Website Update: But That’s My Homeboy!

Shaun and Scotty
Scotty and Shaun are straight best friends from the ‘hood who like to rap, play basketball, and fuck “hoes.”

Practically brothers, they’ve known each other ever since they were little kids when Scotty accidentally kicked Shaun in the head with a soccer ball. Since then, they’ve been through just about everything together, including getting locked up for several months at the same time.

Low on funds and looking for a way to earn some quick cash, Scotty and Shaun were recently referred to me by a mutual friend who told them they could make some easy money simply by taking off their clothes and jacking their big teenage dicks for an audience of horny gay men and females.

Originally, they were scheduled for separate solo auditions. But when I found out that they were best friends and practically brothers, I figured it might be more exciting and fun for them to do their auditions TOGETHER!

Going into this shoot, I had no idea exactly how it would go or how Scotty and Shaun would react to being thrust into such an awkwardly intimate and homoerotic encounter for the very first time in their nearly lifelong friendship.

All I knew is that I wanted to see them together in the same room. Side by side. NAKED. What more could I possibly ask 😉 ?

If you’re only interested in hardcore gay action, then this ISN’T the scene for you! But if you’re like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching two real-life straight “bros” from the ‘hood strip out of their clothes and get naked side by side in the very same room – then this is a REALITY PORN exclusive that you don’t want to miss!

And that’s only the beginning! See for yourself what ends up making this one of the most hilarious, unpredictable, and thoroughly ENTERTAINING video-shoots I’ve filmed in awhile.

As well as what leads to both guys saying things like “This don’t feel normal, bruh!” and “We not tellin’ NOBODY about this!” before the end of a night they swear they’ll never again discuss but also surely never forget!

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34 comments on “Website Update: But That’s My Homeboy!
  1. Treandrews

    To me, this was very entertaining… I liked the genuine reluctance of each guy to perform what Mike required. I do, however, believe that the darker guy would bottom for his light skinned “brother” if they got high and wanted to get freaky. But neither is clearly gay.

    1. Damien

      A lot of men have attractions to other men but would never in a million years admit to being bi. There are more bi guys than gay guys.

  2. Brian

    I absolutely enjoyed this.???. This was funny AF. I don’t ever want to see them again tho. This isn’t for them and I hate what it might do to their future.

    1. Erickson25

      I couldn’t agree with you more. OMG, that rap game was NICE, a very young OutKast in the making. Loved the goofiness, and the purity of their actions. I hope that they pursue their raw talent more…. They are actually talented and possibly can go places with that… With the way hip hop has gone, this one scene could possibly be a scandal, that could play both ways for them. Hopefully in the accepting way, because the industry has a way to bury things and bring them out when they are ready to. Best of luck to these guys!!! #kudos

  3. D-Rel Fan

    Just when I thought it would be impossible for you to reach a level higher than the exalted plateau you’ve already claimed, you go even higher!

    I am writing of course about your two latest finds. I will be breathlessly and heart-stoppingly waiting every Thursday in hopes of a new chapter in the story of these two guys as they embark along the BBA path to, I hope, full and unabashed guy-on-guy sex.

    This has got to be Suspense and D-Rel, circa 2016. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

  4. DJ

    PERFECT. This is classic BBA. Raw fresh young talent who are simply looking to fill their pockets. Everyone has their own preference but I’m not really interested in seeing well known models who have been on other sites. Your original style of filmmaking is far more arousing than any hardcore porn will ever be.

  5. Eagerbeaver

    This was entertaining.. I liked it.. I would keep Shaun and kick Scotty off the island tho.. Shaun is more down to get it done tho.. And he has a cute face. Plus a nice ass.. I’m eager to see them one more time tho.

  6. Sylvester

    This was a horrible but hilarious scene. Dick didn’t get hard not one time but man Scotty is nice to look at. Totally my type but I liked Shaun’s personality & he was more like “fuck it”. Maybe u shouldn’t bring them back but I wish them the best.

  7. justin

    hmmmm…something different…lol…not bad, just different….i think Shaun could be an interesting “work in progress”, gives me da vibe that he would take it to the next level with da right “encouragement” & maybe without da “blocker” (Scotty) around…lol…maybe the BBA initiator Blake Bishop could loosen him up a bit (hell, throw sexxy azz Ross n da mix too)….

    just a thought….

  8. Aaron

    They are very attractive, but no no no. Don’t bring them back. This was funny , but hard to watch

  9. D-Money

    FINALLY this reminds me of very old BBA days when it was about street looks not looking extra glamorous for a scene true gutter hood true mystery Mike mystery of whats to come from these two what inner freak will be revealed just to show the desperate need for cash feels like an upcoming story to be revealed over the next few months — thanks mike!!!

  10. Chris

    Watched all of it. Have somebody suck they dick 1st & watch the rest will follow. You can kind of tell they broke & need the money

  11. Dre

    Boring. A wasted one hour. You did warn me in your write-up. This should have been a bonus reel. One hour and it didn’t go any where! I anticipate Thursday release… I guess you take what you can! Not a good one for me. It’s all good… Come correct next week. Lol

  12. DJ

    I think some guys are not into scenes like Scotty and Shaun because they don’t think something like that can really happen. But it can and it does. I know from personal experience. The stories I could tell!

    It’s about the thrill and challenge of getting a truly straight dude to try something new and taboo. Hardcore porn is ok but getting someone to just even show you their dick is a huge turn on for me. Or having a straight dude lean over and awkwardly give me head is mind blowing. And when they bend over and let me fuck them I’m in heaven. If a dude isn’t straight.. I’m not interested. Period. I especially like young dudes with baby mama’s.. they’re the best!

    But I think that’s why I like your site. I can relate. I’ve been a member off and on for years. I think I first joined at least 6 or 7 years ago. That Cortez clip brought back memories. It was such a game changer.

    But anyway…keep up the good work!

  13. Jo Wilf

    A ROSS and CAESAR’s comeback is highly recommended.. I can tell that a lot of members are gone Michael.. WHY?
    We don’t need weekly updates if it’s not worth it. Even once a month is fine with me, as long it’s worthwhile. Take this as advice coming from me.
    Best regards.

  14. Mj

    I like them….I wanna see them experiment with each other. Dread not look way better without dem teeth in….I thought he had fucked up teeth lol he down to get down wit his boy . Cute boyz see what dey willing to do.

  15. Michael

    Wow, it’s been awhile since a scene has elicited such hilariously contradictory feedback, LOL!

    To those of you complaining about this scene being “boring,” “wack,” “a waste of time,” “dreadful,” etc., you’re certainly entitled to your opinions and I can respect that an unconventional and less action-oriented scene like this one isn’t going to be everyone’s idea of exciting gay porn.

    But I should also point out that BBA never has been and never will be the kind of site that offers predictable hardcore gay fucking each and every week, and if that’s what you’re expecting as a BBA member, then you’re going to end up being disappointed more than just this once. I’d strongly recommend taking a few minutes to read the “About BBA” page for a helpful reminder of BBA’s major themes and what this site has been about from the very beginning.

    To everyone else, I’m glad there are still viewers who can appreciate a unique scene like this and understand that seducing these types of guys doesn’t happen overnight, if it ever happens at all. I personally think that this was one of the most exciting, hilarious, and ENTERTAINING video-shoots I’ve filmed in awhile, in the tradition of such early BBA classics as D-Rel and Suspense in “The Competition.”

    Scotty and Shaun were like a comedy duo and had me cracking up the whole time. Even while editing this scene and watching it through for the third or fourth time, they still had me literally laughing out loud. Plus I enjoyed the thrill of the chase and challenge of working with the first true ‘hood boys I’ve filmed in awhile (other than Bandit).

    To those of you disappointed that I wasn’t able to get them to do more, keep in mind that less than 24 hours before this was filmed, Scotty and Shaun both thought they would be doing SEPARATE solo scenes, and it was hard enough just convincing them to do this audition TOGETHER. The whole shower thing was a total surprise that I didn’t even bring up to them until they showed up in person. In other words, what they did end up doing in this scene was a BIG FUCKING DEAL for two straight best friends from the ‘hood, and far more than most of the straight boys do in their first shoots.

    OF COURSE I wish I could have gotten them to go further, and sure, in a perfect fantasy world they would have ended up kissing and sucking and fucking each other by the end of the shoot, LOL. But unlike what you’ll find on most other so-called “straight bait” sites, Scotty and Shaun aren’t gay actors merely PRETENDING to be straight for fantasy purposes. What kind of fun would that be 😉 ?!?

    I call this REALITY PORN for a reason because my goal for a shoot like this was simply to capture every spontaneous, suspenseful, and authentic, unscripted moment of these two real-life straight best friends doing this kind of thing for the VERY FIRST TIME. And I can only hope viewers have even HALF as much fun watching it as I had while filming it.


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