Website Update: Blatino Boy Toy #2 (Young Directors Series)


When TWO models recently stood us up the same weekend, Blake Bishop was more than happy to step in for an unplanned “sequel” with Diego.

In an effort to help us salvage and spice up the scene, Lil Tyga brought over a cute gay teen that he’s recently taken under his wing.

Just barely 18, “Stretch” has been patiently waiting until it was legal for him to follow in his older mentor’s footsteps by giving gay porn a try.

And Lil Tyga wanted to be the one to film and direct his young protege’s first time in front of the camera!


Lil Tyga reunites with Blake Bishop almost exactly one year after directing the well-endowed top’s very first action scene, and this time he guides Blake through the process of showing his nervous new recruit the ropes.

Never one to care much for talking or lengthy introductions, Lil Tyga has all three guys jump right into the action with lots of kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating as the barely-legal Blatino boy finds himself in the middle of two HUNG and horny black guys….

When it comes time to fuck, Stretch’s nerves unfortunately get the better of him and he learns the hard way that performing in porn isn’t as easy as he’d fantasized it would be. But he still finds other ways to have fun and make the scene hot, and Blake Bishop more than picks up the slack, reminding us once again why he’s earned a reputation over the past year as one of BBA’s most passionate and popular tops!

Those of you who enjoyed the deep and demanding “dick-down” that he gave Diego in their first scene together are in for another treat as the acrobatic ass-pounding gets even MORE intense and aggressive this second time around!


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22 comments on “Website Update: Blatino Boy Toy #2 (Young Directors Series)
  1. Meh

    It’s not been a strong month or more on BBA in my opinion. The first Blatino Boy Toy scene was an exception but this one wasn’t as good. Still no erection for Diego. Blake Bishop is sexy though. I’ll renew my membership when things improve as it all feels a bit desperate at the moment.

    1. Michael

      Sorry to hear that you’ve been disappointed by some of the recent updates.

      It has certainly been a much more ECLECTIC past few weeks than usual, which understandably leads to frustration and disappointment on the part of members like yourself who only enjoy a very narrow subset of BBA’s scenes.

      Taking a closer look at the past four BBA updates, they include one of the hottest gay action scenes so far this year, featuring more hardcore raw fucking than I’ve filmed in a very long time (Blatino Boy Toy); a sizzling-hot straight-boy seduction scene in the tradition of the early and iconic “gay for pay” classics (How Gay Will They Go?); and two imperfect but still entertaining and action-packed THREESOMES including plenty of unforgettably hot moments (Michael’s Birthday Cakes and Blatino Boy Toy #2).

      Maybe not the strongest string of updates in BBA history, but also a far cry from anything even remotely deserving of being dismissed as “desperate.”

      1. Meh

        I said that Blatino Boy Toy was an exception. This one was a pointless rehash.
        I like nearly all of the scene types, not just a small subset. Most of the recent scenes have been a bit lacking of a certain something.
        I meant desperate as in schedule wise. It’s like you’re struggling to get the scenes done at the moment. Many scenes seem like filler or last minute compromises.

        1. Michael

          You’ve been very vocal on this blog over the years about strongly disliking the scenes in which I perform with the models, as well as most of the “gay for pay” scenes unless the straight guys’ dicks are hard and/or they’re pretending to enjoy gay sex in a way that is sufficiently convincing for you. That automatically eliminates at least 60% of BBA’s scenes.

          You’re right about it sometimes being a struggle to update the site every week. And ever since switching to a weekly update schedule, I’ve been very honest and up-front about the fact that the only way such a schedule is possible is by including solo scenes, bonus footage, and occasionally scenes like this one that didn’t quite go as planned or expected.

          Although even with that being said, the only week I’d consider “filler” was the week of the DL Chill Spot double feature, and I’d actually rank at least THREE of the past six BBA updates among the hottest scenes of the year.

          1. Meh

            I don’t comment on the scenes you’re in. But don’t assume I dislike those other types of scenes just so you can dismiss my opinion in your head. It’s not as simple as that and I know the score with regards to the “niche” scenes, but if it makes you feel better…
            Btw I was complimentary of the Blatino Boy Toy scene and anything with Bandit in it!
            It’s just my opinion. I wasn’t even looking for a response from you tbh and I try to be 80% positive with my reviews.

          2. Damien

            There are times I am vocal but I now try to remember how difficult it is putting together a site like this.

            Finding the appropriate guys, filming, editing, updating…etc it’s very hard work especially because you are not a large studio…yet this site is definitely in my top 3 of all adult sites.

            I am not easy to please…i know most all gay adult sites out there. I have very specific interests/turn on’s and every update on this site is not for me like the last one BUT i have never felt any update was “filler” or “desperate”. Not at all. This is a top quality site and Thursday is my favorite day of the week because of my BBA update.

            No where else am I going to see Apollo, Ross, Isaiah, Bandit, Freaky J, Stephon, Julien (who I hope will go further)….and some others.

  2. Cobra

    I always like a “gay for pay” model in the mix but still not a combo that really clicked. Tyga does a pretty good job on camera but more creative angles and def less camera movement.

  3. Kev

    Maybe we should get Stretch to do a “solo” scene to knock off his nerve of starting off porn since he didn’t do so well… let’s get that rolling and then he can do another scene for BBA. He’s a cutie.

  4. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I usually don’t comment under the scenes Idc for but this i’ll make an exception for. In this scene I just feel like i’ll be watching a repeat of the first time and the first scene I didn’t even download it’s more like watching Lil Tyga and Suspense OR Apollo and Mello…We all knew who the top was going to be and who the bottom was going to be, more like watching the same movie and knowing how’s it going to end *YAWNS* I know this was a last minute thing but I just felt like you could’ve just had Stretch and Blake Bishop do their own thing without Diego


  5. roctrain16

    Loved the scene! Blake Bishop is the most consistent performer on BBA if you asked me…..all his scenes he puts his all into….loved the other two models as well. Best scene in awhile!

  6. M

    The little blatino boi is a sexy bottom boy. New dude is cute and has a great ass. Scene was great. Blake Bishop should be listed as the best top. I think he gets slighted cause he is not as muscular as Apollo or the others. But his scenes are consistent!

  7. Tim

    Hell… I wanna see Lil Tyga and Stretch go at it for a while… wanna see Tyga suck him…. Stretch suck Tyga and then see Tyga stick it to that booty Lil Tyga style. Lil Tyga brought him to the family so lets see what he liked about him. Only 18 …mmm…

  8. David Kutchara

    Were the two models who stood you up guys that have already worked for you or were they going to be new additions to the BBA roster?

    1. Michael

      Both were out of town models who missed their flights.

      One was Bandit, who got arrested and locked up for at least the THIRD time since I met him 🙁 .

      The other was a hot new straight guy with a dick just as big if not bigger than Bandit’s. In his case, I think it was just a matter of him being immature and irresponsible and possibly getting cold feet.

      Needless to say, I was PISSED! I think that’s only happened ONE other time since I started working with out of town guys over three years ago, so for it to happen with TWO guys the very same weekend was highly unusual and extremely frustrating.

      1. David Kutchara

        Yes, I can only imagine how frustrating that must be to have scenes planned and not have it come together because a model stood you up.

        Will you be possibly giving this “hot new straight guy” a second chance to redeem himself?

      2. Damien

        Tell Bandit to straighten out because we need to see him on this site. Stay away from trouble and you won’t get arrested. I don’t think he wants to end up on MSNBC’s Lock up show.


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