Website Update: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…

Mello and Apollo
This scene will be a special treat for those viewers who enjoy watching straight ex-military men in guy-on-guy action.

I had already asked Mello to participate in Apollo’s much-anticipated second scene with a guy when I remembered that he’d spent a year in the Navy before pursuing his boxing career. This provided a welcome “ice-breaker” for the nervous co-stars, and shortly after meeting for the very first time, Apollo and Mello sit around swapping stories about their time in the service, including an entertaining discussion about the stereotypes and rivalry between the Army and Navy.

Things take an interesting turn when Apollo challenges Mello to a friendly competition to see how the ex-Navy man measures up to the Army’s physical standards.

Rippling muscles are on full display as these sexy ex-soldiers compete to see who can do the most pushups and situps. The air thick with sweat and sexual tension, Apollo and Mello compliment and admire each others’ athletic bodies, eventually leading to some tentative touching….

Apollo invites Mello to join him in the shower, where they continue exploring and admiring each others’ sculpted young bodies.

“Keep playin’ with it, you gonna start something!” Apollo seductively warns (or promises?) Mello as the horny straight boxer tugs on his dick….

Apollo and Mello In Shower
What you’ll witness next is the type of encounter that no doubt takes place between “straight” military men behind closed doors all the time.

Highlights include Mello’s first time sucking dick without a condom and Apollo continuing to improve and impress as he fucks a guy in the ass for only the second time in his life!

Watch as Apollo soaps up his dick, bends the light-skinned ex-Navy boy over, and fucks that tight bubble-butt RAW right there in the shower….

Apollo Fucks Mello
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Apollo Fucks Mello 2

30 comments on “Website Update: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…
  1. Stoned Mountain

    Nice update! Really enjoyed the two cuties. Especially my boy Apollo. What an unbelievably sexy body; love to watch him fuck! Said Mello offered some exceptional ass, maybe betraying he is very experienced in tapping ass??

  2. Rommel

    OMG this scene is one of the best I have seen in a while, Apollo is becoming my favorite model now after Isaiah and Freaky J, Great work as always Michael, now for a scene with you and Apollo 🙂

  3. DC

    Mike why did you bring this guy Mello back he is so bored he brings no life to the shoot at all is no romance He just bored it’s like a dead Shoot this was the worst shoot you have done from beginning 2 the end and the turn off was when they start doing exercises I mean that doesn’t make any sense get to the f****** action I get you a total F for this Scene and for you to be a producer you should know this was bad from the start

  4. Drake

    Really hot scene!! I like Apollo and I hope to see more of him. If they would have kissed and Apollo sucked sum dick it would have been hotter! Maybe next scene. Over all it was hot and I enjoyed it. Thanks Michael!!

    1. Michael

      I’m glad that you and so many other viewers are enjoying this scene!

      I agree that more foreplay would have made the scene even hotter, but Apollo wasn’t ready to kiss or suck dick (still working on that), and Mello refused to eat ass, so we were somewhat limited in what the scene could include. I personally think they both more than made up for their limitations by making sure everything else they did was entertaining and hot.

      1. Drake

        I agree, even though they didn’t kiss and Apollo didn’t suck dick they still made it a very hot and entertaining scene! I’ve been on different sites, but I keep coming back to BlackBoyAddictionz because the site features hot guys and it’s real. Michael I think you do a great job and I plan on being a loyal customer for a long time. Keep up the good work with these very hot men!!

      2. keith

        I would love to see Apollo and Isaiah paired together I think that would be hot both of them are my favorite models.

  5. D-Money

    gotta say great pairing with these two — once they broke the ice and got better acquainted the hot seduction began and I got to admit I didnt expect the hot shower action that developed — with Mello being so quiet I just wasnt sure if he was going to enjoy Apollo but dammit the sucking of dick and him taking Apollo dick it was hott soapy wet and raw it was super hot and I damn sure cant wait to see those 2 in an upcoming threesome with maybe Saint to complete the military 3 way 🙂 great as usual mike great start to my work day with this!!!

    1. Michael

      “Hot, soapy wet, and RAW” – exactly the idea we were going for 😉 !

      I’ve always been turned on by the whole idea of spontaneous sex in the shower, and I’ve even been lucky enough to experience this in real life with a popular BBA model several years ago (off-camera). Soaped up my dick, bent him over, and fucked him raw right there in the shower! A hot encounter I will never forget.

      If I’m not mistaken, I think this is the first time I’ve filmed a scene where all of the actual sex takes place in the shower.

  6. Harlembrotha

    Looking for a few good men? You found ’em! Don’t ask, don’t tell, but do videotape.

    Now isn’t Saint also ex-military? Can you say….THREESOME!

  7. Isaiah fan

    I give this scene 10/10…..I can’t wait till the day Apollo gets fucked, everything in this scene was great and i really love the shower scene. This was also Mello’s best scene so far even tho he was stiff when him and Apollo were rubbing against each other but overall I enjoyed this scene and loved my nutt! 😀 🙂

    Next scene I want to see either Freaky J, Apollo and Isaiah OR Isaiah and Apollo

  8. Neeko

    Whew! As I continue to tell u michael, keep mello around and I’m sticking around! I’m so in love with him… Haha. Great work pairing him with Apollo, they worked well together.

  9. Sav

    Nice pairing, I liked it overall. Just wish the majority of the scene wasn’t shot in shower.. Half shower/half bed would’ve been perfect , and would’ve liked to see more foreplay. But good update anyway.

  10. Cobra

    Really enjoyed this one. Mello is my favorite “gay for pay” bottom. Yea he’s still a little stiff but that what’s to be expected. He has a great look and nice body and unlike “DC” I really enjoyed the opening and especially the shower scene. BBA has a great cast of guys and I really enjoy finding out every week who’s next. Keep’em coming.

  11. A.J.

    Well first I have to admit Apollo has grown on me. I dunno what happened but in this video I was looking at him differently. Even so this wasn’t my favorite. I like both models but the shower theme isn’t my favorite. I dunno I just haven’t been as impressed since Isaiah and Saint. We shall see what the rest of the month brings though hopefully good things.

    1. Michael

      Sorry to hear that we haven’t been on the same page when it comes to the models and scenes so far this year. That’s tough luck being the only person on the planet who DOESN’T like Apollo, LOL! Glad to hear that he’s growing on you, though.

      Hopefully you’ll find other models and scenes more to your liking in the weeks and months to come.

  12. Man1234

    This was a really good scene. Mello is always mello and dude can take the dick (OMG). Of course for me some of the exercise stuff was kind of corny, but I know you just do what you do. This was overall a really good scene and makes me want to come back for more. I am really looking forward to seeing AB get fucked again, but by one of your models maybe Beno or someone like that, who would really open him up and show what taking dick is really about! LOL!

    1. A.J.

      AB has left the building unfortunately. I had big plans for him in my mind which reminds me to stop pre-thinking.

  13. Platinum 313

    Apollo seems TOO comfortable with having sex with men, despite saying we would never see him do that…………….

  14. Jamal

    Can we do a Isaiah and stephon scene? Also any combination of Isaiah and stephon and Apollo would be great !!!! Ps… Where is Rico? I miss him

    1. robert

      I have been beating off to Rico quite regularly recently. I miss him too. I asked Mike and he moved but they keep in touch. I have faith Mike will get him back.

  15. MasterEarl

    I really am enjoying Mello’s maturation and verbiage. Just hearing Mello utter “FUCKME” made this scene worthwhile. Great chemistry and I personally would love to see these two paired again. Also would love to see Legacy with Mello or Javion. Mello is responsive to who he is paired with, not trashy but sensual. Rare attribute.

  16. Roger Mckenzie

    I have to be honest I am in love with BBC .Uncut I am just so eager to be able to touch and massage it.It has to be at least 9″ llong uncut.I want you have BBC just at the moment of ejaculation to see and feel the eruption as the sperm is spat out of the glans.yeah baby. Yummy yummy.


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