Website Update: Fantasy By The Fire

Freaky J and Blake Bishop
When Blake Bishop first visited earlier this year, he told me over dinner that Freaky J was one of his all-time favorite BBA models, and someone he’s always fantasized about meeting and fucking.

For his first trip back after several months, I decided to reward Blake for all of his hard work and great scenes over the past year by fulfilling his fantasy of having the sexy straight stripper and former YouTube star all to himself for the night, to do with pretty much whatever he pleases!

And since it’s mostly cold, dark, and rainy outside this time of year, where better to make a porn dream come true than in front of a romantic fire?

Freaky J and Blake Bishop 2
For Blake Bishop, this might be a long-time fantasy fulfilled, but for Freaky J, it’s his BIGGEST challenge so far – literally 😉 ! Lucky for us, he proves that he’s up for the challenge and ready to take things to an even FREAKIER level for his first scene back in over a year, delivering what is easily his best performance so far.

Whether it’s bravely trying to deep-throat Blake Bishop’s huge dick or licking another man’s asshole for only the second time in his life, sucking Blake’s big dick right out of his own freshly-fucked ass or taking “nutt” in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME, this is Freaky J like you’ve NEVER seen him before!

There’s nearly a FULL HOUR of erotic tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating, followed by the thrilling sight – almost unthinkable not too long ago – of Freaky J bent over the couch, grunting and cursing and screaming like one of the bitches in his homemade videos as his cute muscle-butt gets pried open and aggressively POUNDED by Blake Bishop’s RAW dick!

See for yourself what leads up to a shell-shocked Freaky J hilariously declaring “HE DEMOLISHED MY ASSHOLE!” by the end of this scene….

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23 comments on “Website Update: Fantasy By The Fire
  1. D-Money

    enjoyed the new scene — love love seein blake pounding freaky j into submission tearing that azz up!!! love their chemistry and love that fire in the scene great clip cant wait for more with Blake and more more aggressive bottoms!!!!

  2. Cobra

    Wow Freaky J and Blake did the thing. Great scene! Freaky J deserves a raise for that performance. He took it like a man.

  3. Eagerbeaver

    This was soo fuckin funny omg hahaha i love it.. blakes lil school boy crush is sooo cute tho.. He fucked the shit outta J tho.. ????

  4. chucke1

    Hey you guys/models on the site, don’t shave your nest cause it is a BIG turn off! Enjoyed the scene otherwise! What happen to the last scene with Murda posted last week?

    1. Michael

      This seems to be a troubling trend with both gay AND straight men these days, and from what I’ve heard, this is usually requested and even required by a lot of females. Like you, I absolutely HATE it and usually try to instruct the guys in advance not to shave. Maybe we’re just old school, Chuck. A little trimming is fine, but natural pubes are so much hotter and more masculine looking to me.

      In fairness to Freaky J, his latest visit was kind of last minute and he’d already shaved before we made plans.

      Murda Initiates Chippy (While Little Bro Watches) is still up on the site, but I moved it further back in the archives so that it appears closer to around the time it was filmed. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. Lob Taylor

    Hey Michael, I don’t normally like twinks but something about big dick Tay just does it for me! Could you bring him back with Freaky J please. Or better Knockout. Wow that would be a scene to savour.

  6. Dexter

    I actually have NOTHING BAD to say about this update.. Well one thing!! But it was HOT!! Blake Bishop is kinda growing on me.. (THAT ASS) This was really REALLY good.. Great angles, Great lighting Etc… I wish they didn’t shave.. Its such a turn off!! Other than that… FOUR AND A HALF STARS!! Now bring on the Cherry Popping!!

  7. Tori Fan

    Not sure…..but it was kinda hot. It’s always good to see Blake Bishop and his ever hard dick. Now it’s time for Blake to take some dick with his pretty toes.

    Freaky J. I never followed him in other porn or Youtube. But I see he’s trying to live up to his name….Freaky. Is he becoming “bi” or is it still gay for pay?

        1. Damien

          Some guys are 100% straight, some 100% gay, and many fall into a range in the middle. i don’t have a bisexual bone in my body. Dudes only. That is the scale of human sexuality.

  8. Dale

    Mike, do you think you can get Freaky J to show us his feet or do a FEETure clip?? I will be subscribing again soon, so I haven’t seen this clip yet.

  9. justin

    Blake Bishop + Caesar + Ross would be a hott threesome…..add Cory & Debonair to the mix for a really, really hott session…can anybody say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! …lol

  10. Damien

    I would love to see a lot more of Freaky J!!! Also if possible Ross, Caesar, Noah, Saint, and of course Apollo. A threesome would be great. I did like Montanna’s long legs. Loved watching Saint eat his ass. I like Blake but he seemed half asleep in this video. Freaky J has a great personality as well as being hot. Nice smile, dick, and beautiful balls.

  11. Isaiah & Apollo Fan

    this is the scene I wanted to see freaky j appear in, another one of my requests came through. Finally we see freaky j taking a big dick and getting fucked HARD AND ROUGH. They both did an excellent job from the 69 to ass eating and watching freaky j ride it was just it for me. I give this scene 9/10

  12. Mj

    Great scene freaky J’s best in my opinion. Love the scene chemistry was great Blake always brings it. Can’t want to see him bottom. I know it would be hot!!!! Is Randy coming back?

  13. Dale

    Hey Michael, Freaky J said that he wants to fulfill peoples fantasies and do more freaky things for the fans, thus the reason behind his name. Would you consider doing another Black Boy Sex Toy with Freaky J?? Tie him up and/or do some foot fetish. The shoot with Isaiah is one of the best scenes you have ever done. Please reply. Thanks.


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