Website Update: Unfinished Business #2 – Virginity Lost

Downtown Saint Louis

When you see what he finally agreed to do this time around, I think you’ll understand why our returning fan favorite insisted once again that it only be seen by BBA’s members. In fact, keeping his name and face a mystery was the only way he’d even agree to take things to such a shocking extreme.

“I know you people have been wanting to see this,” he explains at the start of this scene, bent over a chair with his sweatpants yanked down and his tempting bubble-butt fully exposed. “So I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes!”

Join me for my surprising “sequel” with this popular straight model as he finally takes things to the ULTIMATE LEVEL!

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I apologize for the delay in posting this weekend’s update. It was actually edited and ready to post by the start of the weekend as planned, but unfortunately my hosting company had to move my site to a brand-new server due to some critical problems with the site’s original server.

Unfortunately, this transition to the new server was anything but smooth and seamless like I’d been promised, and ended up creating all kinds of new problems including log-in issues, new members not being added to the system, security software glitches, email accounts not working, and last but not least, my latest update not showing up on the site. Making matters worse, I’ve been trying to deal with this mess while simultaneously hosting two models here from out of town, and trying to entertain and film them as much as possible while they’re here.

Needless to say, it’s been a crazy and stressful weekend, but I think the major problems have been fixed and if you’re still experiencing any issues with the site, please let me know by emailing me at and I’ll try my best to resolve them as soon as I can.

48 comments on “Website Update: Unfinished Business #2 – Virginity Lost
  1. CHUCK

    WOW!!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Stupid server! “security software glitches” is that why I see all these charges on my card? Saks, Neiman, Gucci, Versace? Oh no those are mine!!!!! Stupid server! LOL

  2. Jamal

    He took it too easy, which makes me think this was not his first time getting fucked, just his first time on camera. Anyway, it was overall a good movie want to see him with a black dude soon.

  3. H-town

    Hmmmm…I don’t know much about bottoming, but I wouldn’t imagine it would be as easy as he makes it look…Unless perhaps he has a high tolerance for pain…

  4. JT

    I am really happy to see more of his ass but just be mindful of how it is filmed your hands were covering much of his ass and there was alot of missionary where all I saw were [his] balls (edited by MG)

  5. CHUCK

    I enjoyed every minute of it, but also was surprised at how easy he bottomed. Let one of the BIG BOYS have a go at him Michael. Again, thank you for a most enjoyable (better late than never) update! LOL Michael, look at it like this-the worse of your server mess is over!!!!

  6. DJ

    Lol. Why would you say his name? Mike is trying to keep him around so keeping him on the low… And here you are saying his name lol smh

  7. maxwell

    no offense to michael but his dick doesnt look like it would be that difficult to take. He’s no tay

  8. freakydawg63

    I think this was a waste of time. Why is it that Michael think he should be the one to have his way with these so called straight guys all the time. His dick is small and he cannot fuck worth shit. It is time you stay out of the movies.

  9. TJ

    Are we seriously to believe this is his first time bottoming? I just can’t believe it. But maybe it is…He handled that penis also along with the finger penetration very well for his first time.

  10. Aredvibe

    Because Michael is the one paying them. You don’t have to watch. You act as if this is your right.

  11. Jamitis

    We know it’s not his 1st time. Just like DayDay wanted us to believe Chase didn’t top him. Lol But I’ll play along if that makes them feel better. LMBO

  12. Freakdawg63

    Aredvibe just for your information it is the members who are paying them, of which I am one. No members no site. This is for people to say what they think. What I said had nothing to do with you so go crawl back under the rock from whence you came. Why do you think you are to defend Michael. I do not like to see him in any scene. I joined to see young black guys like Saint, Isaiah, Dee Weezy not some middle age white man with a small dick trying to live out his fantasies.

  13. AJ

    Wow these comments are not what I expected. I haven’t seen it so I can’t judge but it sounds pretty uneventful.

  14. kenny fan

    Let me stop you right there SIR…Even tho I agree with you that Michael needs to stay out of the scenes and find another younger white boy (TOP if necessary) but lets face it…these guys are getting fucked for the FIRST time why would they want a BIG DICK fucking them when it will be harder or even IMPOSSIBLE to take?? So therefore Michael would then get to fuck these guys because his dick is smaller so it works to his advantage. Even tho I don’t like alot of scenes with Michael in it I still think of it like this “at least these guys are still getting fucked” Like common sense would tell you that. Smarten up!

  15. Lexxbx

    I totally agree with you. I find it very creepy to see Michael having sex with these guy. I have no problem with him getting down in private; but, I truly believe they guys know that he can do it because he signs the check.

  16. KayJay

    I believe it’s totally acceptible to give your opinion about a particular video. You are correct. That’s what this blog is for. But it is unkind and mean-spirited to attack someone personally. If you prefer black-on-black scenes, why not just say that?

    Also, if you go all the way back through the history to the first videos on BBA you’ll see that Mike is in the videos from the BEGINNING and throughout.

    This site is CLEARLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY about an “older” and maybe even “creepy” white guy that has an addiction to young black guys. Knowing that, and knowing that you don’t like to see him in the videos, why did you join?

    You should probably find a site that offers more of what you like.

    Keep fucking the “boyz,” if that’s what you want to do on your site, Mike. And fuck the haters!

  17. Michael

    Complaints like this are nothing new, and predictably pop up every time I show up in a scene (usually posted by the same people). Funny how it seems like the hotter the guy that I’m fucking, the more negative the comments get ;).

    If you don’t like seeing me in the scenes, don’t watch them! Considering the fact that this is only the *second* scene I’ve appeared in so far this year (not counting Bonus Footage & Outtakes ), there are plenty of other scenes for you to watch and enjoy. If you sincerely wish to have a better understanding of why I participate in some of the scenes, please check out this blog entry from a few months ago:

    As far as my dick size is concerned, of course I have a small dick – especially compared to most of the black guys I film! It’s not like I’ve ever pretended or claimed anything else. As “Kenny Fan” already pointed out, if it wasn’t for the size of my dick, most of these guys would never have agreed to get fucked in the first place. I can tell you for a fact that the only way guys like Stephon, Mystery Model, Saint, Noah, etc. would agree to give bottoming a try was if it was with me. And if the choice is between seeing hot straight guys like Stephon and Mystery Model get fucked by an older white guy with a small/average dick, or never seeing them get fucked at all, I think the choice is an obvious one.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that strange as it may sound, a lot of these young black guys are actually more comfortable with the idea of bottoming for an older white man than one of their black peers. You’d be surprised by how many guys have reluctantly agreed to give bottoming a try, but only if it’s with me and not one of the other black models. There have even been several cases where it’s actually required MORE money and convincing to get the straight guy to do a scene with another black guy closer to his own age!

    1. Damon

      I like seeing Mike fuck boys from his stable.
      It adds to the “Wow” factor. Kinda like watching Ron Jeremy fuck all those fine ass women.
      Keep fucking them Mike. It’s wud dey doo. ?

  18. Michael

    I understand that any time a claim of virginity is made by me and/or one of the models, it’s going to be subjected to skeptical scrutiny. That’s only natural, and I’ve always been the same way. Unfortunately, “virginity” for males isn’t the same as it is with females, and there isn’t some kind of definitive and scientific method for determining whether or not a guy is truly a virgin.

    The ironic thing about a lot of these comments is that this “Mystery Model” actually had one of the most stubbornly tight assholes I’ve ever tried to penetrate with my fingers or dick! The closest I can recall in terms of an asshole’s sheer tightness was Rico’s . Apparently it didn’t come across in the video, but I wasn’t exaggerating when I talked about that asshole strangling my fingers and dick. It gripped my fingers and dick so hard that it was almost PAINFUL more than pleasurable at times, and it was constantly trying to push me out. I’m not saying that necessarily proves that it was this model’s first time, but it certainly made fucking him somewhat difficult, which is one of the reasons the scene didn’t last as long as I might have wanted it to.

    That being said, I was definitely surprised and disappointed by this model’s almost completely silent and stoic reaction to getting fucked. I even told him this at the time of the shoot, trying to coach and direct some kind of noise and reaction from him. But at the same time, I always want to capture a model’s spontaneous and authentic reactions to getting fucked. That’s going to be different for every guy, and I’d rather the guy lay there like a stiff corpse than give me a bunch of fake screams and moans.

    Some of you are interpreting this models’ passivity as meaning he was more experienced at this than he had claimed. Maybe that’s true, I honestly don’t know. But I do think there’s at least one other possible way to view this model’s body language and behavior, and that’s as the honest reactions of a straight black male who comes out of an extremely hyper-masculine and homophobic ‘hood/thug culture where any sign of pain or vulnerability signifies weakness and femininity. So even if you’re going to go to the extreme of taking a dick in your ass for the cash, better to grit your teeth and bravely “take it like a man” than curse and moan like a bitch. And I’d imagine that would be even more likely to be true for someone who has already experienced plenty of ignorance and judgment and harassment from both the streets and social media firsthand.

  19. Paul

    Michael, this was a bust. I would never join a site to view a mystery guest. So much of whether one wants to see a model depends on something visceral. How we judge whether one is straight or gay or experienced or a novice is personal. Many of your models do not seem like novices to be honest. But on occasion, someone unquestionably masculine will show up and naturally I’d like to see him bottom, but it must be done very carefully lest I suspect he is merely acting. Only you can do the weeding out for us, keeping your stock high & never underestimate your viewers ability to see through the acting.

  20. Pascal

    Damn, the comments are harsh! I was going to re-up to see it…

    As I find ‘Mystery Model’ really pleasant to the eye, I hope this doesn’t mean that’s the last we’re going to see of him!

  21. Michael

    Like I explained in the scene’s official description, keeping this model’s name and face a mystery was the only way he’d agree to do the things he’s done in his past couple scenes. And it’s hardly fair to call a scene a “bust” that you haven’t even watched.

  22. Freakydawg63

    Do you really feel that it is because your dick is small that these guys agreed to bottom for you? How about it being that you are paying them to.

  23. Michael

    AJ and Pascal:

    You should judge the scene for yourselves.

    The harshest comments are from people who are already going to hate any scene that I’m in. That’s par for the course with this type of scene. Most of the feedback so far hasn’t criticized the scene itself but rather expressed surprise with the way this model took my fingers and dick, and questioned whether or not it was really his first time (all valid and understandable reactions, by the way).

    Regardless of whether it was truly his first time or not (I explained my personal take on this topic in an earlier comment), the fact remains that it’s one of the hottest guys ever seen on the site, with one of the most amazing bubble-butts I’ve ever filmed, *GETTING FUCKED* for the first and quite possibly ONLY time on camera! If that’s not worth checking out for yourselves, I don’t know what is.

  24. juskeepinitreal

    im sorry but i have to agree with freakydawg63 and others to a certain extent….you said it right there in your previous comments its always the dudes that we wanna see get fucked or this might be the only time we see them get fucked and im sorry compared to the other dudes you have on ur roster the scene would so much hotter with one of them. im just gonna be have a body fit for behind the camera and can be distracting when trying to enjoy a more toned body that you are paired with on this site…i mean i dont have no problem with the interracial lovin either just wish u looked more like tim from timtales….now thats a hot white boy right there!!! Im jus sayin

  25. CHUCK

    Michael, no complaints here! I enjoy the site and no porn site will please everyone! I keep rejoining because I enjoy your site so much and look forward to the weekly updates! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!! I THINK YOUR SITE IS ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BEST!!!!

  26. Redboned

    If I had the money I would be right back on the site but I will be back soon to see this update. Many people are critical of things they pay for but continue to subscribe. Hiding behind the anonymity of a blog as a critic is what makes some people feel good about themselves. There will never be a time I am 100% satisfied and truth be told some scenes I don’t like and others I love. But at the end of the day I have two choices continue my membership or unsubscribe.

    Michael thanks for taking the time to answer blog posts and to entertain others. I respect all comments but let’s never be so foolish to think that we get it right all the time, so why should Michael be without flaw or blemish.


  27. Justin

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and the fact that Michael has this blog and allows everyone to share their feelings about his videos in a very one way is one of the features that allow the site to continue to improve.

    There are many of Michael clients including me who enjoy seeing him in the videos and actually keep requesting him to be the one to break in the boys. Nobody does it like Mike in my opinion. Variety is good and we should embrace that. However, at times when the other models get a crack at these straight boys they do not do as good a job breaking them in as Michael does.

    I really enjoyed the video and believed it was hot as hell. Was hoping for a little more kissing etc.

  28. Freakydawg63

    I keep hearing about these guys being straight, but straight guys don’t do gay porn. These guys are bi-sexual at best. Michael also say that these are gay for pay, but gay for pay guys don’t get f@#k.

  29. Michael

    OF COURSE many of these straight guys are only doing it for the money, that’s kind of the whole point. That would be true regardless of who they were doing the scene with. But you asked why I’m usually the first one to fuck the hot straight boys, and my point is that a lot of these guys will ONLY agree to try getting fucked if it’s with me due to the size of my dick. My dick size works to my advantage in convincing them to do it and many of the straight guys you’ve seen get fucked on the site would NEVER have agreed to do it otherwise.

  30. Michael

    Fair enough, you’re certainly entitled to your personal preferences and I would never expect everyone to understand and enjoy the scenes that I’m in. You seem to be kind of missing the point (explained in more detail here ), but if you don’t like them, don’t watch them, simple as that.

    Personal preferences aside, what you’re asking to see is highly impractical. Have you seen the size of most of the black dicks on this site?!? Even the dick on the white porn performer you mentioned is HUGE. Most of these guys getting fucked for the very first time struggle even just to take a small dick like mine, so you are living in a fantasy world if you think that guys like Saint, Stephon, D-Rel, Rico, even Mystery Model, etc. are going to take a dick like Tay’s or even Beno’s for their very first time! BBA is a REALITY PORN site and what you’re talking about is a hot but very unrealistic FANTASY.

    1. derik

      mike listen I need you to pair AB with Isaiah that would be just,,,,,omg,,,like I really need to see it asap we would LOSE OUR MINDS lol but AB has to be the bottom like plz get on it

  31. Pascal

    Thanks for replying Michael!

    Unlike others I wouldn’t be bothered by the “first time or not” conundrum, but “stands there like a dead fish” is not the mark of a good performer or a scene I’d want to watch. I wish you’d let the new “straight-er” guys mature as tops first – not relying on smart phone porn all the time, taking care of their bottoms, etc, before you ask them to take the “plunge”.

    Stephon’s first time with you was hot because Stephon was acknowledging you all the way.

    I love the way you encourage and compliment your scene partners when you’re on camera unlike most of the times with the younger black tops we see on the site.

    So not re-upping yet, but I’m sure an update tailored to my tastes is just around the corner!

    I saw your open letter on luckey’s blog : does it mean that, after Day Day, you’re open to work with an established performer like XL? To work with the more experienced models of course.

    I find XL hot beyond belief!

  32. Big Mike

    The premise of this site is based on this type of video…white boy gets forbidden fruit. If you don’t like that concept, join another site.

    Mike, I loved the scene…only really like the site when you stick to the original concept. I like you as a top because you are into it…appreciating the goods. I think you should get another non intimidating white top to help in digging out these hot black boy str8 (ha,ha) cakes.

    I know whenever you feature and black bottoming the subscription rises…it’s unlike every other site….so stay with what sells. do not care if they are really gay or gay for pay.

  33. Hassanah Syn

    Ion even understand why these people are going in on the whole situation so negative. Any on a positive note I actually liked the scene and bust a serious nut because I’ve always liked him and he’s sexy down, but on another note I’m sure and not convinced otherwise that this was not his first time bottoming he’s had something done before everybody has an opinion He took that too well regardless if the video was edited or not he was playing with his dick the whole time those legs were back like one pro and mike you didn’t go in like that but you put it down and it was dope, I just hope he does it again that’s all folks 2 thumbs up MUAH

  34. kollegeguy

    I want to see Venice top and or that one dude with the big dick who recently topped dragon… no offense Michael but your lil dick ain’t doing anything for him That’s why he Just layed there and took it.. he need someone That’s gonna make him feel it.. anybody else agree???

  35. KayJay

    Mike’s dick is just the right size for someone taking dick for the first time. Who is Venice? Did I miss something?

  36. Freakydawg63

    Are you KayJay the spokesman for this site now. As soon as anybody comment on anything here you have something to reply to. Do you think you are the only one to say anything on here?

  37. derik

    personally I don’t think he is acting I do think its his first time his whole swagg says it all his facial expressions his mannerisms all the same I remember my first time I took it like a G not everyone who gets fucked for the first time is going to be screaming in pain yall keep thinking because hes taking the dick well he is acting and that’s a stupid logic and even if he is yall faggots need to get a life that boy is uber fine wit a fatty just enjoy the show!! and fyi Michael you need to hold onto him a lot of porn companies will snatch him up for more money he would make big money at cocodorm or rawrods

  38. Cobra

    I thought this was a pretty good scene. It’s always gonna be up for debate whether a model is having his first gay encounter. Porn is about fantasy so the viewers need to stop analyzing and being critical sometimes. He’s a great looking model and the scene was hot. I also try not to be extra critical but when your new model Puppy showed up with the arched eyebrows and taking dick like a second nature…out went the “gay for pay” fantasy for me.

    1. Michael

      Sorry for the confusion. The “gay for pay” scenes are just one of several types of scenes that I film. I’ve always filmed scenes with gay and bisexual models as well, which sometimes causes confusion for people who are new to the site.

      King aka “the Puppy” is definitely NOT straight, and we never tried to pass him off as such. I take a lot of pride in the authenticity of my “gay for pay” scenes, but they’re not to be confused with the scenes starring the more experienced and openly gay or bisexual models.


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