Website Update: BBA Classics Revisited – Behind the Scenes of “Never Say Never!”

Kenny Fucks Beno
To celebrate five unforgettable years of making amateur porn, we’ve been bringing back some of BBA’s original models and other fan favorites. I thought it might also be fun to revisit some of the scenes from the early years of my old apartment and well-used blue futon by sharing with you some of the unreleased footage from the BBA archives.

Enjoy these NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN outtakes from one of the early BBA “classics” that helped establish two of BBA’s iconic stars, set the standard for the theme of “taking down” tops, and finally showed us Beno giving up his ass!

You might recall that this was also Kenny’s very first scene. Before he went on to become one of the most attractive and popular models I’ve ever filmed, Kenny started out as Beno’s shy roommate, trying amateur porn for the very first time….

Kenny Eating Beno's Ass
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Kenny Fucking Beno

9 comments on “Website Update: BBA Classics Revisited – Behind the Scenes of “Never Say Never!”
  1. CHUCK

    Disappointed, I just expected a hot new update with all the filming going on recently. Sort of seems like a cop out Michael! Sorry, just being honest.

  2. AJ

    You know I really enjoy the behind the scenes footage when sites offer it. Let’s you get a glimpse at what their real character is like. I gotta say watching Kenny strip made me like him more. He’s a very reserved guy but a little silly and I like that. This vid made me like Beno more too he has a fun personality. Best part for me was seeing the affection that was displayed. The caressing and laying on each other I liked that. How often does that type of thing happen Mike? I’ll be honest and say I enjoyed this more than Unfinished Business Part II.

  3. charles

    I don’t appreciate that i’m paying to see old shit when I should be seeing new shit. So either get it together or lose me as a member because other sites that I be on don’t do shit like this.

  4. Jay

    This update sucked? Very disappointed. If there isn’t another update for last week you lost a loyal customer. Do better dude

  5. Michael

    This latest update was clearly intended and categorized as BONUS FOOTAGE.

    I’ve been bringing BBA’s members weekly updates for over six months, but in order to maintain this more consistent schedule without compromising the overall quality of BBA’s content, it’s necessary to include the occasional solo scene, bonus footage, or straight/bisexual scene from time to time, at least for now. That is the only way I can continue bringing you the kinds of hot and unforgettable scenes you’ve come to expect and look forward to here at BBA.

    Even with this fun and sentimental trip down memory lane included in the mix, the site will still have been updated *FIVE TIMES* times by the end of this month, including *FOUR* hot and lengthy action scenes! So with all due respect to those complaining about this bonus update, I hardly think I’m ripping anyone off when it comes to the quality OR quantity of the content being offered for a very modest and reasonable price.

  6. Vincent

    This one was a bore to me. Hey it could just be me. I love some Kenny, but this wasn’t worth my time. 🙁

  7. CHUCK

    Michael, some of the comments have been harsh and there is no need for rudeness. I appreciate your effort and am simply pointing out when disappointed. Please keep in mind if we don’t enjoy some of the updates and are not getting our money’s worth we can go elsewhere! Perhaps some of us will but I will not be one of them. I am simply saying when I am disappointed and appreciate the opportunity to do so. I simply want the site to continue improving but I really do not care for the revisited scenes. I do not mean to insult you nor do I see the need for the recent rudeness by some members! If your doing the best you can, that is all I ask! Hey guys, give Michael a break!

  8. Paul

    You have some great models. I am a long-time fan of Day Day. You really scored on that one. Skinny Kid is beautiful. Any chance of bringing Murda to MO? He is sexy as hell and seems to have few inhibitions.


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