Website Update: Shaun – The Next Level

There’s good news and bad news for fans of Scotty and Shaun:

The good news is that Shaun is finally out after being locked up for nearly nine months, and he’s ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL. The bad news is that less than a week after Shaun was released, Scotty turned around and got locked up himself!

Of course we all know what this means: Now it’s SHAUN’s turn to start paying back what he owes and return the favor by doing whatever is necessary to keep money on Scotty’s “books” while he’s locked up….

In a risky and somewhat sadistic twist for his much-anticipated return, I decided to surprise Shaun by pairing him with Trapp, who we all know by now Scotty had been spending most of his time with while Shaun was away. I knew this was a pretty big gamble considering their tense history of competing for Scotty’s attention, but I was curious to see just IF and HOW these two would put their differences aside and “come together” to help out their mutual friend 😉 .

It’s another hilarious, suspenseful, and thoroughly entertaining “reality porn” exclusive when Trapp welcomes Shaun back to BBA and shows him everything he and Scotty have been up to while he was away!

To watch the full-length, uncensored action, click here to join BBA or buy credits today!

If you’re currently a BBA member and/or already have BBA credits, click here to see Trapp take Shaun to the “next level” any time you’d like!

42 comments on “Website Update: Shaun – The Next Level
  1. ShyG21

    This scene was alright Trapp was more into it than Shaun was, but I’m kinda proud of Shaun for getting up to this level. I want to see Trapp fuck somebody and maybe later on down the line get fuck’d… He definitely needs a starter dick nothing too big right away lol. Shaun I hope to see him again and maybe he’ll fuck somebody. Thank you Michael I can’t wait until next Weekend

  2. D_Raven

    Okay I love Trapp.. He’s only been on BBA for a short while but he does what he has to do and looks like he’s enjoying himself. He’s so raw and real. Nice ass and I can’t wait till he bottoms.. I know it’s cumming lol

    Secondly.. I can not stand Shaun. He reminds me a lot of Legacy.. I get it that he’s straight. A lot of the models are but he doesn’t have to look so disgusted and angry. He’s been with BBA for quite some time at this point but he still has that attitude about it. Again I know he’s straight but so is Bandit, Apollo, and even Trapp and they manage to at least get into it.. I will admit he has a nice ass though.

    Lastly Mike, my comment has nothing to do with you and/or your directing. I think on paper this was a good pairing but Shaun needs to lighten up. He’s been given enough time and you’ve been more than generous to him

    1. Damien

      Bandit and Apollo are not straight, their sexuality is fluid which means they are bisexual. Many men have a fluid sexuality but society and cultural taboos tell them this is not the case and wrong. Once they let themselves go and experience it they start to realize they really like it and it confuses them and even angers them…such is the case with Shaun. Despite the faces and protest he clearly liked it and it pissed him off. To me and many others being with a man is the ultimate act of masculinity….nothing feminine about it. All testosterone, no estrogen in the room.

  3. Chris

    With Shaun’s hair getting longer he looks better & he kinda looks like Trapp’s younger brother.

    I’m still baffled as to why you haven’t given Shaun , Scotty or Trapp a bottom to fuck yet ?

  4. Paul

    A swift download because of Scotty’s need. Hopefully, when released, you can convince him to repay his loyal followers in spades.

  5. Earl Doe

    Perhaps you could match Shaun with Bishop at least would see chemistry and more involvement from Shaun and allow Tyga to direct to remove inhibitions and redundancy.

      1. Kool E High

        Decaturbaby, That Was A Cute Response..Lol I Was Wondering The Same Thing…Lol I’m With You On This What Would Those Two Even Be Doing I Can’t Even Get A Visual In My Head Of Those Two Together….Lol

  6. WeatherMan

    Mike, I just have to tell you that you made ANOTHER BBA classic. Shaun: The Next Level is going to be loved by the BBA fans and this is another natural step in bringing all of the “homeboys” close together. I hope Scotty is doing well now and finally out of jail, any updates on him? I think you know what the next step is: a scene with all three homeboys that will break BBA records.

  7. Eagerbeaver

    Mike OMG I f****** love you for this. I swear I cannot stop laughing every time I see Shaun sexy ass oh my God and his smile his smile oh my God. He has such the cutest smile I love that boy but thank you so much for this scene hopefully we can get Trapp to eat Shaun’s ass next time or we can get Shaun to eat some ass but I’m like damn does Shaun not have a gag reflex what’s going on LOL LOL thanks again Mike

  8. Trevor

    This appears to be a waste as it is really soft porn, which is usually free on websites. If we are only going to get one update every two weeks, then it should be good quality porn worthy of the membership fee.

    If these boys don’t want to do gay porn, then surely they should be on another site.

    Mike when are we going to get regular weekly updates with good quality scenes. I have waited two weeks for something I could get off free porn sites.

  9. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Great update! Glad to see them both back, I highly believe that Shaun doesn’t like Trapp at all but did the scene for the money.

    They’re both fighting for Scotty’s attention lol 😂


  10. TexasBugg

    Mike u r so wrong for putting this out on (GAY BLACK PRIDE WEEKEND) I am in the atl for black pride i cannot stop busting nuts to these two sexy ass mother fucking thugs mike (BBA) has took itself to the moon real talk shaun none of the fans will look at u as being gay u r just part of the new breed and long as u have a strong mind u know who u r babyboi talk to trapp a thug that don’t wear drawers is 1000000% pure thug and don’t care what people say. do u bro u know who u r. u r a real thug.

  11. 1luvme2u

    I liked this scene. I think they did well based on their level of experience. It was amateur but the kissing was intense. I think if you reunited them a year from now with more experience they would be amazing together. I think Trapp is ready for a scene partner like Apollo or Isaiah now. I think putting him with a really gay guy or a good bottom would take him to another level. He needs someone he can really be fully comfortable with who can take dick. Nice job Mike. Very creative.

  12. Room121

    Michael – As always, deliciously surprising, wonderfully entertaining and sexually arousing! No doubt, a Scotty and Shaun next-level episode would be the talk of the town. A special shout-out to Trapp for holding it down! I got mad respect for him and looking forward to seeing him more on BBA in the future.

  13. A.J.

    This was entertaining in the way that all their videos have been. What was interesting was their awkward dynamic. Shaun smiled when Trapp came in but Trapp didn’t really acknowledge him like that. They have a weird thing going on there. I was shocked to hear they had hung around each other without Scotty. It’s an anomaly as to why I gravitate toward their videos lol. They’re not what I am looking for in a scene from BBA. However, I cannot help but to be intrigued by the three. I always leave the scenes strangely gratified even tho I don’t actually pleasure myself to those particular videos. It’s crazy lol but I’m looking forward to their future endeavors.

  14. decaturbaby

    Mike, you know how I love me some Shaun.. So when I saw this update I renewed instantly, especially knowing Trapp and Shaun’s background. I renewed this Saturday morning, and I still have not seen the end because I keep nutting off of them tongue kissing.. Shaun’s dick gets hard when the wind blows.. and Trapp seems to enjoy sucking dicks that he’s friends with… I just knew Shaun was going to bust his first load in Trapp’s mouth before they switch… I still have 14 mins to go, so I’m hoping he still might… Thanks for this update

  15. decaturbaby

    Shaun is a Natural sword swallower. In fact, that whole crew is pretty good.. just love all three of them. You should give them their very own website. 🙂

  16. Rob

    Trapp is BBA gold. My only issue is the epic blockbuster soundtrack that blew my headphones away. I don’t feel it is needed. The drama speaks for itself! But this is just me. One last thing Mike……keep Trapp on the path to $$$$ not jail. Seems to be a pattern with the other 2. And when is Trapp gonna tattoo his first BBA model? A BBA logo on sum str8 ass would be my wish! Kidding but I may be on to sumthin here…..

  17. 4wallz

    Shaun is such a handsome guy but I think this was probably his limit, I love watching him just speak or interact with the person in his scene but seeing him look disgusted during the filming turns me off. Now Trapp… He’s going to rise so much in the BBA ranking lol everyone loves him, do us all a favor and pair Trapp with Apollo or Isaiah

  18. Delong60

    Mike.. You have out done yourself. This Scene Was 100% HOTT And Shaun he is starting to open up.. GREAT SCENE GUYS!!

  19. Victor Hudson

    Some may not like the concept of gay for pay..I love the way Shaun acts and WOW he is growing up looking very attractive.. Trapp sexy as hell…
    Before I left the site Scotty and Shaun held back on each other bc of when you put them with other people look how they both react positively to their scenes.. Saint/Shaun…Scotty/Mike next level..I don’t feel them both opening up to each other bc I have confidence you are going to make it happen…

  20. Kool E High

    I Loved This Update For The Simple Fact I’m Definitely A Fan Of Shaun & Trapp I Love These Scenes Like This Because You Can Tell They Are Authentic. It Was Definitely A Great Update. But My Next Question Is What Is Going On With Shaun & Scotty And This Revolving Door Of Them And This Jail Situation, I’m Like Is It Something There That They Miss And Have To Go Back And Retrieve It. Stop You Two …Stay Out Of That Place And Stay Out Here In The Free World And Focus On Making These Coins.

  21. Andre

    Love it! Shaun can do no wrong with me. He has become my fav. Whether he is acting or real… I still believe it. Thanks Mike. I joined this site for the fantasy! Can’t wait for the threesome of Shaun, Trapp and Scotty … someone must bottom. Again great job

  22. Erickson25

    (Sigh). Shaun… Not that you will ever read this, but, I’m going to be honest. Like I said to Mello. Dude, if you don’t like or want to do this shit, or feel some kind of way… STOP DOING IT MAN!!!! Shit, it’s your fault y’all caught up in this shit in the 1st place. I guess now you see, the money isn’t at all worth “coming out” for. Cause as of now, your ass is literally up to get fucked, and stay fucked for at least the next two scenes. You owe Trapp and Scotty their 1st time poking man ass. On the flip side, at least you can run up in your “homeboy” now that he’s “locked up.” As far as Trapp, he seems to be very familiar with his way around a dick. (Sorry Trapp, LOL, but you may want to give Mike a better profile pic bro)
    Shaun, all of those facial expressions and comments (if they are genuine) tells that you have gotten in over your head. Be a man and and just leave this alone. You support how you livin (via Scotty), but apparently its not good enough to stay “out of jail”.
    To tell the truth, Trapp should get your booty twice, because he got outed behind you and Scotty. So that means Trapp is definitely fucking both of you 2 times a piece. 2 times for Scotty cause he brought him here, and he came back after being outted. Shit, that actually means 3 times for Scotty cause he just did the scene with Shaun to put $$ on his books. Scotty is about to be the next Bandit. LoL
    Anyway Shaun, either continue or find a real job while you can… best to you lil fella.


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