Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Episode Three

We’re concluding our recent Detroit series with a much-anticipated and long overdue pairing between two of BBA’s most popular and well-endowed “tops.”

For almost a year, Blake Bishop and Bandit have been locked in an epic back-and-forth battle for the ranking of Third Most Popular model on the site (right behind Apollo and Isaiah). They were supposed to have met and worked together on at least THREE different occasions already, but every time it just hasn’t worked out.

Both guys have been eager to prove to each other as well as their fans why they deserve that #3 spot. And our recent trip to Detroit for Hotter Than July Pride provided the perfect opportunity for these competing fan favorites to FINALLY meet in person and settle the score once and for all.

See for yourself what happens when Blake Bishop finally meets up with Bandit in Detroit for a much-requested and historic encounter that includes nearly a FULL HOUR of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW flip-flop fucking that you do NOT want to miss!

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41 comments on “Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Episode Three
  1. Reese

    Hey Michael…. I’ve been a member for a couple years now and have overall enjoyed the site. I stay waiting for the next scene. I just have a couple suggestions, while Blake Bishop and a few others are my favorite, seeing them too much (i.e. week after week) will kill the excitement. Can we see more of a mixture like AB, Ross and Julien. Lately the new features have been young twinks “in my opinion”. Can we get actual mature men like you use to please. Also I know that this is your site and you fully operate it but is there a back up person? Asking because there have been times you have been going through life unforeseen events then the customers go a couple weeks without action. Once again Michael I overall love the site and believe it’s better than most!!! And I’m fully aware you can’t please everyone. I just wanted to give my suggestion because I’ve been with you for some time now. Thanks.

    1. cocopop

      I can answer one of your concerns, just in case Mike can’t get back to you. All three models you ask about, AB, Ross, and Julien are no longer with BBA. AB haven’t been with Mike since you saw him last.

    2. Michael

      Thanks for the honest feedback! I usually try my best to offer a nice mix of models and scenes. Most of the time I think I do a pretty good job. But this recent trip to Detroit was obviously a unique situation where we were doing a bunch of filming with a select group of models over a very limited period of time. So there was naturally going to be some overlap in the featured models.

      While I appreciate your desire to see more “mature men” featured on the site, that’s honestly never been something BBA has featured on any kind of regular basis. The site is called “Black BOY Addictionz” for a reason 😉 . But I do try my best to keep a nice variety of guys on the site….gay/straight, twink/thug, skinny/athletic, college boy/hood, dark-skinned/light-skinned, etc.

      A lot of viewers seem to be under the mistaken impression that I have this limitless roster of available models at my fingertips at any given time, and that I’m somehow personally to blame when they don’t see their favorite models again, or see too much of a model they happen to dislike.

      But it’s important to keep in mind that this is REALITY PORN and all of BBA’s models are just regular guys living real lives. All three of the guys you mentioned as examples of variety, for example, are models we’ll most likely never see again. This can be for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they get locked up, get into serious relationships with possessive boyfriends or girlfriends, get scared away by the exposure and judgement of others, etc. Sometimes they just plain disappear on us completely, as seems to be the case with Ross.

      That’s not to say that I’ve forgotten about or stopped pursuing past models. It’s just rarely as quick and easy as we might like!

      For better and/or worse, there is also no replacement or “back-up” for me at this time, at least not when it comes to producing new content. But I’m proud to point out the fact that despite this past summer’s challenges and irregular schedule, I still persevered to update the site with THREE hot new updates in June, FOUR hot new updates in July, and already THREE very hot and lengthy new updates every weekend so far in August. Plus two complimentary weeks added to all active subscriptions.

      I’d say that’s pretty damn good for a summer from hell, LOL. Even at its worst, BBA still delivers far more in terms of both quantity AND quality than most of the competition at their best.

        1. Isaiah & Apollo fan

          Mike Speaking of “missing models”, where is Isaiah? Been awhile since his fans experienced him

      1. Semour

        One possible way of “addition” is more scenes by BBA “producers” using friends who are willing to perform for the public. I would especially like to see people who are already lovers share their experience through conversation and a sex scene. I am thinking of the “Young Producers’ Series” which might be open to an expansion. Just a thought.

      2. Meek

        Very interesting hearing about models who don’t come back for whatever reason. Maybe during a by week. You could do a ‘where are they now’ update on what happened to them.


    It was all good Mike but come on the same models every week I mean you said you put new stuff out same old s*** that’s the only thing I get mad at you about

  3. lob taylor

    Damn you Michael!!! I swore I wasnt coming back to your site for any reason. But wow Bandit and Blake Bishop together is enough to break any vows of mine I guess. 2 of my fav guys damn phyne looking dudes I cant resist either one not to talk of 2 of them together in a scene.

    1. Michael

      I figured it wouldn’t take long for this question to pop up, LOL.

      Long story short, we only had a limited amount of time to film around all of the weekend’s other activities, and it’s kind of a miracle that we were even able to complete these three shoots, and for all three of them to be so successful. Not to mention the time it took to film everybody’s “confessionals.”

      There also weren’t really any good scene options for Stylez, in my opinion, at least not with him bottoming. Blake and Bandit’s dicks are too big, Rico is more naturally a bottom, and Shazeer is too reserved for a good “take down” scene, plus they don’t really have the greatest sexual chemistry.

      But we’ll definitely try to get Stylez back for a hot versatile or BOTTOMING scene soon! It’s nice to know that he was missed!

      1. CL05ETFR3AK

        Thanks for the update Mike, well ok then the only other person I really can think of (& I believe you’re probably on the same track) is faithful Saint. Use a veteran to ease him into the position gently, & somehow i think those two would really hit it off. I mean look how far he got Trapp to go “and that scene was really off the chain” yo……. all that oil mmm, mmm,mm yummy so yeah use Saint Mike.

      2. Fan

        For Stylez, the setup could be a bet that bigger dick gets to top. Gives a reason for him to have to bottom, even if for someone who isn’t a takedown type by personality.

  4. DatBul215

    Love the scene Michael great pairing. I will say Blake is definitely the better top he actually wants the bottom to be pleasured which is more than you can say about most of the tops. I think there are just so many ppl infatuated wit the idea of getting your ass “taken” or “destroyed” that some think that’s what a top is supposed to do during sex

  5. decaturbaby

    Thanks Mike for the 2 weeks you added, we got 3 excellent updates out of it. I couldn’t get past 26 minutes of this one without busting.. Another great update.

  6. CrazyFace11

    I absolutely LOVED this one!!! I like how in the last video someone said that Bandit is like an automatic “TAKE MY MONEY” cuz I completely agree. He could be humping a pole and I’d still pay to watch that!!! He is TOO TOO fine!!! I bet if you did a report on which model brings in the most money, it’s probably Bandit <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Okay so as I predicted last week, to end it off…Bandit vs Blake Bishop. This was so predictable Michael lol.

    Let me say this, watching Bandit struggle to take the dick was so hot to me, it’s fun watching him take dick, in some fairness this scene reminds me of his scene with Saint in some parts.

    It’s also crazy seeing how Blake Bishop started off as a “Strict Top” now he’s MORE of a “Verse/Verse Top”. I give this scene a 10/10 great way to end the “Detroit Mini Series”

    1. cocopop

      I agree with losing the cap, he’s so much sexier without it. Great job Mike giving the viewers a look into the road trip. Both Bandit and Blake were good together, hopefully you’ll pair them again. Bandit actually seemed into Blake. But the best part was, watching Bandit experience that nut with a dick in his ass. His reactions were priceless, one nut he’ll never forget, probably can’t wait for that experience again. He kills me though, refuse to give that tongue, but let a man fuck him. Blake was right, the way he moans is sooo sexy to me also.

  8. Cam3121

    This was EPIC! Talk about saving the best for last. Always great to see 2 hot guys sucking each other’s dicks & then the icing on the cake, no pun & pun intended lol, the fucking. It was top notch but I wouldn’t expect nothing less than the best. I loved it immensely!

    #3 is Blake Bishop. Any top who always sucks dick and fucks the hell out of their bottom is a top’s TOP and that’s Blake. If Bandit would suck dick more in his films, he would easily go in the #3 spot and hopefully he’ll go down on more guys in future BBA films along with fucking the hell out of them too. I can’t wait to see Blake and Bandit again, maybe even together again too!

  9. iKNOY

    Mike, long time subscriber under variances of username. In my opinion this site could be all Blake Bishop all the time. He is amazing. I literally keep my subscription to watch him stroke Apollo. Following Apollo’s journey to enjoy bottoming and knowing how Blake loves to pound and please I feel we are long overdue for a reunion. Seeing Apollo be submissive to Blake and knowing how Blake is with moans. If Blake wants to shoot to number one I think he should give Apollo a good otk spanking, you can’t find one in porn and I think bba being a site based on reality and fantasy would be more than appropriate to bring it. Maybe Trapp could be thrown in the mix 😈😈😈

  10. JoWilfried

    I firmly believe that the upcoming No. 1 and No. 2 BBA models will be BANDIT and BLAKE BISHOP. APOLLO and ISAIAH are the type of individuals who have potential in their chosen fields. COCOPOP, I’m sorry to tell you this.. but this is the truth. “The Smooth Operator” aka. BDB will be the next APOLLO in the making.. WATCH.😉

  11. Eric

    My question is when will we see Scotty bottom? I think that would be a great flip flop scene for Stylez that way they both can be seen bottoming!!! I so want to see Scotty get fucked!!!

    1. decaturbaby

      I think we will see Scotty Top before he bottoms and I can’t wait for that. I wanna see Rico or Apollo take all of that big yellow dick up the ass and deep-throat it down their tonsils. As much as I want to see Scotty and Trapp together again, I realize that Scotty performs better with guys who are NOT friends of his like Shaun and Trapp. He was great with Saint and Yes, even you Mike 🙂 but I know you are not going to give him any booty.. lol.

    1. Michael

      The website was updated on Friday morning, but it was just a bonus update after three weeks in a row of lengthy, action-packed scenes. We updated with our final re-release from the DL Chill Spot. We just pushed it back in the archives and off the main page so the Detroit trilogy could continue getting the attention and focus it deserves. Search by title and you’ll still find it available under the title “Training Twist.” Sorry for the confusion.

      1. David Kutchara

        So…..any hints or ideas of what we can be expecting from BBA next? Any exciting new projects or surprise returns in the works?! The loyal fans would really like to know! Thanks.

  12. decaturbaby

    I’m not upset that there is no update for this week. After the last 3 fantastic updates, I’d rather no update than something weak. You’ve done really GREAT work with the Detroit crew. You knocked it out of the park. So, do whatever you need to do to keep the good streak going. Your library is sooooo extensive that we can all keep ourselves busy until you update again. Keep up the FANTASTIC work Michael.

  13. TexasBugg

    mike bandit and trapp both like to chew gum while they r having sex remember trapp gum came out when he was sucking scotty dick now bandit is chewing gum while blake is fucking him r is all that part of plot for bandit and trapp to meet up peppermint gum meets up damm mike the gum will work something to think about damm i wish u look deep into this. bandit and trapp a match to see.

  14. Leech10x

    Very hot. Too bad about Ross. Hmmm…. How about Caesar? Any news from him lately? He looked so good getting the royal treatment in his vids


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