Website Update: Introducing Kody

Anyone who shares my weakness for barely-legal black boys and has ever guiltily lusted after a cute younger nephew or that innocent “boy next door” should enjoy our latest addition to the BBA roster.

Kody is an adorably awkward and wide-eyed “college boy” who looks like he could easily be fan favorite Cory‘s cute baby brother.

A self-described “gamer” and “nerd,” Kody loves playing video-games, watching anime, and studying hard to earn straight A’s in college. He admits with an embarrassed laugh that he’s always had “two left feet” and literally trips over himself all the time. Not surprisingly, he remained a virgin and didn’t even experience his FIRST KISS until he went off to college!

But don’t let that cute baby face fool you – this kid’s not QUITE as innocent as he looks! Kody confesses that he first stumbled upon BBA at a shockingly young age, and he’s had a thing for older men ever since. Now that he’s all grown up and old enough to legally watch and do porn, he’s decided that joining BBA might be a fun and easy way to earn some extra money and pay his college tuition.

Kody 2
Kody’s “audition” starts off with an entertaining interview to get better acquainted with this cute black twink shortly after meeting him for the very first time. This includes a funny story about his introduction to kissing (and later actual sex) with both females AND males at a fraternity party, all on the same unforgettable night!

Kody gets understandably nervous and shy when the time finally comes for him to take off his clothes and expose his naked body to the world for the VERY FIRST TIME. But his awkward innocence only turns me on even more, and I thoroughly enjoy guiding him through a seductive striptease in which he ends up showing off EVERY INCH of his tempting young body, including a surprisingly big dick AND juicy bubble-butt for such a skinny boy! And just wait until he throws those skinny legs in the air to show off one of the prettiest assholes I’ve seen in awhile….


Things take a totally spontaneous and unexpected turn when Kody nervously asks me why my clothes are still on.

See for yourself how this routine solo “audition” turns into a whole lot more than I had hoped or expected, and I end up doing more than just DROOLING over this black boy’s ripe young body….


To watch the full-length, uncensored version of Kody’s not-so-solo “audition,” click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to “meet” BBA’s newest model any time you’d like!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Michael Galletta and the BBA models!

20 comments on “Website Update: Introducing Kody
  1. D-Money

    Loving the newbie Kody!!! Innocent nerdy sexy and just sooo cute — he definitely needs some of that DOM treatment from you Mike or even Beno definitely needs an older guy to bring that freaky side out of him!! Welcome to BBA hope you stay awhile!! Great closeups of that sweet ass — has such a school boy charm about him just sooo cute!!!

  2. ShyG93

    I’m happy that this Solo wasn’t boring and Kody is cute af shy nerdy has a beautiful dick ass and asshole…Michael I’m glad you were finger fucking him or this wouldn’t have been interesting to me. It made the scene hotter and I wished you would’ve fucked him but maybe later down the line you’ll fuck him. His moans were hot as fuck I got excited and when his dick got hard when you were fingering him, I was like he’s enjoying this a lot MG you should fuck him and then after you Blake Bishop, Apollo, Isaiah and Ross should be the next ones to fuck him. Great Solo Michael Thank You

  3. Eagerbeaver

    I felt like i was watching child pornography a bit because he looks so young like he could be at least 16.. I couldn’t get hard to this.. My dick tucked back faster than a turtle puttin his head back into its shell… Sorry mike

  4. Allen Wells

    Mike, This one is for me. Loved it! Always room for improvement but I like your determination to satisfy a customer. You did just that w/Kody. He is cute, sexy, cut, and has a nice ass. Need to pair him with Ross. Great job!

  5. justin

    Kody looks like a nice addition to the BBA family. Would love to see Blake Bishop & Ross welcum him properly…lol…..just a thought (pleeeeeease)….that would be a nice 3some…imo

    Thanks again Mike………

  6. Damien

    Not into solos at all but this was hot. Great body, smile, azz. Can’t wait to see him in another scene. He would go great with Apollo.

  7. Harlembrotha

    Ok, I won’t lie. I like ’em young. Keep this one and pair him with somebody who’ll fuck him right (not Michael).

  8. PapaBear

    I think I am going to have fun with Kody. A fresh face that I think Michael doesn’t need to bring the freak out of.


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