Website Update: Ace In The Hole

We’re proud and excited to kick off the month of July with this long-anticipated (and much-requested) gay porn debut of the popular amateur straight porn star Jahan Ace.

Jahan first made a name for himself sharing amateur solo and straight videos on sites like OnlyFans and ConnectPal. Over the past year, he has increasingly catered to his large and growing gay fan base by including ass play and rimming in some of his videos. But he has never actually performed in any scenes with another male – until now!

“That was just a teaser,” Jahan explains near the start of this scene. “So this is like the FULL COURSE now!”

After patiently pursuing him for almost TWO YEARS, we finally talked this sexy former professional basketball player turned amateur straight porn star into making his official gay porn debut exclusively here at Black Boy Addictionz.

Rising superstar Manny Killa seemed like the natural first choice to welcome Jahan Ace to the world of gay porn due to his unparalleled deep-throating skills and proven ability to take dicks as intimidatingly big as the uncut monster between Jahan’s tall, skinny legs.

Don’t miss yet another shocking, must-see porn event of the summer as Jahan Ace finally gives his gay/bi fans what they’ve been begging to see by “crossing over” to the world of “gay for pay” porn….

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

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20 comments on “Website Update: Ace In The Hole
  1. Enigmatic718

    Decent scene. Expected a little more though. But I will say Jahan had better head skills than I expected. Definitely not his first time with a guy. I’m really waiting on the scene with Jay C though.

    I just realized what it was. The no kissing thing kinda turns me off. That’s a big thing to me and the fact that these “str8” guys won’t do it takes away from the hotness imo. I don’t get it. You’ll put a dick in your mouth but a little kiss is too much? lol oh well.

  2. WeatherMan

    This scene with Jahan and Manny is what BBA dreams are made of. I don’t even know how to start with raving about how good this scene is. First of all, seeing these two beautiful black men with their long brown bodies in a very intimate and first time moment was everything. Their bodies look so good together and they compliment each other so well. Jahan pounded Manny’s ass so good that I was feeling his dick inside of me. This scene is a BBA classic already and I hope Jahan becomes a regular on the roster and cannot wait to see him paired up with someone like Blake or Stylez.

  3. Yoseph

    This Black Man Jahan Ace is Beyond Phine ten plus Body. Smooth Gorgeous ass and asshole beautiful full lips. The best looking Black Man on BBA, love his big chocolate black dick and love the head on it.

  4. lob taylor

    2 good looking masculine black guys . I really liked it. I must say the chemistry between Manny Killa and Jay C aka Axil Miller was off the chain. That scene was like epic, wow one of the best on the site for me.

  5. 1988XanderB

    Str8🔥🔥🔥🔥…. I hope we get to see more of Jahan & JayC both 🤞🏾🤞🏾they become regulars!

  6. SmartAss

    So does anyone know how much its gonna cost to get Flashman Wade to cross over?! 👀

    I mean I can start a GoFundMe…

    Great scene btw

  7. romack767

    This was nice. Jahan did his thing he really gave the fans what they were asking for. I think his dick skills can be better. But his willingness and his interaction with Manny was great. It’s time for Manny to lay some dick down don’t wanna see his asshole ripped to pieces by those big dicks. ……..thanks Manny for the love u have for ur fans….we love you and Jahan thank you for being a listener to your fans would love to see Manny fuck you properly…..that ass is beautiful…….. Apollo needs to come back and take some of the dick Manny has been taking. Jahan and Manny was a beautiful picture together. Would love to see Jahan really put that dick down and take some dick…. His ass makes u wanna go off in him….would have love to seen more of his hole when he’s fucking

  8. DC Fan

    UNBELIEVABLE UPDATE! When I went to your site last night and saw a new scene, I naturally got excited but when I realized it was Manny and Jahan, I lost it. I started screaming to the top of my lungs. I must have said OMG about ten times and I immediately had to download this scene. When I saw the scene with Manny’s dick in Jahan’s mouth, I almost lost my balance and the shouting started again. I couldn’t contain myself.

    You pairing him with Manny was a great choice and I think my second choice would be King Ant. The intro between the two models was absolutely great and he seemed so comfortable with Manny. I think the chemistry between the two models was great. To be honest, I only saw a small portion of the scene last night, because after the oral scene, I passed out.
    I woke up earlier today to see the movie again and I passed out again. OMG…. I HAVE TO BOW DOWN AND PAY HOMAGE TO YOU FOR PULLING THIS OFF! I have to admit it to you, you are a genius!!! This should definitely break the internet again!!!!

    I often think back to the days when you considered stopping the site and now look at it now!
    You are too close to your project to be as proud as I am but you were born to do this. Is Manny getting any death threats from your jealous fans? If not, let me be the first. LOL
    Manny is cute and Jahan is nice looking so naturally, he had to be pleased.

  9. langston35

    Been a fan of that tall sexy tatted fella for quite awhile love his big ole feet!!! Can’t wait to see more of him sucking dicks and maybe getting fucked, Trapp would be a perfect match!!!!!!

  10. Chris

    This scene was great. I would have love to see them kiss & I’d love to see MK ride Jahan.

    I’ve been a fan of Jahan for the longest so to see him come to the site is awesome.

    Manny Killa tbh is not one of my favorite models but something about him gets his co-stars to let their inner freak out. I didn’t see Jahan doing as much as he did as well as he did. Same thing w/ Bandit MK really brought that freak outta him when Bandit got his revenge.

  11. dc

    Mike know it’s been awhile since I hit you up because you know I’m your biggest critic this time you hit the Ace in the Hole good job now I’m sure all the models all complaining that Manny getting all that new dick

  12. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Lemme say this…..fantastic update !…..Only part I didn’t like is that more talking/dick sucking than less fucking

    I do have a feeling that Jahan sucked some dick before because he sucked that dick good LOL…can’t wait to see his scene with Jay C. Love the cum shot tho


  13. Cam3121

    This was EPIC! Jahan did the damn thing in this and Manny has the magic touch yet again! Jahan sucked dick, ate ass & fucked like his life depended on it! This is how you make a grand entrance! Between this and Jay C, BBA is beating the competition left and right in black gay porn! I haven’t been this happy with a studio in years. Thank you for making all this magic happen!! I can’t wait to see more of Jahan on here again!!!

  14. downtofuck

    Jahan already better than 90% of these niggas on here. I only say 90 cause it was his first! but he killed that ass and the way he suck dick damn! I ended my subscription and only got it back to see him, but if he stays and do more than just 2 I will keep on paying!!

  15. Yoseph

    Jahan Ace is pure Adonis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see JC fuck Jahan Ace in his tight virgin asshole.


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