Website Update: Worth The Wait

As the host of a recent “Truth or Dare” game that ultimately led to Justice being tag-teamed by three other players, Stylez was both shocked and turned on to see just how far Justice has come since they last worked together almost two years ago.

Only Justice’s second scene at that time, he was obviously curious but also nervous and new to the whole bisexual thing, and still pretty limited in what he was willing to do.

But oh, what a difference almost two years can make here at BBA 😉 !

Over the past year especially, Justice has evolved into one of our most passionate and verbal versatile performers, and Stylez was eager to experience FIRSTHAND all of the things he missed out on in their prior encounter.

In a sexy reversal of that first scene, Justice catches Stylez stroking his dick while watching one of Justice’s recent bottoming scenes on his laptop….

Enjoy another much-requested “reunion” as Stylez discovers for himself just how much Justice’s confidence and skills have improved and expanded over the past couple years, ultimately leading to him finally sampling that hairy muscle-butt he was only allowed to TASTE the last time around.

Stylez also finally gets to sample that hairy muscle-butt he was only allowed to TASTE the last time around.

Based on Justice’s exclamations and moans throughout an aggressive yet passionate drilling he submits to from Stylez, I think it’s fair to say that both guys have wanted this “sequel” for awhile, and find it to be well “worth the wait”!

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14 comments on “Website Update: Worth The Wait
  1. WeatherMan

    With each and every update BBA manages to top itself and that is the case with the newest scene between my hairy favorites, Stylez and Justice. Just seeing these two beautiful hairy black men connecting is enough to make me start to get rock hard. It’s something about Stylez’s playful but boyish charm with his Carmel body covered in hair. Then, we have the man who has come such a long way in a matter of no time, Mr. Justice. Justice has a way of elevating a scene and you know when he’s in it, the scene will be freaky, nasty and passionate and that was the case here. I love hearing Justice moan about Stylez opening up his ass and stretching him open, that was one of the best parts of the whole scene. These two men have a real connection and Justice was ready for that dick and I was ready to bust a nut just from the screen cap alone. Mission accomplished. Thank you team BBA!

    1. Dope88

      i agree with u stylez hasnt been smashed enough and he really only let Blake pound his cakes……with saint 😒 but he is adorable

      Also mike while were at it…I speak for us all that Bandit scenes from here on out need to be Verse scenes he’s bottomed more than him toppin and i know his penis is huge but at least they can try and especially since Trapp tried that huge thing

    2. Michael

      Honestly, that would have been my preference as well. But everyone is different when it comes to bottoming, and for Stylez it’s always been a struggle. He felt like he wasn’t going to be able to take Justice’s thick dick, and didn’t want to waste everyone’s time. But hopefully we can talk him into trying again in the near future.

      1. Al

        So glad you said this. Well done Stylez, I salute you. If you don’t like something, don’t waste people time and money…

  2. Tom

    Glad it’s an update I am not too excited about. Looks hot but I think it’s more fun to look at when Stylez bottoms.

    Anyways I will save my money for maybe an Xmas scene I been spending too much recently anyhow. Hopefully it will be an Xmas with Ross getting destroyed by a few guys! Lol

    1. Max

      He always looks on in awe when comparing his small tool to the big guys. At least he doesn’t seem angry at falling so short like Shaun does.

    2. Michael

      You size queens really need to stop with this foolishness right now smh. Stylez might not be as big as many of the monster dicks we’re lucky enough to have on the site, but by no stretch of the imagination does he have a “small” dick.

      Besides, the more average-sized dicks like his are better suited to breaking in virgin & inexperienced ass than the baseball bats on guys like Bandit, Manny, Trapp, etc.

  3. Jayden

    Greatness takes time, especially anything of substance. Justice and Stylez teamed up for the unforgettable “Straight Boys Taste Better #2” last year, and their chemistry was undeniable. This year, they come back together to produce another gem of a scene. Let’s bring on the love!
    1. The Starter
    From the very start of this scene, I got hard right away! Stylez sitting on the couch watching Justice, and the goat himself, Apollo, in “Double or Nothing”! Shout out to Apollo! Not to mention, hearing moans from Justice and Apollo in the background was HOT!!! I loved how Justice and Stylez switched roles for this sequel. Last year, Justice was watching porn, and Stylez was the voyeur. I love how vocal Justice is in scenes—it’s a turn on! Justice tells Stylez “Squeeze it! Squeeze it!”, referring to his ass! Loved it! You can tell from the start that the chemistry and fire between these two is still very apparent, and this scene is about to be 🔥!!
    2. The Main Event
    The oral game was lit! I don’t think these guys left anything on the table. We even see Justice worship Stylez’ feet for the fetish freaks! The head and ass eating were hot AF. Everything was messy, sloppy and spit was everywhere. At one point, Stylez even had spit trailing from his beard while Justice was eating him out! I think it is safe to say these two enjoyed themselves! 😂
    Stylez is a great top! He allowed Justice to get a feel for his dick and went slow first before he started pounding. Stylez varied his stroke speed and depth all while maintaining eye contact with Justice. He listened and watched him carefully and adjusted his performance to his reaction.
    Justice’s performance as a bottom was equally awesome as he showed that he can handle dick in a variety of positions while still providing sexy dialogue. There was not one time where we saw Justice pull back or run away. The hottest part for me was the sexy ass missionary they assumed while kissing each other.
    3. The Big Finish
    This scene featured two of the best cum shots I’ve ever seen at BBA. Stylez pulls out of Justice to a fierce eruption putting the “icing” on Justice’s grizzly cakes. Moments later, Justice returns the favor to give an equally satisfying cum shot by icing down Stylez’ beautiful round ass. I’ve got to admit that those two cum shots inspired a third, large, and very messy cum eruption created by yours truly! Very satisfying, indeed! Thanks fellas! 😈
    Special thanks to Mike, Shax, Montez, Stylez, and Justice! This scene was awesome from start to finish! The satisfaction from this scene was worth every moment, every credit, every dime, and worth the wait. 😌


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