Website Update: Discovering Dominic

“I’m ready to take things to the next level!” Dominic nervously announces at the start of this scene.

Of course this was music to our ears coming from the very same guy who had initially insisted he was only open to doing solo and guy/girl scenes. Dominic had also seemed a bit overwhelmed by his recent first time experimenting with a guy, so we were skeptical about just how much further we’d be able to get him to go.

But with his bills piling up and the pressures of life closing in, Dominic finally agreed to try full-on gay sex for the VERY FIRST TIME!

The only way Dominic would even agree to THIS much was if he could wear a blindfold.

We weren’t crazy about the idea at first, but begrudgingly agreed to the compromise, knowing it would make it easier for him to picture his partner as a woman and help ease him into the new experience overall. (Don’t worry, we made it our goal to get that blindfold OFF before the encounter was over!).

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as cute gay twink Luh Redd slowly moves his hands down the blindfolded straight athlete’s smooth, rippled stomach until they’re resting on the tempting bulge hiding beneath Dominic’s white boxer-briefs….

Luh Redd tentatively pulls it out and wraps his pretty red lips around Dominic’s beautiful dick, treating the muscular black Adonis to a sloppy-wet blowjob that he won’t soon forget. He will also no doubt be the envy of many when Dominic flips over and lets him greedily feast on that fresh straight-boy ass.

Luh Redd ultimately gives up his own cute bubble-ass to that raw virgin dick, showing the sexy straight jock just how good a boy’s tight asshole can feel.

Witness firsthand Dominic’s fascinating roller-coaster ride of reactions ranging from detached disbelief to guilty pleasure, eventually surrendering to the taboo thrill of the moment and POUNDING that tight young ass like it’s his clueless girlfriend’s wet pussy….

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15 comments on “Website Update: Discovering Dominic
  1. chucke1

    I got to comment again, this scene is why I have been a member for years and years! Over the top and one of the best! A 12!!!!!!!!! If he ever takes dick, I will be ready to bury! UNBELIEVABLY HOT SCENE!!!!!!!!!! Stop the world and let me off!

  2. JAy

    Decent video.. not really a fan of Luh Redd.. but more importantly Mike and Montez where is TRAPP? I have asked several times with no response so I am starting to think he might be locked up although I hope not!

  3. jd

    I don’t understand the concept of getting off on peeps who don’t want to be there and are repulsed by what they are doing. Sex is supposed to be the ultimate physical pleasure. After Jay C and Jahan dove right in, this retro crap of 5 sessions before someone sucks a dick is very lame…


    Niiiice!👍 I think he was ready to do this from the get (Dominic) he just needed some time. Lil Red as usual the str8boyz deflowerer 😎 good job! So Michael time to bring in “Mikey” for his turn and bring back “Mar” (love that island brother 😍😍) also “King Ant” have to finish what he started with “Bandit” and that other sexy freak “Kingston”(if he still believes he’s fully straight he losin it) and where is “Rico”?? Ive seen him on the “gram” advertising a scene with him and “Arquez” is he not coming back?? And I’m still looking out for those two sexy knuckle heads to get out of lock up because they owe everybody “THAT SCENE” you know what Im saying right Michael…. I leave it up in your capable hands.

  5. Tori Fan

    so Dominic fuks luh redd…..and you expect me to rub the skin off my dick?

    putting on ointment now from the battle scars

    That was hot. I’ll give it a….9 because I’m suspicious.

    Did Dominic use viagra cuz he was hard from the very beginning.

    I didn’t like the idea of the blindfold. It reminded me of Thugbait until I realized that those guys already knew what was going on.

    Luh Redd worked Dominic into a frenzy. I think he was loving that tight ass.

    Thanks for the toe shots. I always think you do it just for me.

  6. Jayden

    This scene really depicts the authenticity of a straight man expanding his sexual boundaries. I love how Dominic’s nervousness/detachment in the beginning turns into raw excitement/satisfaction by the end. I was almost wondering if he was enjoying himself or not, but after I saw him biting his lips and hearing his sexy ass moans, I didn’t have to wonder anymore! LOL!

    Luh Redd gave excellent oral skills as usual. He’s always a turn on. I think it fair to say that he was the envy of many of the viewers! Good job Redd! You did your thing!

    The sweat beads on Dominic’s forehead signify that he was putting in work! One of my favorites parts (if not my favorite) is the very end after he (Dominic) releases when he lays back on the bed, closes his eyes, and smiles widely with satisfaction! I thought to myself “Admit it! You enjoyed that shit!” LOL!! It’s ok. I know I enjoyed it!

    I hope that Dominic is able to become more secure with this line of work and come back for more, because I think that there are more great porn moments in store! 😉

  7. MarcNegron

    OMG! This is one of the hottest scenes on BBA. The ending was climax inducing! Looking forward to seeing more of Dominic. Luh Redd can teach me a thing or two. Love that dude.

  8. Memphis1325

    Damn, Dominic did great and could really put in work. I was so in love with the end part when everything got more intense. I blew a load soon as Luh Redd did. I felt that orgasm instantly. Great Job Dominic!

  9. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I love me some Dominic and I’m really enjoying him so far…..not really a Luh Redd fan but since Dominic in it i’ll give him a fair chance…..Dominic reminds me so much of Apollo and Isaiah because of his sexual exploration and the nervousness and stiffness.

    Mike I give this scene a fair 8/10……Can we PLEASE get a 3 some with Apollo Isaiah and Dominic banging each other out


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