Website Update: Blessed By Bandit

Bandit told me during a conversation after his recent solo “audition” that he somehow always ends up getting involved with psychotic females.

“They’re normal until I bless them with the dick,” he explains with a confident and seductive smile. “Then they start actin’ CRAZY!”

Anyone who has already seen the BASEBALL BAT between Bandit’s legs can confirm that this theory might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. And lucky for us, we’ve been able to talk this horse-hung, financially struggling straight boy into letting another MALE be the next in line to be “blessed” by Bandit!

Watch with envy as experienced gay “bottom” Rory gets to be the first guy lucky enough to introduce our latest and hottest straight recruit to the unique pleasures of guy-on-guy sex….

Bandit intently watches straight porn on his phone, glancing down with curiosity and amazement every so often as Rory tentatively touches his muscled young body and wraps his talented lips around that beautiful dick, treating the tense and nervous straight boy to a blowjob that seems to defy the very laws of physics. Rory might not be the most attractive gay boy on our roster, but he certainly knows how to show a straight boy a good time with his shockingly DEEP THROAT and “chick ass”!

After enjoying Rory’s impressive deep-throating skills and even allowing the lucky gay boy a forbidden taste of his tight, virgin ass, Bandit sticks his massive, RAW dick between Rory’s thick, juicy cakes until it slowly sinks into another guy’s tight, warm ASS for the very first time….

In my summary of his solo audition, I mentioned that Bandit’s quiet demeanor reminded me a lot of Isaiah, and his tense and almost stoic reactions to his first time with a guy only confirms that comparison in my mind. There are times scattered throughout this scene when he almost seems to be lost in a trance-like state of dazed disbelief at the fact that he’s actually having sex with a GUY!

But one of my favorite things about this scene – other than the tempting shots of Bandit’s high and tight muscle-butt (and even a couple tantalizing sneak peeks at his tight, pretty hole!) – is the way that Bandit seems to grow more confident and comfortable as the encounter progresses. By the time they take things from the couch to the bed, he’s grabbing Rory by the hips and POUNDING that thick, juicy ass like it belongs to just another one of his “crazy” ex-girlfriends!


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24 comments on “Website Update: Blessed By Bandit
  1. vhman

    Good morning Mike. As you may know I love action scenes so I really like this one. It is interesting it did not take long to get bandit to agree to a same sex scene. It was however very hot. Thanks a lot! Just wondering how long it will take you to get him to bottom.

  2. Bbalover3

    Good Bandit has a huge tool that we all love and wanted to see him work a lil more but I think Blake & Bandit will be great…. Blake is SO sexy and you see how Ross is open for everything after Blake got a hold of him ? So my vote goes for the BB lol , PLEASE MIKE … !!!!!! Blake B. & Bandit !!!!!!

  3. Semaj

    I wasn’t a fan of Bandit’s solo. Usually there has to be a LOT of ass shots for me to get off on a solo. But boy oh boy did he make up for it with this one. From start to finish I was hooked. Bandit seemed to have this motto like “if I’m going to do it then I’m going to do it” which EVERY “gay for pay” male model should think. Pass that message along to Isaiah because a million videos in he still seems uncomfortable despite him getting good at taking dick. Anyway GREAT job Bandit & Rory! Michael this was a classic in my book. S/N: Rory ass looks like two soft pillows smh. PLEASE pair him with Saint because I know Saint will definitely enjoy himself when it comes to that ass & head.

  4. Kev

    I’m loving this guy… he seem to enjoy fucking asses. So with experiences of fucking chicks, it’s no new thing with him… he’s a keeper to the roster. I wanna see more of him… put him with King and any other experience bottom guy. Him and Apollo would be hot…two hot looking guys together. That’s magic LOL.

  5. Cobra

    Great update. Another great “find” for you Mike. I hope this kid stays broke because he could be the next BBA All-Star. Rory I think is perfect for this role. Bandit is the perfect package….looks, body and well you know lol.

  6. Steven Davis

    Michael I must tell you, I have been in awe of what you’ve been able to accomplish this year. The debuts of gorgeous models Julien and Bandit would have been enough to satisfy my sexual pallet, but their subsequent return AND introduction to male/male sex was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. I honestly did not expect them to return. And I really did not expect them to perform so well. I congratulate you on your videos so far this year. I hope you continue to keep up the good work.

    I do have a question for you though. Is Bandit going to return do some more scenes? I hope so.

    A very grateful fan,

  7. D-Money

    Got to admit Rory is growing on me more and more and Bandit — I enjoyed the ass eating of Rory to Bandit and like I said quiet shy but knows how to throw the dick and Rory definitely enjoy the thick frame and want to see both more in hot actions especially Rory’s hott ass I think Bandit is going to be one of those interesting Gay for Pay models that will surprise in what he may do when as he says the money is right!! Great job Mike!!!

  8. Chris

    1st Mike that was VERY SHADY to say that Rory might not be the most attractive model. No matter how you feel towards them you shouldn’t talk negatively about the models looks.

    Bandit was very tense at the beginning but that last 8 mins of fucking on camera was so fucking hot. Rory did a good job riding him.

    I know you stated he reminds you of Isaiah but I think he’s more comfortable being a top then Isaiah started off as. Love to see Bandits progress.

    1. decaturbaby

      actually Mike, I’m surprised you said that too about Rory.. I’m sure he’s read it and feels some kind of way…but anyway… I really enjoyed the scene. It was hot.. the nervousness was even sexy and towards the end, he was hard as a brick.. loved it.. We’re gonna enjoy watching him grow as a Top.. Great job mike.

  9. bmam

    I am a fan of Bandit. He is really a throwback to the type of guys on the site before it evolved to include more gay men; which is not criticism, just an observation.

    Bandit genuinely appears to be a gay for pay straight guy that is curious about the functions of gay sex but not really attracted to guys. While it is awkward how he is watching porn on his phone it also made the moments where he engaged with Rory more meaningful. There were moments where it appears that Bandit was into fucking Rory and curious/intrigued by how his dick can make another man moan and groan like the women he has blessed in the past. I think a part of Bandit was also shocked that he was staying hard as he was fucking a guy!

    I think off camera in the bedroom he is probably better. If he sticks around (fingers crossed) he will get better. Any criticism of the scene are excused b/c it is clear that this dude is not a porn star. He is one of those dude that I’d love to see on this site many more times. Given how quickly and willing he was to fuck a dude I wonder what it will take to get a dick in him.

    Here is a thought… A double first time scene. Let Bandit top a few more times and then pair BANDIT with ROSS and have them both take each other’s bttm V-card in a hot, awkward, flip flop scene with two TOPS!

  10. Jo Wilf

    I almost “aced” it when I guessed that the next update will be a BANDIT-KODY scene on Thursday. Well, everyone was surprised by BANDIT’s return… was the scene shot the same day after the solo took place? BANDIT can’t hide “yawning” in the beginning… the scene was fine compared to other twosomes featured before… with 98 likes, no doubt this will give Michael more projects in line for BDB!
    A BANDIT-KODY scene will be exciting to watch too. Make it happen Michael!

  11. cocopop

    Bandit is hot Mike, for the right price I think he’ll be willing to suck dick and kiss Apollo in a scene where Apollo bottoms. His ass looks like somebody or something has already been in there doesn’t look as tight as other straight models I’ve seen on here, so maybe he will bottom soon also for the right price.

  12. Jo Wilf

    BANDIT should be groomed as a “top” because BBA has found good potential models to be “versatile” like ISAIAH, FREAKY J, APOLLO and maybe ROSS? KODY and RORY are good “bottoms.” I think the next update on Thursday will be JULIEN’s follow-up scene? For me, JULIEN is better than BANDIT at fucking guys.

    1. cocopop

      I agree Julien is better with the fucking than Bandit, but keep in mind this is Julien’s second time fucking a guy. Bandit more all dick, not saying he can’t fuck now, just Julien has a better stroke game, and look better and more compatible fucking the ass.


    he seemed so disinterested aloof and bored, i got bored watching it. if he doesn’t want to be there why should i watch? give me a reason to be excited about you…. i know the power bottoms are excited about dick but the rest of us need more.

  14. Allen Wells

    I haven’t visited this site in over 4 months. I was very dissatisfied with what you were putting out there at the time and needed a break. Well, the break may be over. I recently have viewed a lot of the scenes since my departure and Bandit stole the show in the ass eating scene. This guy is fucking awesome. Very cute, big dick, and gorgeous asshole. Please do not ruin him with Saint, Lil Tyga, Boring Zadian, or even Isaiah (still shows a lot of resistance). How about you, Blake, or Ross? Not into the Julien guy. This scene is 10 out of 10. 10 is the best. The other scenes since I left? 5-6 out of ten and some were worse than that.


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