Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Manny In The Middle

BBA recently returned for its second annual appearance at Hotter Than July Detroit Pride.

Montez and I were joined by Manny Killa, Stylez, Jay C, Blake Bishop, and Detroit native Bandit for another unforgettable weekend full of laughter, fun, and adventure with an exciting new combination of guys.

By day, the guys were able to meet and mingle with their amazing fans, take pics with them, sign BBA t-shirts and posters, etc.

But Detroit after dark is when things REALLY started to get interesting 😉 . And of course we had the camera with us so you wouldn’t miss out on a thing!

Go behind the scenes with some of your favorite BBA models to see what went down behind closed doors when BBA came back to Detroit….

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19 comments on “Website Update: Detroit After Dark – Manny In The Middle
  1. Damien

    Love the site but personally I don’t like “Pride” events talked about in my Porn sites….or seeing my favorite guys there. It is a massive turn off… I the only one who feels like that?

    1. Michael

      If you’re saying this because you only enjoy watching porn starring straight guys, I can understand and respect that. But if you’re saying this out of some kind of internalized homophobia and self-hatred that makes you view gay and bisexual men as something inferior and “less than” heterosexual men, I have a very real problem with that.

      We have ALWAYS included and explored the whole spectrum of black male sexuality on this site, and we will continue to do so. Four out of the five guys who participated in this second Detroit visit openly and unapologetically identify as bisexual.

      We were PROUD to meet and celebrate with our LGBT fans in Detroit and look forward to participating in additional Pride events next year.

  2. bmam

    Great scene! Gone are the days where Manny Killa can claim he is a top. The way they were tag teaming him and running up him was hot af, and he was loving every minute of it!

  3. CrazyFace11

    BANDIT IS BACK!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Him without his hat is just pure HEAVEN. And is it just me, or does it look like he’s been lifting weights?! I LOVE BANDIT. I’m surprised that it’s been this long for Manny Killa to meet Stylez! Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the semi-staged intro at the beginning. I’m sure they made up their own lines, but it still came across a little awkward lol. But I still loved this video anyways. I love how Manny is so comfortable bottoming for anyone and everyone =)

    1. Montez

      Bandit’s body is indeed looking better and better these days. I first noticed it in Charlotte during Bandit’s Revenge #2. I’ll be sure to tell him to keep it up. lol

  4. miffyb

    This is classic. I loved Bandit the voyeur – beautiful. Manny and Stylez also my favourites. Hot as fuck. Favourite scene so far I think… thanks guys.

  5. Chris

    Well it’s great to see Bandit’s personality show more. But I have to say as much as he is my favorite model, I was disappointed by his cum shot.

    The Bromance between Manny & Bandit is great to watch.

    Stylez seems to usually make me uncomfortable but he served his purpose this time around.

    Great job BBA

    1. Michael

      The “bromance” between Manny and Bandit is honestly one of the most intriguing and amusing things I’ve witnessed since I began BBA. They really do seem to have a special chemistry and bond that is so cute to watch. The first thing I told Montez after this shoot was that it was by far the most outgoing and “gay” I’ve ever seen Bandit, LOL! Manny really seems to bring out a side of Bandit we’ve never seen with his other co-stars, and much like Isaiah before him, it’s been so much fun watching Bandit gradually let go of his inhibitions and come out of his shell over time.

      Bandit is an amazing performer in so many ways, but his cum-shots have ALWAYS been pathetic to the point of almost being non-existent. I used to wonder if he was having too much off-camera sex too close in time to his shoots, but I honestly don’t think that’s it. He does have unusually small balls, so maybe that’s part of the problem? Who knows. But I agree, his cum-shot was one of the only disappointments in an otherwise epic and unforgettable scene.

      1. Mike

        Wow. I’m surprised you addressed this so frank (I wouldn’t want to offend Bandit). I thought it was too much off camera sex (I mean it is Bandit, he probably has ppl crawling out the woodwork to hook-up with him). Maybe you need to do like those Coat Japanese videos and feed him lots of sea food. They will take guys out to eat and really build up their cum so that it blossoms. This should be a new video about making Bandit cum more and doing everything within reason to make it happen. Bandit is the BEST.

  6. lilmellowyellow

    Very attractive models. Manny Killa can take some inches. Unfortunately, Bandit and Stylez did not take inches too. I enjoyed watching the pubic hairs and asses though. Now, the closeups were spectacular. especially the dick entering his asshole, view from the bottom looking upwards. seeing oral sex up close, and view of his asshole before and after taking dick. In the near future, l hope to see Bandit and Stylez taking dick again, and more facial and/or swallowing cum.

  7. A.J.

    Not the biggest Manny fan but this looks like fire 🔥. I’ma wait and see what else Detroit pride produced before I spend my credits. If it looks anything like this scene tho I’m here 4 it.

  8. Cam3121

    I loved that all 3 guys sucked dick in this & that was awesome alone. Manny has gotten really good at taking dick & it’s very enjoyable watching him get pounded. And it was great seeing Stylez again. It’s been too long since we last saw him & he still got it going on! And Bandit gave that dick real good as usual. 3somes aren’t my favorite thing in porn but this was a great one right here. Good job with this Mike!

  9. Jamal

    I love Bandit. I keep saying we need a Bandit and Apollo Scene, But it hasnt happened yet. Mike, I really think you need to bring me on as a scene pairing expert lol. I think I can help you out alot!

    1. cocopop

      I’ve been asking for the last year for a Bandit and Apollo scene, got no response. So I’ve come to believe it won’t happen, whether he comes back again. I think he’s doing his own thing, that’s keeping him busy.

  10. Tony

    This scene was hot I always love seeing Bandit working, but don’t you think it’s time for stylez to give up those cakes to Manny or maybe Kingston would be great.


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