Website Update: Chasing The Crown

There’s an interesting battle shaping up on Page 1 of BBA’s most popular models. Fan favorites such as Manny Killa, Trapp, and Ross are all strong contenders to knock Bandit from his coveted #1 spot. And that’s not even including our more recent new stars such as Justice, Scuba, and Shameeks.

Ever since he talked a lot of shit at the BBA Christmas Party last year, Dominic has made it very clear that he is also chasing after Bandit’s crown. And he recently came one step closer to achieving that goal by landing on the first page in just a little over a year. It was cute and funny to see just how proud and excited he was when he first heard that news.

“You know I’m still coming for that #1 spot,” Dominic playfully warns Bandit at one point in this scene. “You have to challenge the #1 to get the #1!”

Dominic and Bandit actually met for the first time early last Fall, and despite having only done group scenes together so far, have quickly become an under the radar “bromance” in their own right.

You can cut through the nervous energy in the room with a knife when we finally bring these two together for their very first one-on-one scene.

I swear if I didn’t know any better, I’d say Bandit sounds almost JEALOUS when he brings up Dominic’s recent scenes with other BBA superstars like Apollo and Manny, and asks why he hasn’t had a turn yet.

“I had to get my practice in,” Dominic explains with his trademark irresistible smile. “But we’re here now. Anything is possible.”

Of course Bandit isn’t ready to give up his title that easily, and he goes out of his way to prove to Dominic as well as his fans why he still deserves his #1 spot!

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36 comments on “Website Update: Chasing The Crown
  1. Dante Kennedy

    Oh lawd!! Bandit is so sexy!!! I dont even like skinny dudes but Damn that boy makes my heart do stuff! All I want for Christmas, Santa…..

  2. D'Sean

    When I saw the title I was like yes I’m finally gonna see BBA’s #1 top lay some pipe. … then I watched the video and was like damn, I guess Dominic pulled a Stylez and acted like he couldn’t take dick. ….it was a cool scene though, happy to see Bandit back.

  3. Hass Hanel

    This good, But Dominic hasnt really got the biggest dick or the best stroke. Just a great body and good-boy looks. His strokes are so-so. Bandit spread out and being fucked made up for it. PS: I dont like labels BUT Bandit’s dick is always ready fucking or being fucked! Whats up with that? He’s easily excited? First time I saw Dominic get hard with another model before the foreplay too. I guess its the Bandit effect. This may not be epic, but its a keeper.

    1. cocopop

      Yea, I was wondering the same thing about Dominic, nearly a year and I’ve never seen his dick hard during foreplay. As into Jah as he was, Jah didn’t get him aroused during foreplay. I think he wanted Bandit to climb on top of him and grind their dicks together, think that turns him on. Love how he was rubbing those dicks together. And what got into Bandit? Never seen him suck toes before, can’t blame him with Dominic’s sexy feet. Now Mike, Bandit is due his revenge on Dominic. Tell Bandit to go easy on him, he gets carried away with that big ass dick. Dominic, needs to relax and take that dick. Your chances of taking that #1 spot improve when you can take dick better. You’re improving though, these guys looked so, so sexy together. Great scene Mike.

      1. Al

        This is not Dom first scene so with time his body will get use to a man touching him. At the end of the day that’s his choice, I won’t read too much into him being hard…

  4. Anthony

    Dominic took that from Bandit man. I always liked Bandit can’t say he’s been one of my favorites because of others like Isaiah, Ross, Dominic, etc but boyyy this scene changed my mind. I don’t remember Bandit ever moaning and wanting dick that much like in this video. Dominic knows what he was doing man he was working that dick in him.

    Now let the boy Bandit get his revenge back – one on one private session cause Bandit sure knows how to fuck some good ass and show no mercy. No one has fucked Dominic good yet, besides Trapp, if that cause he was going easy on him and mindful that he’s new but it’s time for Dominic to get his brains fucked out

      1. cocopop

        Now, that’s one thing we can agree on, Bandit had been struggling, from the first time he attempted to take dick, up until Apollo got a hold of him. Saw one comment, where viewer stated Blake was his best. The only part Bandit enjoyed was fucking Blake, and at the end, where Blake made him nut, J/O with his dick in him. Now that small part in halloween scene with him and Trapp, was sorta hot, he did seem to enjoy it, yet not like with Apollo.

  5. Dope88

    Mike ….Bandit is not coming out that spot anytime soon…in fact this video just secured his #1 spot he has come a long way like even the way he takes care of his body that guy is everything and he seems to enjoy it

  6. Stepp

    You had me at the thumbnail. This was every angle and position I have ever wanted to see Bandit’s hole in and it did not disappoint. In my humble porn opinion Bandit has a rear-naked chokehold on that number one spot and short of Scuba and Lil Scrap coming on and doing a massive flip scene he is safe for the foreseeable future. This is mos def a scene to be downloaded! I give it 4 flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Jayden

    Ok. I give up. There is NO WAY IN HELL that I can compile a BBA top ten list for 2019! Can I just say DAMN!!! This scene was HOT AF! We all know how this goes. Let me show y’all A LOT of love real quick!

    I. Dominic: The Dynamic Contender
    Dominic continues to grow as a performer with each scene he shoots. This growth and his willingness to do his best (and his looks!) have made him a BBA favorite! Orally, he’s improved greatly. Watching him service Bandit was fire! I love watching Dominic fuck (and vice versa)! He pounded Bandit mercilessly with various strokes. That cum shot kept on going!! He iced Bandit’s cakes and then some! Most importantly, I loved the fact that he paid attention to Bandit while topping him, and made adjustments accordingly. Dominic is definitely a top contender for the crown, and definitely a future BBA crown holder. The journey won’t come easy though as the current king is holding onto his crown VERY tightly! Let’s discuss.

    II. Bandit: The BBA Champion (Crown Holder)
    Props to the muthafuckin’ king!! Bandit took down Apollo last year. With this scene, he sends a message to the contenders, “This is my crown muthafuckas!” LOL! I was really impressed with Bandit in this scene. The oral work was on point, as well as the kissing. Bottoming is no easy feat, and it is not for everyone. Bandit, being a straight man, knocked it out! He was able to handle Dominic’s dick in various positions and strokes. I enjoyed watching him ride Dominic—one of my favorite parts. He did that shit! In my opinion, this was Bandit’s best performance. He definitely showed viewers why he is and remains the king of BBA! Bandit. Did. That. Shit!

    III. Chasing The Crown Extras: Royal Shit.
    Bandit and Dominic are extremely photogenic, and they looked great together. The chemistry between the two of them was hot as well. There were many great moments throughout the scene that made it special. In the beginning of the scene, they were frolicking while sharing a passionate kiss and they were both aroused—HOT! The dialogue between them was fire! There was a part where Bandit was on his back, legs up, and Dominic was getting ready to insert his dick. He (Dominic) let’s Bandit know how excited he is and how he has been waiting forever to get his ass! The King Ant conversation in the beginning was hilarious. King Ant is ….A LOT! The camera angles and shots were hot. Bandit was in doggystyle getting fucked, and the camera was between Dominic’s legs. In the shot, you could see Bandit looking back at the camera. On top of that, the models seemed like they enjoyed each other. Great time!

    Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Dominic, and Bandit. This scene was dope AF, and will definitely be subjected to a series of replays! As for that top ten list, let’s just say this scene just made the cut! Good shit fellas!

  8. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I loved this scene I would’ve been mad if Bandit didn’t get to top Dominic but he kinda did in the Halloween scene. Everything about this scene was sexy and to see Bandit being the bottom in the scene was amazing. If you go back to his scene as a bottom with Saint to his scene with Dominic as the bottom you can see the difference which was hot even tho it was hot seeing him struggle taking dick to him being a lil more open or open enough. To see how much has changed was just perfect and what got me and my nut was seeing him riding Dominic, if y’all haven’t go check this scene out!! Bandit was riding that dick like idk what and it was sexy. Next time get Apollo Bandit and Dominic and Trapp together. I give this scene a 10/10.

  9. Al

    Is it compulsory for every model to bottom? Just leave Dominic alone for God sakes. You might drive the boy to a mental breakdown lol. I’m sure he’ll get to top 5 without even bottoming. Good looks and improved topping scenes always help…

  10. Shirly223

    Bandit just does it for me lol seeing him bottom or top it doesn’t matter. I want a scene with, Justice, Isaiah, Apollo, and Dominic, bent over in a line and used by Saint and Bandit, while they take turns fucking them. I would love to see Bandit cum while getting fucked. I would actually like to see that from more of the models period. I like Dominic but I would love to see these two do another scene where he gets worn out by Bandit. I also wanna see Isaiah bottom for Bandit again or partied like on the Christmas special only I’d like to see Isaiah get the cum fucked out of him. The look on a bottoms face when they cum while getting fucked is priceless

    1. Jamal

      I agree I wanna see bandit fuck Isaiah again . I also would enjoy seeing knockout with bandit and jay- c with bandit and isaiah

      1. Anthony

        Yes lawd! Bandit for sure clapped Isaiah the fucking best during that Christmas special without a doubt and I can’t wait to see it again

  11. Stubz89

    This was cute. Dominics love language is words of affirmations and physical touch. When he receives those things he performs better. Tell bandit the few pounds he gained looks good on him.

  12. Littlehomie

    This was a great scene. I would have definitely advertised this more before it was released to get anticipation up. Seeing Dominic actually fully erect while just grinding on Bandit was so sexy. You can truly tell he is becoming more comfortable. Bandit as a bottom is something we have to continue to see more of he really is starting to enjoy that. Bandit’s dick is hard majority of the time while he is being penetrated. Bandit with a more experienced top definitely will nut while being penetrated. Only critique about this scene was some of the camera angles switched too fast, I felt as soon as it was getting more intense the camera angle or position would switch.

    1. cocopop

      That shit was hot wasn’t it? He gave us some thing Apollo never gave us in five years. Two straight boys discovering the thrill of dick to dick(grinding) action, and how it turn you on. Only time I’ve ever seen Apollo’s dick on hard when not topping, is in the scene with Dominic, Dom. hitting that ass at the end, must have hit that spot, got Apollo’s dick hard. Wish Bandit would get as comfortable as Ross and beat that big ole thing while bottoming, that would be hot. Hell, we seldom get to see that with the gay models. I see, ever since his scene with Jah, Dominic loves to j/o his partner. Think he enjoyed playing with Bandits big ole dick. Hope to see more of that.

    2. cocopop

      If only he’d jack that big old dick off himself, I’ve seen him do it while sucking dick. Don’t know if I could resist if my dick stayed as hard as his, while being fucked. Love seeing Ross jack his dick while being fucked, tops dick must be hitting that spot? His dick stays hard almost as much as Bandit, Oh! but when that dick hit that spot, he goes crazy.

  13. Pimpin24

    I was hoping to see Bandit smash and tear up Dominics kitty cat. Let Bandit get his revenge the same way you let him tear up Saints kitty cat.

  14. Cobra

    As long as you post Dominic I’ll renew just to see him. Bandit is a close second I notice both dicks are getting harder in the scenes. The one model I love with the total package is Jay C who I would love to see in a sexy flip flop. But to date this is one of my most favorite scenes. Congrats again to Dominic and Bandit. You guys are awesome!!!!


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