Which One Of These Tight Virgin Asses Do You Want To See FUCKED?

I think one of the things that sets BBA apart from most other black gay sites is its focus on true first-time experiences. There are some really hot guys featured on the other black sites, but let’s face it, most of them are veteran dick-takers with wide-open assholes that look like they’ve just been gang-banged by an NBA team.

Here at BBA, one of our most valued and coveted commodities is fresh VIRGIN ass. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of seeing a stubborn straight guy finally surrender his most protected possession, or a reluctant “top” giving up his tight, untouched asshole to another man’s dick! Witnessing that initial penetration, the unforgettable “conquest” of popping a true virgin’s cherry….

I’ve had my sights set on all three of the enticing asses pictured below for quite awhile, imagining and plotting the day we will finally be able to see a hard dick plunging in and out of their forbidden depths….

Virgin Ass #1:

 Virgin Ass #1

Virgin Ass #2:

 Virgin Ass #2

Virgin Ass #3:

 Virgin Ass #3

Which one of these off-limits asses would YOU most like to see get fucked, and why?

And what if I told you that you *will* have the chance to see at least one of these ripe virgin asses split open by a dick in the very near future 😉 ?

23 comments on “Which One Of These Tight Virgin Asses Do You Want To See FUCKED?
  1. rob

    I am ashamed to ask who is #2? Mike is such a tease! My money is on AB. Got a feeling he is about to surprise us all.

  2. Paul

    These are my favorite camera angles (missionary), but I’d much rather see the hairy butt top with his legs back. Its important that bottoms don’t seem like being bottoms is their stock and trade.

  3. Jamal

    I think it depends on who the actual ass is. I believe ass 1 is Isaiah. And ass 2 is Tay and ass 3 is AB. Am I correct? Isaiah is the one I want to see bottom ! I can picture the rest bottoming on their own however I think this would be a huge step for Isaiah .

  4. kenny fan

    If yall take the time to really look at these guys you can CLEARLY SEE that #1 is Isaiah #2 is TAY and #3 is AB. Three of BBA’s tightest VIRGIN assholes around! lol

    My answer is 1, 3, and 2

  5. Marquez

    I know that #1 is Isaiah and I want to see him start to enjoy guy on guy a lil more before he bottoms. I definitely am ready to see ab get fucked maybe Isaiah is the one to top him. Can’t wait to see it!

  6. Damien

    Ab please he came a long way and I never would have expected him to come back and do so well in that last video. We deserve to see him bottom

  7. jamitis

    #1 Isaiah for sure then # 3 AB .. Not sure who #2 is. That’s too dark to be Tay. So either #1 or #3 first. #2 is not plump enough yet. lol

  8. fmint63

    Ass #1 of course but he is lifeless even when screwing the chic very good looking dude Isaiah is but boring really wish this dude would open up!!!! Figuratively and literally

  9. Coolnig

    I’m absolutely would love to see virgin ass #1 before anyone, then #3. Both great asses I want to see penetrated. If #2 is Tay unfortunately I’m not attracted to him and wouldn’t necessarily want to see him penetrated.

  10. Jman

    My vote would be for AB (#3). I would vote for Isaiah, but I think that would be too much for him this soon. Don’t wanna see him scared away. There’s something less appealing for Tay being fucked. I don’t know…he’s kinda too skin and bones for my taste. His big ass dick is the feature on him…not so much his ass. It’s a matter of taste, I guess.

  11. Jamal

    Correct! If u had to pick someone who probably volunteered to bottom… It would be Tay smh. Although I hope the others are going to bottom soon, I hope there is a good top for Tay!

  12. JT

    I want to see more of AB’s ass but he doesn’t have to be the bottom I just want to see his beautiful ass bouncing while he is fucking some guy or girl also keep in mind if you film more straight porn us gay guys really just want to see the guys ass jiggle while he is fucking the girl you didn’t film enough of that

  13. Arnaz

    Hey Michael

    SomeTime ago I emailed you about some ideas for what I thought would be a hot scene or a series of scenes. ONLY ASS EATING!!!! but not for just anyone…for those tops who have yet to bottom or are just reluctant to bttm. I love to see a top with a nice bubble ass get eaten out until he just surrenders, LOL. One particular guy who eats ass like NONE OTHER is Smokie from the DL Chill Spot…and one of the hottest scenes from your connection with them is the scene with Smokie & Lil Spazz (when Smokie started eating that azz and Lil Spazz didnt know WHAT TO DO)….that’s the type of pairing im referring to. It doesn’t even have to lead to a top/bottom situation, I just think something like that would be MONEY SHOT hot…lol.

    Give me your feedback,

    Looking fwd to hearing back from you.


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