Website Update: Atlantic City Adventures – Episode Three

For my first scenes back behind the camera in several months, I wanted to do something special, so I decided to take BBA on the road for a weekend getaway.

Montez and I were joined by three of the BBA models and one very special guest for an unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and adventure on the boardwalk and beaches of Atlantic City. And of course I had my camera with me so you wouldn’t miss out on a thing!

Join us behind the scenes to see what went down behind closed doors when several of your favorite BBA models met up in “Monopoly City”….

​​We’ve all probably wondered at some point in our lives just how far we could get that one cocky “straight” thug to go after he’s had a few beers (pronounced “burrs” in Trapp’s sexy Saint Louis accent).

In this penultimate episode from our Atlantic City Adventures, Scuba gets to fulfill this forbidden fantasy firsthand when a very tipsy and talkative Trapp stumbles into the bathroom to take a piss, interrupting Scuba’s private late-night bath.

It’s a contemporary BBA version of the “schoolboy” meets “thug” – but with a TWIST!

Enjoy the thrilling sight – almost unthinkable not long ago – of Trapp naked on his back with his legs high in the air, trembling and moaning and cursing as his infamous bubble-butt gets pried open and plundered by his THICKEST DICK yet….

Just a FAIR WARNING in advance: This is one of those shoots that come along every so often that didn’t turn out quite like we’d hoped. The combination of Trapp’s stubbornly tight ass with one of the thickest dicks on the BBA roster made it a challenge to get the kind of quantity and quality of footage that we usually like.

​But even with its imperfections, this scene still packs a powerful erotic punch and includes plenty of hot and entertaining moments – including a special surprise near the end that you do NOT want to miss!

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9 comments on “Website Update: Atlantic City Adventures – Episode Three
  1. tjm133

    This is one of the best. Scuba is exceedingly cute and Trapp is sexy. I love cum swallowing. This was one of the best!! We need more.

    1. D-Money

      Ok so Mike and BBA Crew I had to come back and start it back up with my reviews so here we go… I have to give a shout out to trapp and scuba for a job well done trapp being intoxicated made the scene even better and I like seeing him starting to come out of his shell I enjoy always seeing Scuba and that big dick and seducing trapp in the tub truly change of pace and watching the oral in the tub 🔥🔥💯💯 the fucking was what I expected listen trapp just getting into the bottoming role that he doesn’t do and ask to take Scuba big dikk is a big ask lol but was professional and took it to his best of his ability the cumshot was hott and overall I give the scene 🍆🍆🍆 out of five always room to improve but I enjoyed both and can’t wait to see more for the fall lineup

      1. Montez

        Trapp certainly came out of his shell that weekend. I think him being able to let his hair down and enjoy himself during the trip, definitely translated on-camera. I can not tell you how much of a riot he was. I was laughing ALL weekend, as I am sure you heard in some of the video clips lol.

  2. Jayden

    Damn. Another episode? What DIDN’T you all do in Atlantic City?? LOL! After watching this scene, I don’t know who to be jealous of more here. Scuba got to be inside Trapp’s luscious cakes, while Trapp got to enjoy the oral wizardry and playfulness that Scuba brings to his scenes. Anyway, you already know that I’m here to show you some love! Let’s get into it!

    Trapp is funny AF! I love that you guys used “drunk” Trapp as a premise to this scene. Trapp did really well in this one. I laughed when he came out the bathroom with pants down and balls out. I was thinking to myself, “He’s mighty brave to come around Scuba half naked. He’s about to get the Scuba workup” LOL! I like to see Trapp as a bottom, and he was able to handle Scuba’s monster! He worked through the pain to deliver a great performance! No matter what scene he is in, Trapp’s cakes will always steal the show!

    Scuba…the nasty freak returns! It’s always fun to see Scuba because, when his name appears, it is always going to be LIT! Scuba looks so good naked! Skin is flawless, and those legs just keep on going. Love it! The “Scuba workup” was definitely seen here. Oral foreplay was so enticing and addictive. I loved the end when Scuba watched Trapp walk away after saying, “You just took advantage and did whatever you wanted to do with me” and he smiled and nodded at the camera like “Hell yeah! You already know!” However, it is important to note that Trapp never rejected Scuba’s offerings. lol! Honestly…I wouldn’t either. lol! Just saying.

    Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Scuba, and Trapp. It was great! Thanks for a damn good time! 🔥🔥

  3. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I kept going back and forth on downloading this scene because scuba was in it and I’m not really a big fan of his so I had to read the reviews and see what the other people were saying first. When I finally downloaded the scene and saw the scene play out I was like “y’all need to get Trapp drunk more often” Trapp is evolving seeing him arched on the bed taking dick was sexy as hell but scuba couldn’t stay hard at some points of the scene, I also feel like this scene had more potential but a lot of us are content with it. 7.8/10

  4. Von

    I think it’s time for a Trapp and Saint reunion. Their freak level is equal now and I know that scene would be explosive.

    S/N: Where the hell is Scotty and Shawn? I wonder how they feel about Trapp’s growth since those three basically started at the same time.


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