’ll love another round with him and Apollo while the others take turns. I’ll donate to see that happen and I’m serious about this

    Can this happen?

    1. cocopop

      Now that would be a block=buster, but do you realize how much Mike would have to put out to put these four together? Love the thought though.

      1. Isaiah & Apollo fan

        IDC!!!! LOL like i said i would donate to him OR we can all band up together and donate so we can make this happen

  6. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Does ANYONE else want to see Isaiah, Apollo, Stephon and Knockout have an Orgy before the year is out?? Let’s stick to these four please

  7. Cobra

    After seeing other comments I thought about my own. I don’t think others grasp that you pay models, hotel and airfare for most of these shoots so you have a budget to fall under. Also the more the guys do the more they get so now I’m seeing why each show isn’t a complete fuck fest. I’m sure it was a good amount of money for Isaiah to get fucked so you may have chosen to save that money for another scene. It’s pretty amazing what you do with the resources you have man. Hats off to you.

    1. Jamitis28

      Good question… I know a large part of me logs on here every week hoping for the return of Beno. We’ve seen many new faces but none of them still lay pipe as good as Beno. Still the true King of BBA! C’mon Beno, do a LeBron and RETURN HOME!

  8. Jay

    I just love Stephon. Just watching him grow from saying no I won’t suck dick or kiss a guy to seeing him doing it and actually enjoy it now has been a great experience to see. Not to mention he looks great on camera and is beautiful eye candy. I like him more than Isaiah because Isaiah has a tendency to look like a deer in head lights and you can tell he’s really only there for the money. He’s great to look at on camera though I just wish he’d at least act like he’s into it.

  9. mike

    i agree get beno back to do isaiah please mike theres no better top or bottom than beno and i have been a member since benos first scene

  10. mike

    why do u post so late on thursday please can u do it earlier i go to bed earlier i wait all week for this

  11. XBoiX

    Porn, especially studio porn, is getting boring. I like movie type porn albeit str8 or not. Taethedoug did a mini-sitcom and it was awesome. To kill the boredom how about adding acting to the skill set.

    Halloween is approaching and I would love to watch some horror porn, not horrible, but horror. Black guys don’t adventure off into that realm. A good mystery storyline will be great and entertaining.

    Just throwing it out there. I know that Kameoentertainment did something of the sort but if not for Robbie Dash it wouldn’t’ve grabbed my attention.


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