Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Smoke Session

BBA recently returned for its second annual appearance at Hotter Than July Detroit Pride.

Montez and I were joined by Manny Killa, Stylez, Jay C, Blake Bishop, and Detroit native Bandit for another unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and adventure with an exciting new combination of guys.

By day, the guys were able to meet and mingle with their amazing fans, take pics with them, sign BBA t-shirts and posters, etc.

But Detroit after dark is when things REALLY started to get interesting 😉 . And of course we had the camera with us so you wouldn’t miss out on a thing!

Go behind the scenes with some of your favorite BBA models to see what went down behind closed doors when BBA came back to Detroit….

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25 comments on “Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Smoke Session
  1. Tori Fan

    Ok what’s the REAL deal with Jay C. For a dude to be “straight” his dick sure gets super hard when he’s fucking with other dudes. Does he take the blue pill before a scene? He really can take some dick. Does smokin help him to relax?

    This scene was a 10…. and you know why… close up of Jay C pretty toes. He’s pretty hot. He’s almost making it up there with Dragon.

    Although he’s now an old timer… it would be interesting to see Jay C, Isaiah, and Apollo in a scene. The 3 straight guys going at it. I’ll be watching to see who is easily made hard. My bets are on Jay C.

  2. Lionel

    Nice Video! I enjoyed it… also Blake looks like he’s been working out nice….take that dick jay c Lol😊

  3. deeke

    Damn! Those sexy as hell brown skinned bodies with big dicks and sexy asses to match…some folks are just blessed! But how bout some kissing! That would have taken this scene to another level! Still, I loved it and give it a thumbs up, but come on JC you done everything else…give up them lips!

  4. llob taylor

    OMG OMG OMG . This is THE PAIRING OF THE YEAR! 2 sexy masc black dudes with the looks and the sensuality. Was gonna give my wallet a rest after I ran out of credits But this is a gamechanger!!!!!

  5. Cam3121

    This scene is the definition of classic. This scene is also a perfect example of why I stress mutual oral so much. Blake & Jay C were munching on each other’s dicks with sheer delight & the heat from that alone was electrifying & made me bust a big nut out of a couple. Blake handled Jay’s ass like a real G & it was hot as fuck. I must say, it’s time for Jay C to kiss his partner. The next film, he needs some tongue action with a partner. Even still, this gets 10’s & A+’s all across the board!

  6. pisces586

    It’s apparent now couple model need to be retired. The only model who will always be a star is Blake. Jay C is sexy as fuck. I love chocolate dudes. I can watch Blake in any scene and get off.

    1. Michael

      The website is updated three times a month. We won’t be posting announcements every time there’s going to be a weekend without an update. It’s just something you can expect approximately every three updates lol.

      We’ve also decided to stop posting older scenes from the archives because too many people didn’t seem to understand the concept and kept mistakenly accusing us of “recycling” scenes and trying to pass them off as new updates. So we simply won’t be posting anything at all on the “off” weekends instead.

      The next website update will be posted this upcoming Friday, September 7th.

      1. chucke1

        Glad you have stopped posting older scenes from the archives, never did understand the point of it. I do like the posting announcements , does it take that much time? I simply appreciate knowing in advance and not wasting time checking the site to see. Anybody agree? Wish you would reconsider that Michael, just a suggestion. Thanks for listening anyways!

  7. Virgil Terrell

    Blake is the cats meow, would enjoy more scenes featuring him. The facial hair and recent muscular weight gain does wonders to further enhance his physique. I wouldn’t be too critical of Mr. Jay C….Some guys aren’t very affectionate, don’t enjoy kissing another man. He managed to absorb the entire length of Blake’s dick inside his anal cavity. Jay C. should receive praise for that, Blake has a big dick. Camera crew and individuals on the set can be a distraction and hinder some models ability to maintain an erection or relax to take dick. I enjoyed critiquing this scene.

    1. bopbop2018

      I joined the site only because of Jay C that dude makes my heart beat out of my chest. I joined back in the day when Ross came to the site. Now where is Ross he would be a great match with Jay C think I would be a member for life with that hook up…

  8. wblackstud

    Michael I understand what your doing only 3 updates a month that could have been said a long time ago.
    For those of us that’s been around for a while at least me never thought you were recycling scenes and passing them off as new. It just didn’t make sense to post old scenes when they were already on the regular menu and a lot of us have them saved in our collection. I still think you are doing a wonderful job it’s the only website that’s decent and bring us new material also the price for me is still the same. Jay C is a cute new model a + for blackboyaddictionz not into Blake he’s a little fem for me, my main man is Bandit wish he would do some foot fetish someone servicing his feet. I also like Saint that dude can eat some ass, let me stop I’m getting excited LOL
    And Scotty++++++ anyway keep up the good work

  9. Bopbop

    This was by far one of the hottest scenes by my opinion. Love the idea of two of the biggest dicks rock hard and going at it until explosion. It was intense and made me nut more than I could count. Could not finish any part of the scene without cumming before the end. So I am still working up to the end to date.

    Michael, it would be ideal for these two giant dicks to team up with Bandit for a three way monster fuck off. Don’t think I would be able to ever watch the whole scene if that was the setup. Hope you can grant my request and I am sure that will be a best sex scene with JC and Bishop and Bandit going at it without anything to hold them back.


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