Website Update: Staxx – Stretched To The Limit

Staxx is one of my favorite “porn stars” working in the industry today. Standing at 6’6″ and weighing a muscular 200 pounds, every inch of this handsome young athlete’s slim, sculpted body is worth drooling over.

Staxx On Couch
It’s been fun watching Staxx develop as a performer over time. Until recently, he was just another strict “top” who rarely showed any kind of intimacy with his co-stars, refusing to suck dick or let them anywhere near his own ass. Over the past few months, however, he’s kept his fans guessing by constantly showing us new sides of Staxx. But despite expanding his boundaries to include things like kissing and getting his ass licked, “bottoming” on camera is still a line he refuses to cross.

“The truth is I’m a top IN porn, and I’m a top OUTSIDE of porn,” Staxx bluntly tells us at the start of this scene.

Well, it’s a damn shame since this sexy, skilled “top” also happens to have one of the most tempting bubble-butts I’ve ever seen in gay porn! I’ve been trying to talk Staxx into changing his mind and giving it up on camera ever since we first met, but he simply won’t budge regardless of how much money he’s offered.

After some persistent negotiating, however, I finally talked Staxx into sharing the NEXT BEST THING with us here at BBA by at least trying ANAL PENETRATION with fingers and toys….

“Y’all about to finally see something go in this ass!” Staxx promises his fans as he turns around to show off his cute bubble-butt and prepares to take the first and smallest of my three dildos. “Might not be what y’all want, but I’m pretty sure y’all still finna like it!”   

It’s another thrilling BBA exclusive that you don’t want to miss as this former college basketball player and stubborn strict “top” finally raises his athletic legs in the air and plunges fingers AND multiple dildos up his tight “top-only” ass….

There’s over thirty action-packed minutes of HOT ANAL PLAY that includes Staxx tasting his own ass-juices and eventually taking my biggest dildo.

At first he seems almost ready to give up, swearing that no more than the head will ever be able to fit. But he ends up surprising himself AND us before this hot and freaky show’s over….

Staxx Finger-Fucks Himself
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Staxx Tries The Big One
Some of you might already be aware of a certain producer who is promoting his new site with a video teaser that basically promises an upcoming scene with him fucking Staxx. To the best of my knowledge, this scene DOES NOT EXIST, which makes it one of the most blatant and shameless examples of FALSE ADVERTISING I’ve ever seen in the history of gay porn. Hardly the way for a new producer to earn the trust of his viewers. And when a long-time BBA fan respectfully asked the producer about this on Twitter, he was blocked!

As far as I know, this is still the first and ONLY place where you will see Staxx taking something up that beautiful butt 😉 .

34 comments on “Website Update: Staxx – Stretched To The Limit
  1. Dexter

    Hes a NICE LOOKING MAN I TELL YOU THAT!! I don’t really care for the shaved ass…. This however THIS was not the update i was hoping to see.. You always “HINTING AROUND AKA BRAGGING” That the motels here are “EXCLUSIVE” When i turns out some are, okay 98% of them are then you bring in guys like him WHO IS ALL OVER EVERY WEBSITE!! I mean i get it YOU THINK HES HOT,RIGHTFULLY SO…But I’m not paying YOU TO SEE GUYS I CAN SEE ON ANY OTHER SITE…. I mean thats JUST ME!! These last to updates have been A PEICE OF SHIT!!

  2. eagerbeaver

    OMG YES!!!!!! Mike you are the MANNNNN!!! I loved this… Mike you know what you are??? Uh PLAYA!! #YESNDEEDY.. idk what u did to get him to agree to that.. but keep it up… now tryna get him to bottom is gonna be a piece of cake… just let Corey break him….. sooooooo excited… GREAT JOB MIKE

  3. D-Money

    First off Mike I’m sooo happy you went back to the video previews like you use to do and I believe u still have been doing on your xtube page!!! I love video teasers and so I’m sooo damn happy you went back to that format and hope you definitely continue it!! Back to Staxx whether he’s teasing or in action I never get enough of seeing his sexy tall chocolate ass on screen from talking to showing that beautiful ass I will take it. I enjoyed seeing his ass juices big fan of juicy asses from the dildo and fingering and big fan of teasing me to my limits — great job as always and please keep the video previews!!!

    1. Michael

      I’m glad you like the video teasers, but because they sometimes require a lot of extra time to prepare, I usually only offer them for special scenes such as this. Making this one was easy since it’s pretty much just the intro I’d already created for the scene itself. But I’ll keep your request in mind and try to offer more video teasers in the near future! Thanks!

  4. Brad

    Staxx is cute and is the main reason I bought a membership with this site, unfortunately I couldn’t log onto bba. As far as that other site, its unprofessional so don’t waste your time.

    1. Michael

      I’m sorry to hear that you had problems logging into the site. According to my site’s security software, it looks like you had some initial problems logging into the site due to entering an incorrect password, but were eventually able to access the site without any problems. If you experience similar issues in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at Thanks!

  5. Man1234

    Hello Michael patiently waiting for some new action scenes. The solo stuff really is not my thing at all. I signed up for a recurring membership, please make it worth the money! LOL!

    1. Michael

      I completely understand your preference for the scenes with guy-on-guy action, and usually I’m the same way. But I never really thought of this as a “solo” scene since it includes so much freaky finger-fucking, sloppy-wet dildo-sucking, and wickedly “nasty” anal play. Guess that just goes to show how much of an ass freak I am, LOL! Because a scene like this is honestly more exciting to me than probably half the “action” scenes on the site.

  6. DC

    Mike you outdid yourself this time I love the way Staxx play with that hole love That dick all the time you know ass and on the outside on that assI love the way that ass talked to you when he pulled out a dick he is so f****** fine every part of his body no matter where you angle the camera at his body looks so damn good and those lips are so damn sweet the kiss and most of all I love it when he was moaning that’s the kind of brother you love coming home to f*** any time of the day I given him my whole paycheck

    1. Michael

      The part where Staxx’s asshole starts “talking” was one of my favorite parts of this hot scene as well. That has got to be one of the prettiest assholes I’ve seen in awhile!

  7. Cobra

    Staxx is a great model and killer body and good looks. Even talks sexy but after a few minutes of toy play I got bored. Did a quick fast forward to the last minute or so. Not a fan of the solo’s much at all but glad to see another model with a great body on your site. I enjoyed re-visiting last weeks update. Maaannnn I only wished that scene was finished….silly models and all.

  8. deeke

    Staxx is definitely one of the hottest guys in the game and its great that you were able to get him to do something different but here is my question: Mike, when are you gonna let one of these beautiful guys top you? We’ve watched you top for years now so how bout you giving us something different. It seems like you always make your tops eventually bottom–now its your turn. C’mon Mike, lets see it!

    1. robert

      I can’t think of one model that WOULDN’T want to be in a “get revenge on Mike” clip. Here cums Migo, Mike! LOL But seriously, who would you choose?

      1. Michael

        I’ve joked with some of the guys that before I retire, I’ll invite back all of the straight boys and tops I’ve “taken down” over the years for an epic interracial gang-bang revenge, LOL. But that’s only a JOKE, and I don’t plan on bottoming any time soon 😉 .

        If someone had a gun to my head and I HAD to pick a model to fuck me, it would probably be Isaiah or Staxx.

  9. kidon

    Thanks for the update Mike. I will not be as harsh but I like video teasers with substance (doing videos in parts as updates is too much of a tease), not a fan of the solo stuff as well and I think you should bottom too Mike; shake it up a little. Most of us know how hard it is for you to acquire these models but I of agree with everyone that Staxx is very appealing but we can see him at other sites. You should always do something “exclusive” of other sites rather than calling a model exclusive; that is what will keep my membership going.

    Thank you again for the updates.

    1. Michael

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to say in that second sentence about video teasers and “doing videos in parts.” Please explain.

      So far I’ve only featured three special guest “porn stars” on the site – City Bwoy in 2012, Day Day in 2013, and Staxx in 2014/2015** – and every time it’s been for something unique and exclusive: City Bwoy “taking down” Lil Tyga, Day Day “bottoming” for the first time on camera, and most recently, Staxx trying anal penetration for the very first time – something he’s never done for any other site! That’s what I meant when I described this scene as “another thrilling BBA exclusive that you don’t want to miss.” It’s “exclusive” in the sense that it’s something you won’t see anywhere else.

      **I’m not counting Freaky J since he’s never done gay porn apart from BBA.

  10. naturalblkluv

    if this was a flip of staxx and apollo i would be like ‘hells yeah’, but a video of a guy playing and sticking shit up his ass is boring and what’s on vine and xtube all day long.

    1. Michael

      You won’t find videos of *STAXX* “playing and sticking shit up his ass” on Vine or X-Tube all day long, and that’s kind of the whole point of this scene.

  11. DC Fan


    Thanks for treating us to another Outstanding update by one of the sexiest models in the game, Staxx. In my opinion, he reminds me of the rapper Fabulous and a younger version of Tracey McGrady, former NBA player.

    As a true fan who is also addicted to porn, I realize masterbation / dildo scenes can sometimes influence a power top to possibly consider bottoming after experimenting with dildos or any type of anal penetration. I know if he decides to change his mind and bottom on camera, you can make it happen.

    I am not a huge fan of j/o or masterbation scenes but this was one of the absolute best that I have ever seen. Kudos to you and your site!

  12. Isaiah fan

    Okay as much as I wanted to see Staxx getting fucked and enjoyed watching him having something in his ass…this scene bore me because him by himself just had the scene so dull…it would have been better if saint or someone else was penetrating him with the dildo and seeing some oral action with a live penis

    I give this scene a 5/10

  13. Stoned Mountain

    Congrats on the Staxx exclusive! He dumped the Box and cut his hair!!!!



    He’s a favorite. Now let Apollo get in that hole… pretty please

  14. Michael

    I just wanted to thank everyone who’s taken the time to share their feedback to this scene. I’m happy to hear that many of you have enjoyed watching this scene as much as I enjoyed filming it. Staxx is honestly one of the only “porn stars” who truly gets me excited these days, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. That ass is a work of art!

    Sadly, I’m afraid this is as far as he’s going to go for awhile. He has repeatedly turned down my requests to make his bottoming debut here at BBA, regardless of how much money he’s offered. I’ll obviously keep trying, but whatever Staxx ends up doing or not doing in the future, I’m proud of the fact that I was able to make this scene happen and it’s definitely one I will be watching and “enjoying” for years to cum 😉 .

  15. lob Taylor

    Sorry Micheal, I was bored too. I just renewed my subscription in February and so far all the episodes have been duds!

  16. justin

    this 1 was pretty good Mike…now i read what u said bout Staxx hesitating bout bottoming, but the scene to try n put together would be Apollo n Staxx getting to , ummm, know 1 another…lol…or maybe a 3some with Apollo, Staxx, n Randy…..Apollo n Staxx taking turns wit Randy, n then seein what happens…hey, its worth a shot!!!

    newayz, thanx for keeping me up…lol

  17. Drake

    I been subscribing to BBA off and on for the past few months and every time I renew my subscription I’m very pleased!! Michael you do a great job finding hot guys!! Staxx is very sexy and I hope to see more of him!!

  18. Staxx Fan

    I’m a huge Staxx fan so I need to correct a few facts as it seems likes most guys have not seen this beautiful and sexy model’s portfolio online. 🙂 Staxx does suck Yaboi’s dick on another site. In “No Boundaries” with Kameo, Staxx goes bareback and takes dick (pt 2).

    1. Michael

      All of this was actually covered in my original post, which you don’t seem to have read.

      As explained above, there’s no actual scene with Staxx getting fucked. What you’ve seen online is a blatantly dishonest and misleading teaser for a scene that still hasn’t been released and to the best of my knowledge DOES NOT EXIST. It was nothing more than shameless false advertising intended to generate sign-ups to that producer’s new site.


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