Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Episode Two

BBA recently made its very first public appearance at Hotter Than July Detroit Pride.

Montez and I were joined by Rico Pruitt, Blake Bishop, Stylez, and Shazeer for an unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and excitement. Detroit native Bandit even made a special surprise appearance!

By day, the guys were able to meet and mingle with their amazing fans, take pics with them, sign BBA t-shirts and posters, etc. But Detroit after dark is when things REALLY started to get interesting. And luckily we had the camera with us so you wouldn’t miss out on a thing 😉 !

Go behind the scenes with Rico Pruitt and some of your favorite BBA models to see what went down behind closed doors when BBA took over Detroit….

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18 comments on “Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Episode Two
  1. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Now if you watch Shazeer’s face you can tell he’s high as fuck. PERFECT because he took that dick like a true champ ! LOL

    I kept telling myself we’ll be seeing Shazeer taking dick again soon but wasn’t expecting it from Blake, More thought it would’ve been Bandit *wishful thinking LOL* or a versatile scene with Stylez so he can get his revenge on Stylez.

    It amazes me to see how well BOTH guys took dick so well without running OR begging to stop. I’ve told you in the past I didn’t really care for BB until he started bottoming! Good scene

    PS: I never noticed how much ass Shazeer has…..mmmmm!!!! 9/10

  2. Kool E High

    I Must Agree The Detroit Pride Event Was Great Exposure For The Website These Two Updates One And Two Were Both Great The Confessional Interviews By The Models Are Definitely Attribute To The Scenes. Rico , And Blake , Are Very Spot On In Their Interviews Even Though They Talk About The Actual Scene They May Be Doing At The Time, They Also Are Transparent About Themselves As The Individuals Who They Are And About Some Of Their Personal Struggles Which Are Encouraging To Perhaps Someone Else But This Entire Detroit Series Was Great Blake & Shazeer’s Chemistry Was Without A Doubt Very Cohesive. This Detroit Pride Event Update Was Really Incredible For BBA ..Great Job👏

  3. Kody Fan

    This was HOT!! They really had energy. As I watched the scene, the chemistry jumped off the screen. It actually made me hotter than Bandit and Rico’s scene! Shazeer seems to be low energy at times but he was so into that kissing, he really drew me in. And it was hot seeing him bone hard when Blake ate him & sucked him. The passion between them was erotic. And the fucking was HOT!! And yes Splish Splash all over the place! LOL

  4. Romack767

    I have a different outlook on SHAZEER he stepped up to the plate. The sex is getting better seems as though he and Blake connected. Blake brought the better part of him out in this scene. I wasn’t digging him but I now see him in a different light. I love everything Blake does. Damn Shazeer has come out and showed some real emotions, This is one real ass video u can really see them feeling each other really, really real chemistry. I really enjoyed seeing Shazeer showing emotions. I can see him falling for a guy in his near future.

  5. TexasBugg

    Shazeer (AKA) lil red corvette damm babyboi u baddddddddddd for real t.u. for doing this for us fans cause that was a lot of pain. i know u got paid well cause mike takes care of u all (BOY U GOT AN ASSSSSSSSS LIKE I NEVER SEEN AND THE RIDE IS SO SMOOTH U MUST BE A LIMOUSINE) now B.B. as for u u know u r blessed from the dick gods that is what shazeer needed a bigggggg dick he wants some more of u believe that it was feelin good to him. shazeer u r still a thug so keep your head up babyboi.

  6. oxigyne

    I liked the passion in this scene. Shazeer came out of his shell a little bit and Blake did his thing as usual. I LOVE ME SOME BLAKE…

  7. faulknerfan

    Never thought the word “charming” could be applied to a porn scene, but you have earned the appellation for your latest. It was absolutely charming. This is close to the kind of porn I’ve been hoping to see for years. The viewer gets to know both of the extremely likeable models, sees their relationship develop, gets input from other friends, there’s a soupocon of plot, and then after this buildup comes the very hot because very believable sex.

    I think, all things considered (models, locations, extras, editing, plot) this scene may be your very best yet. And also breaks new ground because of the charm factor. I would love to see BBA push further into this territory, even to the extent of maybe someday doing a feature length video with lots of plot to heighten the sex scenes.

    Anyway, hats off to you for this one, Mike!

  8. gigante2

    honestly, i jus cant put it into words how hott this was!!! my boy Blake B did his thang!!! and Shazeer was on point too….i mean, everytime Blake nutted, i nutted…lol….i wuz wondering how u wuz gonna top episode 1 Mike, but dayuuum, u did & i aint mad @u!!! loved the kissing & the intimacy & chemistry between these 2, i guess passionate would be the word im lookin for…thanx again Mike…

  9. Andre

    This was boring. Blake didn’t penetrate deep at all. Disappointing at the best. Should have spent money on Detroit and stayed home. Shazeer is a dead fish in all of his scenes. This was his best but still a 3. Blake is always on point!

  10. decaturbaby

    That was pretty good. I love seeing me some Blake, with that ole faithful dick that always rises to the occasion. I love watching him jacking his oily rock hard dick while getting fucked and seeing that sweet nut roll down his dick the first time. I loved how Shazeer took all of that hard straight monsta dick up his ass, and I love the passionate kisses too. Really good scene Mike

  11. thetruth1

    I typically don’t say very much, but I must say this! I absolutely love this format! Knowing what the models are thinking before during and after the scene is absolutely great!! That “reality show” type format works so well here. Keep up the excellent work Mike. The last 2 scenes have been absolutely great!

  12. Seymour

    I agree that the new format showing the thinking of the guys before and reflecting on the scene added a lot to the video. I hope more of this will take place.

    I would like to see a scene where you shoot two true lovers who tell of their attraction to each other and how they came to be a couple is joined with a sharing of their sexual passion with others.

    I also would love to see an interracial flip-flop, perhaps of two long-time lovers. Thanks.

  13. DatBul215

    Great video and the sexual tension was obvious and not forced or acting which is always a plus. Idk if it’s just he’s different now or because of the type of models he’s paired with but Blake seems to be taking it easy on his bottoms nowadays. When he first started he was Mr. Get Em Creamy because not only would he fuck the hell out of the bttm he’d leave their asses creamy and craving more. That version of Blake is few and far between now but maybe that’s just the role he has to play now idk.

    1. Erickson25

      @DatBul: yeah. That change happened after he let apollo fuck him. Then the Christmas scene… So now that he knows the feeling again, I guess he’s empathetic now. I guess that happens when total tops compromise their topality. Rico said something to that effect when talking about Bandit, something like a str8 guy can’t fuck like a gay guy because they fuck like they fuckn a girl…. I have no idea what the hell thats suppose to mean especially since he’s full on bi now and has been worked over a few times before his epic turnout.


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