Website Update: All In That Ass #2 – Even Exchange

Freaky J Fucks Isaiah
Freaky J is finally back for another hot scene with Isaiah, only this time he’s not bending over for the basketball star unless he’s willing to share some of that big and juicy bubble-butt in return!

“If you let me get some of THAT, I’ll let you get some of THIS!” Isaiah playfully negotiates, referring to the now infamous ass it seems everyone these days wants to lick, squeeze, and FUCK.

It’s an action-packed “reunion” that you don’t want to miss as BOTH of these “gay for pay” fan favorites give up their tight, tempting asses in an EVEN EXCHANGE….

The “flip-flop” fun begins with these tall and handsome straight guys undressing each other and making out in the shower.

After swapping blowjobs under the stream of hot water, Freaky J asks Isaiah what he wants to do next. Always a man of few words, Isaiah simply bends the former YouTube celebrity over and fucks him RAW right there in the shower!

Isaiah Fucks Freaky J
If you’re looking for eager and passionate fucking between experienced gay “porn stars,” then this ISN’T the scene for you! Similar to their first time together, the action is sometimes awkward and stiff. And combining two stubbornly tight asses with two of the biggest (and straightest) dicks on the site made it a challenge to get as much footage as I usually like.

Even with its imperfections, this scene still packs in plenty of erotically entertaining moments that you don’t want to miss – including Freaky J licking ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME, Freaky J sucking Isaiah’s dick right out of his own freshly-fucked ass, and Isaiah taking his first RAW black dick, AND his BIGGEST dick yet!

It’s a memorable GRAND FINALE to Isaiah’s recent “bottoming” adventures as Freaky J eagerly plunges his famously huge dick – RAW! – deep inside the basketball player’s tight bubble-butt, eventually pounding out of the notoriously stoic straight boy the most noise we’ve heard from him so far….

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40 comments on “Website Update: All In That Ass #2 – Even Exchange
  1. decaturbaby

    I love Isaiah, but MIKE, this was terrible.. it was so bad that you had to know that it was bad. They should not have even taken your money… I’ve never seen Isaiah that limp before…. freaky J, all the time… but you have been given us pretty good updates recently, so I’ll give you a pass on this one…. You should have let Apollo fuck Isaiah… now to the positive, Isaiah did let freaky J shove his dick all the way up in him… he took it for the minute that it was semi hard…. ps.. enough with the shower scene too.

    1. Michael

      Well, you’ve previously admitted to hating pretty much any scene that Freaky J’s in, so I’ll take this with a grain of salt 😉 .

      My own feelings about this scene are somewhere on the spectrum between your extreme dislike and some of the more surprisingly enthusiastic reviews of this scene, and I tried to express them honestly in the official scene summary. Yes, the scene is FAR from perfect and fell short of its potential in my opinion. But it also includes enough entertaining and stroke-worthy moments to be a decent scene overall. That’s my take, anyways.

      The whole shower thing was a complete coincidence, believe it or not. The shower scenes from the past couple weeks were actually filmed several months apart and the timing just worked out that they were released back to back. No worries, I don’t plan on turning BBA into a shower fetish site or anything like that, LOL.

  2. lob Taylor

    This looks so frigging hawt!!! Micheal you didn’t mess around no lame tease you went for gold here. Wow 2 frigging awesome black dudes for once. Am speechless. Now this is worth a subscription for. Just made my weekend. Kudos mate.

  3. D-Money

    wow mike what a grand finale indeed to that booty of Isaiah’s getting smashed — the beginning was always stiff with the kissing but hell the shower scene and watching Isaiah on his knees always makes up for that — shit was hot including watching Freaky J eat up that azz like a last meal was a plus — the fucking was awesome and I think Mike you right that’s the most vocal I’ve heard Isaiah taking that dick in any scene he’s done — great scene and great job by two of BBA’s fan favs indeed!!! By the way enjoy the closeup shots of both of their beautiful asses!!!

    1. Michael

      Thanks, D-Money! I’m happy to hear that you and so many other viewers are enjoying this scene even more than I had expected.

      Isaiah’s brief but intense verbal outbursts near the end were a huge and shocking turn-on for me, and easily my favorite part of the scene. And like you, I never get tired of looking at and admiring Isaiah’s AMAZING ass!

  4. eagerbeaver

    This could have been way much better… they need to be more aggressive .. freaky j should have been fucked on The bed also…and I think it’s time for Isaiah to sit on top of the dick… bring Beno back… I’m sure he can fuck both of them right… I wanna see Isaiah get fucked like he did when Mike topped him… shit talking and cakes slamming on the dick…. #GetitTogether

  5. Big

    Wow Mike this is great. I have to sign back up. I thought Freaky J would only do a few scenes now he is becoming a regular, very hot. I really thought he was straight. I know money helps, but damn he must enjoy some of it.

  6. Cobra

    Can you say 10!!!! Doesn’t get better than that in “gay for pay”. Kudos to both models who went above and beyond. They pretty much set the bar with this one. I had to fire Mello as my “best bottom” in “gay for pay” and go to Freaky J with this performance. These two have a chemistry that’s evident in the scene and the “flip-flop” brought out the topping skills of Isaiah and Freaky J earned his name. Honestly this is the first scene I bothered to load on my phone. Ur work was great too Mike as usual tho. Liked the multiple locations. Only down side it was only one file for such a great scene.

  7. chucke1

    OMG Speechless!!!!!!! Michael, have you ever known me to be speechless?!?! Best porn site on the net, hands down! This update is over the top excellent! WOW! Freaky J and Isaiah have never looked better!

  8. Isaiah fan

    Let me say this….*As Head of the Isaiah Fan Club* LOL I freakin enjoyed this scene. I give this scene 10/10 there was NOTHING wrong with this scene and to me it was better than the first one. Isaiah has come a long way we ALL can see and bare witness to all of this and I’m happy to say he’s my favorite model apart from Kenny.

    I loved how versatile Isaiah went with Freaky J and really loved the shower scene. I call all Isaiah’s scenes “The Saga Of Isaiah- From Top to Bottom “

  9. Dexter

    I actually enjoyed it!! Besides “Freaky J” LIMP DICK… It was cool………. Should have had Cory Fuck Isaiah….At one point Isaiah was getting hard getting fucked that was a turn on… Other then that i give it a 7…. All the dick freaky j got just got to waste… SMH

  10. Cobra

    The “limp dick” syndrome is also a by-product of “gay for pay” for these guys. Many fans disliked the bi scenes but check out Saint’s and also Isaiah’s dick in those. Saint’s dick actually pointed up in the air simply watching pussy. I enjoy the Tyga’s and Beno’s , but their bodies are lacking big-time in definition for men their age. Admittedly, Beno is turned on by men so of course he’s gonna get hard in all his scenes. I think the issue is a lot of fans prefer better fucking scenes the more experienced or “gay” models provide as opposed to the novice “gay for pay” models. A matter of choice for us fans but Mike provides enough “goodies” for us all.

    1. Dexter

      I Don’t pay money to see “SAINT” And if the goodies aren’t “Working” its a waste.. The guys happen to be in their early 20’s so your point is invalid…..

    2. Michael

      Thanks, Cobra, I couldn’t have expressed it any better myself!

      The feedback to these types of scenes tends to split with almost comical predictability between two camps of viewers: Those who enjoy and appreciate the awkward and frequently imperfect authenticity of inexperienced straight guys participating in gay sex acts for money, and those who might CLAIM to enjoy watching real-life straight guys, but in reality want these amateur “gay for pay” models to perform at the same level they’d expect from their favorite gay or bisexual “porn stars.”

      Some viewers will simply never understand or appreciate the realities and limitations of TRUE “gay for pay” porn no matter how many times it’s explained or discussed.

  11. DC

    Isaiah still French kiss and freaky j like I told all of u this man posed to be married take dick and suck dick and eat ass eat he got all your ass fool just like miss Isaiah two bisexual Queens and a fool Mike too for more money

    1. Michael

      Your comments don’t make any kind of consistent sense. When the “gay for pay” models DON’T kiss, suck dick, eat ass, etc., you complain about the scenes lacking chemistry, “romance,” passion, etc. But now when the straight models actually DO make an effort to give you what you claim to want by taking things to the next level of kissing, sucking dick, eating ass, etc., you ridicule and attack them as “queens” and frauds who are just playing me for money? Seems they can’t win with you either way.

  12. DJ

    This wasn’t a very good scene to me. I get they’re straight and aren’t sexually attracted to men but the limp dicks weren’t that much of a problem. The kissing was odd and bad to look at, even for straight men. Freaky J just talks too much. If I were in bed with someone like him I’d have to end it. And don’t even want to start on the “ass eating” that was terrible. I usually enjoy your direction but you should have had some control over the set and this scene. Not your best work.

    Please let’s take a break from bath and shower scenes…

    1. Michael

      Hey, DJ, nice to see that you’re still around and just lurking! Sorry (but not surprised) that you didn’t care for this scene.

      As far as the directing thing goes, are you criticizing Freaky J for needing direction during his first attempt at licking another guy’s ass, me for verbally coaching him through it, or just my choice to include it in the scene? This kind of thing takes place during almost every shoot, I just don’t always include it in the edited version. In this case, I chose to keep it in because I thought it nicely and somewhat humorously conveyed the unscripted authenticity of this being Freaky J’s first time trying something like that.

  13. Cobra

    Not trying to step on any toes here. The only point I was trying to express were that these guys are amateur porn models and straight for the most part. It’s not gonna be any great love making gay scenes like on other sites. Age has nothing to do with it. For the most part Mike is about 90 % approval rate every week so that’s pretty good any way you look at it.
    I agree with you actually, I wouldn’t spend my money on a site I thought was a waste either.

  14. Jamitis28

    I’m sorry but Isaiah’s dick was at least semi-hard when Freaky J was fucking him rough doggy style. I’m not so sure he’s totally gay for pay anymore but I’ll play along lol … I enjoyed the scene for what it was. I wasn’t expecting Cory/Staxx so it was good.

    1. Michael

      I LOVE the fact that Isaiah’s dick always gets hard at the most random and unexpected times, including when he’s getting that bubble-butt pounded! That has always been one of the most surprising and fascinating things about watching his scenes, the way his body and dick are constantly betraying and embarrassing him. This happens to straight guys all the time when they get their asses licked and/or experiment with other forms of butt-play, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gay or even bi-curious.

      Isaiah’s mind and mouth says what society has always taught him growing up about masculinity, heterosexuality, etc., but his body’s automatic and involuntary reactions to sexual stimulation and pleasure, regardless of who they happen to be from, exposes that human sexuality is far more complex and fluid and even changeable than the limiting labels we as a society like to place on it!

  15. robert

    Freaky J made me a fan after this scene. Have not been a fan until now. Can’t explain why. I enjoyed it Mike. Something you did got me good.

  16. Paul

    After reading the comments I decided to hold off joining. But I can’t resist Isaiah, so had to see for myself. Michael, it seems your scenes with Isaiah are so far the best. The camera angles & close-ups were superb. Hopefully, you pair him with someone really great in the future, with lots of close-ups from the rear, etc. I support this site because you may not hit a home run most of the time, but you do on occasion, and there are few sites with natural looking guys with butt hair.

  17. Cobra

    It may have been really cold outside when you made this video but it would have been cool to shoot a opening of them on the basketball court playing one on one. I just saw another gay scene where two gay guys trying to look “straight” did a similar opening and they looked like two white girls in middle school playing lol. Both these guys are serious hoopsters so a indoor court with them shirt-less and sweaty would have been a dope intro.

    I liked the work-out intro last week also. Intros that show the straight side of “gay for pay” models look better than them walking in a park like many of the past scenes.

  18. Dexter

    Trust me i know more about straight men then you do while you “indirectly” taking shot and making assumptions…. don’t think i didn’t catch that sweets!!! Enjoy your day!! #KeepItUp #Sideeye

  19. Not_In_The_Crowd

    This one wasn’t bad Mike. It could have been hotter but it gets no better than Isaiah. Now Mike please deliver a message for me. Tell Saint he has lost his BBA crown and Isaiah has officially ascended to the throne. Isaiah has been doing everything and even took an above average sized dick like a champ. Saint balls up in the fetal position anytime he sees that type of shit approach his cakes. Tell him he needs to man up and take the D cause Isaiah has been doin this shorter and is already better.

  20. Gregg

    I would love to request another “natural habitat” with Isaiah (the 1st one was great!). But this time a solo one with just him and another girl 🙂

  21. Platinum 313

    I wanna see another isaiah and freaky J scene. this time with a female. they have some what of a energy and chemistry


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