Website Update: A Long Time Coming

Saint and Lil Tyga

Even though they both started out with BBA around the same time and have heard a lot about each other over the years, it wasn’t until their recent shoot with Young Montanna that Lil Tyga and Saint finally met in person for the very first time.

Much to my surprise, these two BBA veterans seemed to hit it off right away and practically begged me to set up a one-on-one shoot so they could get better acquainted.

Like this scene’s title suggests, this much-requested pairing of two of BBA’s most popular models is several long years overdue, and I couldn’t wait to see what happened when we finally got these two alone together in the same room!

The sparks start flying and the clothes don’t stay on for long in this action-packed encounter that includes lots of sensual kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating. Even better, both of these preferred “tops” agree to treat their fans to something they haven’t seen in awhile by giving up their tight asses to each other in some hot FLIP-FLOP action. Or as Lil Tyga bluntly puts it, “You let me fuck you, you fuck me type shit.”

As Saint’s long-time fans already know, he will usually do just about ANYTHING he’s asked to do without question, but for some reason taking dick is an almost impossible struggle for him every time. Unfortunately, this time turned out to be no exception and he turns into a crying little bitch when Lil Tyga tries to get up in that ass. But even though Lil Tyga isn’t able to go quite as hard as we’d hoped, it’s still pretty hot seeing a dick shoved up Saint’s tight ass for the first time in over two years.

Lil Tyga returns the favor and shows the straight ex-Army guy how it’s done by bravely submitting to his most aggressive ass-pounding since his bottoming debut with City Bwoy several years ago, his famously juicy-thick bubble-butt bouncing and jiggling with every intense thrust.

See for yourself what leads up to Saint telling Lil Tyga in the midst of this shoot, “We should have worked together a long time ago!”

Lil Tyga Fucks Saint

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Saint Fucks Lil Tyga

Note from Michael: The recent change to the update schedule was originally intended to be a temporary adjustment to accommodate my busy filming schedule and the Thanksgiving holiday. But after giving it some thought, I’ve decided this new schedule could potentially work better with my filming schedule AND deliver new content in advance of the weekend as opposed to the very end like I’ve been doing lately (something many of you have said you’d prefer).

I’m still testing it out to see how it goes, but for the time being I will try to update the site on Wednesdays or Thursdays instead of later in the weekend.

6 comments on “Website Update: A Long Time Coming
  1. Tori Fan

    I was surprised to see the new video. I don’t really know why. But I will give it a 9. I will add that hearing Saint moan out of pain turned me on. I don’t know why. I like Saint. I like the fact that he is doing this despite being straight…or bending a lil. I know editing is a part of the flavor….but it still amazes me how Saint can stay hard long enough to fuck.

    Lil Tyga….I never really got into him. I guess I keep trying to understand his thug lingo mixed with St Louis twang. The gold in his mouth creeps me out.

    But a 9 is good. It was hot. You know at first I was hating the socks and the boots….but it gave a lil freaky fetish slide to it. I’ve seen Saint feet and they are ok…but lil tyga got some dawgs….keep his shoes on. haha

    1. cocopop

      Saint don’t want to get fucked on camera (his wife/girlfriend watch his scenes), he just conning Mike. I hope Mike deduct every time he agrees to bottom and fails to, as many attempts at it by now he should be a damn good bottom by now. It’s official Saint is faking, to be paid as a bottom.

    2. Jo Wilf

      I don’t know why SAINT is still with BBA. If you reviewed all of his previous scenes… ONLY A FEW VIEWERS LIKED IT. The only project that gained more likes was the pairing with APOLLO. The rest… 40’s, 50’s, 60’s… approved ratings. If ever SAINT have a new scene again, Michael… please tell SAINT to take OFF the socks! It’s a turnoff… WHY? … what are you hiding them for? … just a thought.

      1. Michael

        I know you like to keep a close eye on the ratings, but please keep in mind that the option to “like” the scenes has only been available to BBA’s members since the launch of the redesigned website last October.

        This means that the newer scenes released since that time have an unfair advantage over the older scenes on the site, since fewer people take the time to go through the archives to rate all of the older models and scenes. Most of the older scenes, even many of the BBA “classics,” have significantly fewer “likes” as a result.

        All of that being said, Saint is still currently ranked as the 7th most popular model on the site 😛 .


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