Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Episode One

BBA recently made its very first public appearance at Hotter Than July Detroit Pride.

Montez and I were joined by Rico Pruitt, Blake Bishop, Stylez, and Shazeer for an unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and excitement. Detroit native Bandit even made a special surprise appearance!

By day, the guys were able to meet and mingle with their amazing fans, take pics with them, sign BBA t-shirts and posters, etc. But Detroit after dark is when things REALLY started to get interesting. And luckily we had the camera with us so you wouldn’t miss out on a thing 😉 !

Go behind the scenes with Rico Pruitt and some of your favorite BBA models to see what went down behind closed doors when BBA took over Detroit….

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27 comments on “Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Episode One
  1. chucke1

    Shazeer is sooo Hot and needs to be used and abused more! This scene just didn’t do it for me because I am not a fan of Rico but I really enjoyed the interviews of all the boys at the beginning and seeing them out and about was HOT!

  2. Kody Fan

    I really enjoyed the interviews and behind the scenes footage. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Was really excited to see whatever I could that was going on in Detroit with you guys, and I felt like I got a nice glimpse. Great editing on the film. With the breakaway interviews, and then behind the scenes views! Smart format. You were like the reality shows with their confessionals! When I saw the new format, I was really impressed. And hearing individually from the guys was almost like being there. They really held my attention. And DROOL, my baby Bandit!! Sexy as ever. Always exciting to hear him talk & SEE him!! Lol

  3. Tori Fan

    THAT SCENE WAS FUCKING HOT! I like the way you had a storyline with it. That made me watch the whole video without fast forwarding. I did fast forward 1 time then rewinded to see what commentary I missed.

    Rico is a money maker for you. He’s a mix between a “professional” porn actor and a regular guy. That’s the persona that I get. It appears he like to fuck but also be a normal person. That is HOT TO ME.

    This was the first time I ever heard Bandit put two words together and that added to the suspense of the clip.

    At one point I felt sorry for Rico. He was taking that dick. I kept thinking he must be getting PAID for this torture, UNTIL he got on top and I think that was for real and not acting. Good job!

  4. Kool E High

    I Definitely Thought This Was Really Creative How You Interviewed The Guys As They Site Seeing Through The City But What I Also Thought Was Unique Was The Confessional Interviews With The Guys In Between The Scenes Now That Is Something You Could Insert Into All Your Upcoming Scenes Because It Allows The Model To Express How They Felt While Doing The Scene .. Hopefully You All Will Incorporate That As You Move Forward With Upcoming Scenes But This Detroit Episode Was Great Kudos To The Camera Man ..And Bandit & Rico You All Brought It….💯 And Shout Outs To Blake Bishop & Shazeer. And Stylez ..Great Job Mike 👏

  5. Meh

    Lots of silliness to skip past in this scene. Bandit is always worth a watch but it didn’t make up for all the fake “behind the music” spoof type nonsense.

    1. Erickson25

      Boy bye!!! The creativity is a step up, and it actually worked in their favor. I get it, you just like to get right to it. Well, hope you didn’t waste credits, or felt robbed… lol

      1. Meh

        Lol I just felt the interviews were totally fake, so what’s the point? It was kinda a waste of credits but I am a big Bandit fan so it was still an ok scene.

        1. Michael

          You really seem to have missed the point of this series. The interviews aren’t “fake” at all. They are the guys’ sincere and unscripted reactions to the weekend’s events, just edited together in a different format and style than you’re accustomed to seeing.

          Rico’s entertaining story about “blessing” the Ciroc bottle for Bandit at the club, for example, was 100% true. I was there and actually witnessed that VERY interesting and amusing moment firsthand.

            1. Erickson25

              Yes… Just as bi as the rest of the “str8” guys on here. His curiosity ended with Saint. He’s full blown now. LoL

  6. EZDawg

    OMG !!!!! This is one hot azz scene… maybe one of the best eva! Well… i say that because I love a brother who can suk a big dik…. get fuked by a big dik… and do it with passion and energy. Rico… YOU ARE MY HERO !!!!!! I love how you handled Bandit!!!! I know that had to hurt some…. But no pain no gain! Somehow…some way … i bet you will get your revenge on Bandit…lol. But seriously this is great. Bandit and Rico really enjoyed this scene…. WOW 1000 thumbs up on this !!!!

  7. daisuke26

    Omg really loved this scene/episode it was like Reality TV and Porn made a baby lol. The guys are to die for and Stylez is the love of my life he just doesnt know lol. Rico and Bandit definitely did their thing this time around I cant wait to see what’s next!!! Keep up the GREAT work Michael and Montez

  8. decaturbaby

    Imma have to call in sick tomorrow. That was fucking HOT. Damn.. I’m too weak to type. 10 out of 10 even though there was no kissing.. I love the way it was edited. That was a DREAM match-up. Well done Mike. omg. Love it.

  9. shorty

    u managed to please 90% lol dats great with these finicky azz kats but i agree i like the interviews throughout

  10. CL05ETFR3AKS

    Wow just wow! Love the new set up, ITS GREAT! (Tony the Tiger) but to me Shazeer still behaving too shy maan, come on bro “You Can Do It”! at least I hope so in the upcoming scenes. Can’t wait for whats next, please not too long great job guys!

  11. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I liked it actually BUT the interviews killed it for me while I’m beating off like I had to continuously skip through.

    I liked seeing Bandit fuck him with his boxers on, reminds me of when someone is just coming over for a quick fuck before he sees his gf lol.

    I give this scene a 7/10 the interviews should’ve been kept after the scene. I’m saving myself for Blake Bishop/BigDickBandit (if that ever comes)

  12. Chris

    Okay I’m from Detroit so the scene was good.

    I just wish both Bandit & Shazeer would both be more vocal.

    If Bandit becomes more vocal . he loves being rode cuz that became a whole different nigga when Rico rode him.

  13. anthony davis

    I actually loved this scene and it is really a great pairing. Rico was the perfect Bottom paired with Bandit who in this scene was the perfect Top. One of your Best so far this Year. By the way whatever happened to Migo ? I would love to see him in some more scenes .

  14. Stoned Mountain

    Rico Pruitt is such a talent, and cute too. He seems to have that nice combination of talent, self-awareness and personality that takes one a long way.

  15. Ross Fan

    I wasn’t a big fan of how this was one was edited but it’s nice to experiment. But hey, I still enjoyed this! Isaiah and Rico though… hmmm that would be something.

    Sidenote, where did Ross go? I thought he’d be open to try some more. Please bring him back, Michael!

  16. Eagerbeaver

    Mike I love the whole interview scene in between shots of them f****** it gives us an Insight on what they’re thinking at that moment and I love it. My question is so now that it’s August what day are we going to be getting our updates is it going to be every Thursday every Friday every Saturday or Sunday cuz I keep hoping for Thursday but we seem to be getting it sometimes on Sunday sometimes late on Saturday

  17. Andre

    Drop the interviews. Look like amateur filmmaking. The shots, angles, lighting, sound. Filmmaking 101. No more interviews– these boys are weak. Decent scene. I like both actors — didn’t enjoy them together. I don’t know why! OMG– I may have outgrown the site.😢Smh

    1. Seriously...

      …poor thing. Nothing pleases u huh.. Maybe put the porn down and pick up a book instead. Nobody has time for a bitch fest. So take your ass on with that bs, and outgrow over to the beastiality and incest sites. Great job Mike!! From the lighting to the interviews! Models you are all great!

      1. Andre

        Obviously you know nothing about filmmaking. Several scenes on this site pleased me. There are more good than bad.

        However, I watched the end again. The last 15-20 minutes were hot. My bad… it started off slow and I stopped watching,


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