Website Update: Revenge Is Sweet

It’s been over six months since we last saw Ross finally let another guy fuck him on camera for the very first time.

That epic “take-down” has quickly become one of our most popular scenes of the year, naturally making viewers want to see Ross return and give up those sweet honey-brown cakes once again.

Our recent Halloween special reunited Ross with Trapp for the first time since their unforgettable encounter earlier this year, and provided the perfect opportunity for them to take care of some unfinished business.

Both of these sexy straight stars are hanging outside on a sunny Fall day following our Halloween shoot. They joke around about being city boys dropped in the middle of nowhere, playfully argue about New York City versus Saint Louis slang, and reminisce about their first scene together earlier this year.

The flirtatious back and forth eventually leads to a candid confession from Trapp regarding the one-sided nature of their previous encounter.

“I’m trying to see what THAT’S like!” Trapp teases Ross in a sexy, seductive voice, sounding not all that different from how he probably pursues many females.

“Sound fair,” Ross shrugs in sheepish surrender, visibly nervous but with a hint of curious anticipation. “I’m going to go ahead and let you see what it’s like.”

There’s a palpable sexual tension between these two that is both hot and funny to watch, and both are so eager to pick back up where they left off that they jump into the foreplay right there OUTSIDE – another fun and exciting BBA “first”!

Don’t miss one of our most-requested “reunions” of 2019, jam-packed with sexy “gay for pay” action that includes noisy dick-sucking, sloppy-wet ass-eating, and of course some long overdue RAW “revenge” fucking.

You’ll have to judge for yourself, but I think it’s fair to say that the old expression “revenge is sweet” proves to be true for BOTH guys before the day’s over 😉 !

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24 comments on “Website Update: Revenge Is Sweet
  1. JVerde

    Wow there is so so much I want to say. Let’s start with the gay4pay. MG you know I am a great great respecter of the individuals right to self identify. With that being said I didn’t get one hint of gay4pay in this episode. From the conversation to the outdoor foreplay and beyond. I only saw two very handsome masculine men enjoying the weather the day and each other to the fullest. Trapp with his sway back sexy ass self wow. He was another one that had to grow on me. Sway is not something you see often in a black man. The way that upper body tilts backwards ever so slightly causing that already prominent ass to be even more accentuated. LOL Ross Ross Ross, thick or thin just sexy (more of a fan for the full figured Ross LOL). Ross looked like he really enjoyed what Trapp had to offer. This was a hot one particularly toward the end. Loved seeing Ross nut while Trapp was up in it.

    I do have one question? Did Trapp nut more than once? Ross said something that made think Trapp did. If so I hope you let us see on a BTS vid one day. I just love how Blake used to pop just when MG didn’t want him to and his sweet apologies always promising and providing a second film worthy nut. LOOOOOOOL

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the rave review! Glad you enjoyed this one as much as you did. It definitely seems destined to become another BBA classic.

      Trapp only came once in this scene. Not sure what led you to think otherwise.

  2. Dope88


    Mike im ready for everybody to get their revenge on each other

    they definitely missed each other aint no way that was acting

  3. Bkboi

    WOW…This update came out of no where. Wasnt expecting all of that kudos Mike thanks keep up the GOOD work. Damm Trapp And Ross again ima Say Less…

  4. Jayden

    Revenge is sweet. Very sweet indeed. I never thought a day would come where we would see Ross bottom at all. Now we’ve seen him bottom twice. Kudos to BBA! Let’s get into it!

    I. Trapp and Ross Outside.
    “Imma take care of you” -Trapp
    Love the surroundings! I’m a country dude from the south, and the scenery reminded me of my first time which happened outside. The conversation about accents was hilarious! The oral work was good. I enjoyed watching Ross’ expressions, and hearing his moans, and the shots of his washboard abs didn’t hurt either. The wide shot of Trapp squatting to give Ross head was nice. However, no offense, Trapp, with his pants around his ankles in that shot, looked like he getting ready to take a shit. 😂😂 Maybe just tight shots only next time.

    II. Ross and Trapp Inside.
    “You a nasty freak ain’t you?” -Trapp
    The scene got even hotter when the two entered the bedroom. I loved how Ross grabbed Trapp roughly. One of the best moments is when Ross squeezed Trapp’s cakes. That shit was nice! Orally, Trapp handled his shit!! He sucked the hell out of Ross’ dick! Ross’ moans and verbal commands like, “Suck that fuckin’ dick!”, made the scene more arousing. The moans from both Ross and Trapp were hot!
    Trapp not only handled Ross’ dick though. The ass-eating stole the show! There was not one area left untouched. Trapp licked and teased Ross with the tip of his tongue from his dick to Ross’ ass crack! At this point, Ross shows off his flexibility—he spreads his legs even more! Watching this, I was soooo jealous! Spit was everywhere! Loved seeing the spit trailing down Ross’ ass cheeks. It’s a sign of wet, sloppy, good-ass sex!

    III. Trapp Inside of Ross.
    “That was..a lot to take” -Ross
    Trapp carefully slides into Ross. Ross moaned, groaned, and cussed up something serious. He even ran away at one point. However, kudos to Ross because he did all he could, and gave a wonderful performance for the fans. I love the fact that Trapp was being patient and easy on him from the start. His demeanor, I believe, helped Ross get through the scene. Cum shots were great. Ross seemed like he was either drained or can’t cum well when bottoming. Good shit fellas!

    Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Trapp and Ross! This scene was a great time!

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the impressively thorough and insightful review!

      In a weekend with some very stressful and disappointing shoots, this encounter between Ross and Trapp was a blessed relief lol. The chemistry was natural, needing very little direction from me, and the fact we even got to film part of it outside was an added bonus for me. The crazy thing about that is that it was totally Trapp and Ross’s idea. Even though we were in the middle of nowhere, there was still a road not far off (listen carefully and you’ll hear several cars drive by during the scene), and I was worried about us getting caught. But they wanted to do it. Ross even wanted to do the entire shoot outside…..until his shirt came off and the wind picked up and he realized how damn cold it actually was, LOL!!!

      I agree that the verbal interactions really enhanced this scene. Trapp continues to evolve and improve as a performer, and Ross’s voice and moans are sexy as hell.

      This was the second shoot for both guys, so that might explain the lackluster cum-shot from Ross. We usually get “diminishing returns” as these production weekends go on for two or three days lol.

      But glad you enjoyed the scene as much as you did, and always appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

  5. Al

    I thought Justice and Shameeks, Apollo topping Dominic was something but this…. Was something else. I don’t care about oral, kiss whatever, there was just action. Ross was outstanding, Trapp took care of the business. I like them, they blend very well.
    Well done!
    Not sure what to expect next…

  6. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Now this scene is neck and neck with Trapp’s scene with Dominic! I never noticed how thick his dick really is until I saw how he was dicking Ross down. I’m enjoying watching Trapp being a verbal top in these past few scenes, Ross got exactly everything he did to Trapp and I enjoy seeing him take dick as revenge lol. I give this scene a 10/10

    Ps: the nutt I busted to this scene was out of this world lol

  7. cocopop

    My boy Ross back with a bang, from the time I first laid eyes on him, watching in his several scenes I knew he had great potentials. Potentials enough to give Apollo a run for his crown. With his return, and now bottoming, watch your back Bandit, he has the freakiness to be Bandit’s competition. I love that as a str8 gay4pay model, his dick get hard while getting fucked, and shoots his load. Maybe Bandit will learn from him, since his dick stays hard as well. Now he said next time he “might do some thing out the box”, hopefully come around and kiss his models. Trapp, what can I say about him? He’s come a long way and bottoming skills are improving, keep up the good work fellows. Mike great scene.

  8. Chris

    We got the good bromances of Manny & Bandit , Dominic & Apollo, Shaun & Scotty but now we have Ross & Trapp.

    Ross & Trapp should be the MVPs of 2019

    Now I wanna see part 2 of Ross & Blake

    1. Michael

      Glad you and so many other viewers have been enjoying this sizzling hot “reunion” between Ross and Trapp.

      Blake Bishop’s work schedule is extremely busy these days, so it’s been very difficult to book him for BBA shoots. But I would definitely love to film that reunion between Ross and him soon. Stay tuned!

  9. Dc

    Mike you know I’m your biggest critic I don’t like to see models back and forth but this is so hot I saw ROSS when he first came on blackboyaddictionz but with fine masculine body I see he hit the gym again the last shooting did he was very fat I think he know that so he hit the gym that brother is fine as f*** I would give him my whole f****** paycheck f*** him .I see I get it shipped at 10 10 and five stars you outdid yourself this time I love that little motherfuker I f*** the s*** out of you him I just like to get my money work I like to see new models that’s why I’m so much of a critic

  10. DC

    I do like to go to see the masculine Ross I like to see him kiss I mean he suck dick and eat ass what’s the difference since he care about his fans and I like the brother who moans when they get f*****


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