BBA’s Summer Break


I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and is enjoying the summer!

It’s definitely been an exciting and eventful 2016 so far….

We’ve introduced hot new straight boys like Julien, Bandit, and Zadian, and enjoyed watching their slow but steady progression into “gay for pay” porn….

Summer Break 1

We’ve watched one of BBA’s most attractive and popular straight models finally GIVE UP HIS ASS and evolve into one of the most impressive versatile performers on the BBA roster, most memorably in his scenes with Isaiah and Saint, easily two of the best scenes so far this year….

Summer Break 2
We’ve witnessed the shocking return of another fan favorite Stephon, finally loosening up and doing things on camera that I never in a million years thought I’d ever see him do when I first started working with him over three years ago – including taking another black guy’s dick RAW for the VERY FIRST TIME and even SWALLOWING another man’s “nutt”!

Summer Break 3
Over the past several weeks alone, we’ve returned to BBA’s “reality porn” roots with an unforgettable straight-boy seduction scene in the tradition of the early “gay for pay” classics, two entertaining and action-packed threesomes, and of course last week’s unscripted, unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining encounter between straight best friends Scotty and Shaun that viewers are already calling “classic BBA,” “raw and real,” and “Suspense and D-Rel, circa 2016.”

It’s kind of crazy to think that the year’s only halfway over, and BBA’s summer season has only barely begun!

I won’t be updating the website this week due to being out of town with family over the holiday weekend and taking a much-needed mini-vacation, but I’ll be returning with something special next week, plus plenty of other sizzling-hot updates to entertain everyone for the rest of the summer.

I know this will come as a disappointment to those of you who look forward to seeing what’s new from BBA every Thursday, and while I’ve been working hard to maintain that weekly schedule throughout most of the year, I do sometimes have to take these occasional breaks for things like major holidays and family commitments. My hope and goal is that the quantity AND quality of the content delivered the rest of the year round more than makes up for these understandably disappointing but thankfully RARE breaks in the regular schedule.

Weekly updates will be resuming in just a little over a week with what I hope will be a pleasant surprise for many of you, so stay tuned 😉 !

16 comments on “BBA’s Summer Break
  1. Jesse

    Good evening, so since you’re going on summer break those of us who just signed up this month will not get any updates

    1. DJ

      I am one of the ones that just joined and already immediately regret it. Should have just waited. But this brought back memories of why I didn’t renew before. I work in membership and strongly believe in vacations… however, you can’t leave your members, your customer base with out content. That’s where time management and scheduling comes into play. Oh well, why change if we’ll continue to pay? Hope the next update is a good one.

      1. Michael

        Thanks for the lecture about time management and I look forward to the day when you can show me how this is done by running your own successful porn site and working over 60 hours a week to bring your members hot fresh faces in exclusive original scenes between 30 and 90 minutes long EVERY single week of the year without fail.

        I honestly find this kind of feedback to be extremely petty and borderline insulting. It’s hardly uncommon for businesses to take occasional breaks from serving their customers, especially small businesses run by just one person or a small handful of people. My barber recently closed his shop for a week to take a vacation with his family. My dentist shuts down his practice for two weeks every summer. TV shows air re-runs to allow the creators time to produce new content. Grocery stores, banks, restaurants, and all types of other businesses close their doors on major holidays.

        I value the support of BBA’s members and I think the quality of the content posted almost every other week of the year proves just how much I really do care. But I’m not going to grovel and apologize for taking ONE week off to spend time with my family during the week of a major American holiday.

        If you just signed up for a monthly membership, then you are already enjoying access to several weeks’ and probably even several MONTHS’ worth of new content that is more than worth the very modest price of a monthly subscription.

        And if you’re an ongoing monthly subscriber who finds it intolerable that you might have to go without a new update a couple weeks every year, and don’t agree that the quantity AND quality of the content delivered the rest of the year makes up for these RARE breaks in the regular schedule, then I really don’t know what to tell you other than that maybe you should consider purchasing credits instead of a recurring membership, which allows you to pay for individual scenes as they’re posted, and only the scenes that most interest you.

        1. DJ

          No need to read the entire usual Mike “whine back”. I’ve read the first sentence and I’ll just reply with, you’re welcome!

        2. DJ

          Furthermore, I have ZERO desire to run an adult site. I do however run a membership and government affairs departments of an association with 14,000 members with the 14% growth rate over 3 years and a 93% retention rate with at 96% satisfation rate (we survey annually). So, yeah spare me. But if I want to run an adult site, I’m sure I would be able to provide content to my paying members while I take a vacation. Customer satisfaction was my first goal in this position 10 years ago, think I succeded. Members who complained to me or my staff were never subjected to our “whine back”. A stance you seem to take often. No need to worry about this subscriber, sir.

          1. Michael

            Congratulations on your recent career success, but you’re comparing apples to oranges and in the same way that I would never presume to tell you how to do your job because I don’t know the first thing about it, you can spare me these arrogant lectures about how I should do mine.

            Your line of work is nothing like mine, and from the sound of it, you’re not even running a solo small business in the same way that I am. You obviously don’t have a clue how the adult industry works or how much time, money, and hard work goes into each and every scene that gets posted to the site.

            If you want to complain about not getting a new update every single week of the year, go right ahead. Just don’t come on here for the first time in months and start lecturing me about how I should handle taking time off. Thanks.

            1. DJ

              What arrogant lecture? You think it’s OK to pay for something you don’t receive because the provider is on vacation? Do you offer credits in those situations? If it were you would you like a credit in that situation? Take the “porn” out of it. You are offering a service. If I said “I’m on vacation and will pay you next week” does that extend my membership or will I get cut off the day you don’t receive payment?

              I don’t understand why you say it’s apple and oranges and then make another comparison. The line of work is different yes, customer satisfaction is not. They’re the same.

              I don’t have experience running an adult site, made that perfectly clear. I also have zero desire to ever do so. But you aren’t the only small studio either, Mike. Others manage to do what you do without the public whining and complaints you pour on us when we are dissatisfied.

              Mike, I guess I need to remember that this blog is for you and dare we say something negitive here you come spanking us for it. My apologies. I hadn’t been here in months because I opted not to renew and took a break from the site. But yes, this comment was negitive, the others last week and yesterday were not. And it’s not a lecture. It’s a customer expressing frustration. Oh, well. You win. Great site.

              1. Michael

                I’ve never had a problem with negative comments or constructive criticism. This blog wouldn’t have been around this long if I did. But I’m also not going to just sit back and let unfair, unrealistic, and in some cases blatantly inaccurate complaints and demands go unchallenged in a public forum like this.

                The main purpose of my response was to point out that nobody is being cheated or ripped off just because the site doesn’t get updated every single week of the year (if I actually promised that, you’d have a more valid point). And least of all YOU, since you are enjoying access to several MONTHS’ worth of hot new content for the same modest monthly fee as everyone else.

                Even if you were were a loyal monthly subscriber, I firmly believe that the quantity AND quality of the content offered the rest of the year round more than makes up for these RARE breaks in the regular schedule, which is probably why I’m reacting so strongly to you grumbling about me taking even the slightest mini-vacation during a holiday week. (Please point me to another black gay site offering the same quality of models in scenes as lengthy as mine almost every week of the year – I’m certainly not aware of any).

                1. DJ

                  OK, Mike. I think I am due a rebill soon. I am going on vacation, sorry a mini vacation. I don’t expect to be billed but I want my membership to continue until I pay it next week. By your standard that is completely acceptable. No need to continue with the argument. You win.

                  I’ll end this stupid back and forth. As a paying member of your site and on your blog I made an expression. That was clearly my mistake.

                  1. Michael

                    Cute, but your analogy completely misses the point that I’m making, which is that nobody, and least of all you, is being cheated here or not getting what you paid for.

                    If you disagree, then you have every right to cancel your membership in protest and/or switch to purchasing credits instead, a membership alternative which was created specifically with people like you in mind.

  2. David Kutchara

    Will we get some sort of visual preview/teaser of this so-called “special, pleasant surprise” before you actually release it? Lol

  3. Joe

    Here you go with the bullshit again mike! This is so unprofessional for fans who pay monthly to support you….expecting new videos and get 3. I’m sure say a tyga or the young man who runs the tumblr would love to work more closely with you to be able to upload videos in time of vacation or emergency. I mean to be successful a business should run efficiently on its on. Not here for the drawn out excuses as you always provide, simply post video, outtakes, old unrealesed. You have to do better mike this is getting old quick!

  4. Jo Wilf

    Be cool guys.. BBA has a surprise for tomorrow’s update.. Is it JULIEN’s most awaited scene? … since BANDIT is out for a while.. I hope so..


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