Website Update: Miami Swim Meet

This weekend we’re taking BBA on the road to sunny Miami for a sensual and steamy poolside encounter featuring the much-requested return of fan favorites Luh Redd and Justice.

Sitting side by side in an outdoor jacuzzi on a hot summer afternoon, Luh Redd teases Justice about not wanting to swim, and offers to give the handsome older “straight” athlete a free swimming lesson.

Well, not EXACTLY “free” since Luh Redd also has his eye on the tempting bulge in Justice’s swim trunks. Their flirtatious teasing quickly turns into tentative kissing and a uniquely sexy UNDERWATER blowjob from Luh Redd….

Day turns to night and the two continue with an intensely sensual encounter that includes lots of kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, toe-sucking, and of course Justice eagerly sinking his hard RAW dick deep inside his younger co-star’s fresh teenage ass, easily delivering one of his most passionate performances so far.

Looks to me like Justice is slowly but surely beginning to embrace and enjoy his newfound craving for the kind of freaky guy-on-guy sex his clueless girlfriend just can’t provide 😉 !

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17 comments on “Website Update: Miami Swim Meet
  1. dc

    Mike I don’t know if you agree this LR got the nicest ass of all your models and nicest looking boy pussy ever luh redd

  2. Eric Jenkins

    Ok I guess I am the one that’s going to say it…I was so not expecting this I wanted to see more of the new boi’s Ace and Jay C , this was a major curb ball…But it was a ok scene.

  3. Jayden

    I’ve got to say that I LOVED this scene!! Justice and Luh Redd were great together. I was excited to see both of them again—they are great performers. The oral action between the two of them was porn GOLD! They seemed really comfortable with each other, and they seemed to ENJOY each other. I enjoyed the hell out of both of them. Watching them eat ass was the best. To tell you the truth, both did it so well I can’t tell who did it better. LOL! Just out of curiosity, does Justice need to use straight porn for his scenes? I may be wrong, but he seems like he doesn’t need it.

    Shax is so awesome! This scene was nicely filmed. Everything from the angles, music, and location. The underwater shots were nice. 👍🏾

    Back to Justice…I think that he and Manny Killa need a scene together (or Blake or King Ant). I think that would be hot as he seems to work well with gay/bi models. I don’t know if he is ready for a g4p model yet. I noticed that Justice eats groceries, kisses, and tops. However, it may be time for him to go the “next level”. I know that it is still early, but I would love to see him give head and hopefully, one day, *crosses fingers* surrender to a top. Only time will tell.

    To you, Shax, Luh Redd, and Justice…👍🏾👍🏾 #twothumbsthefuckup! Thanks for another classic!

  4. TexasGuy77

    Wow! it’s not often I take the time to leave a comment on the vids, but when I do it means that I was truly “moved” in more ways than one 🙂 Just when I thought you couldn’t post an update hotter than Jahan Ace and Manny, here comes a new hotness…WOW!!! You can really tell these two had some major chemistry, I kept wanting Justice to kiss Luh Redd as he was holding on to his throat. Mike, you’ve done it again. Bravo!!!


    Luh Redd is the most sensual model I’ve seen on here. Justice looks like he could be the brother of LeBron. This combination put on one of the best shows in BBA.

  6. Skentae

    I was not feeling this scene at all. I like more verse models and not the same tops and the same bottoms


    mike could u please let trapp/mikey do a scene together mike they r so fucking hot i just love them 2 young thugs there r times when i bust so many nuts on them 2 i know they r freaks and i love it all your scenes r hott i just love them all trapp/mikey just have the same fine bodys thanks for hearing me out mike.

    1. ms132la

      My GOD, you are so right. I would love to see Trapp giving Mikey head and Mikey giving Trapp a handjob!! LAWD!!!!!!

  8. Flash Fan

    I absolutely loved their vibe ! Great scene!

    Now, Mike, has anyone thought of putting Trapp, Bandit, and Tyga in a scene together and calling it Rapper’s Delight since they kinda resemble Wale, TI, and Scrappy? Just a thought…

    Also, I am continuing the conversation of Flashman Wade ! Please, God, get him to sign if even for a solo

  9. D'Sean

    GREAT scene. These 2 are 2 of my favorites because they aim to please. The chemistry is amazing. I wish it was a threesome with Trapp involved or a 4sum with Saint added to the mix. All these guys are great performers.

    Well done BBA

  10. Anthony M Davis

    Damn if you do, damn if you don’t seems to be the common theme of most of these responses. I would say that I would fall into that category because although I love Justice and Luh Redd is Gorgeous with that beautiful asshole, however this scene did nothing for me. I don’t know it just seemed to lack sizzle and for some reason or another maybe the chemistry was off. I guess you could say any scene that isn’t featuring anything new with Trapp, King Ant or Jay C would be a disappointment to me. The problem with this site is that you have such an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Models. You have brought on so many new models so sometimes it’s hard to always feature personal favorites. Then you also mentioned about the side issues that prevent you from bringing many of the models back in new scenes. With all that being said I do like this site though because you have been able to go places that many of these other sites fail to do.

  11. Michael


    This blog is NOT the place to post your personal customer support issues. ESPECIALLY when you’re constantly using a fake email address so we can’t even reply to your inquiries. If you want to be taken seriously, please email me or Montez from a valid email address to which we can actually reply.

    Long story short, you were *automatically* blocked by our site’s security system after your account was accessed from multiple IP addresses within a short period of time. We’ve since removed the block but now the problem seems to be that you’re entering an incorrect password. All of this could have been easily explained and resolved had you simply done what most sensible customers do and contacted us privately using a real email address.

  12. Tony

    Hi that was a great scene but I want to know if we can see another orgy scene with Scotty, Shaun, Trapp, Saint, King Ant and Jay C. Hosted by Manny Killa


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