Website Update: Take It To The Hole

How much would you be willing to wager on a friendly game of NBA 2K with your bro? Confident enough in your skills to put your own TIGHT ASS on the line?!?

These are the high stakes when special guest straight porn stars Jahan Ace and Jay C finally meet in person and face off in an epic game of 2K where the loser has to give the winner some ASS.

Don’t miss this shocking summer showdown and see for yourself which one of these “cross-over” stars lost the bet and had to GIVE UP HIS ASS!

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32 comments on “Website Update: Take It To The Hole
  1. Yoseph

    Michael, Kudos goes out to you this Video is the Video of the year Jahan Ace And Jay C. they both have Beautiful ass and Big Black Dick. Jahan Ace and Jay C. show know how to take dick they make good lover.

  2. lob taylor

    Was worth the wait. Jay C was awesome both giving and taking. Now pair him with some of your hawtest stars Bandit, Blake Bishop and/or Isaiah in the ultimate fuckdown. Those 4 guys destroying his semi str8 boy ass.

  3. WeatherMan

    Mike, you have REALLY done it NOW. Seeing those beautiful black men (one with a nice chocolate tone and then one with a nice light skin tone) is why we, as black men, are so powerful and beautiful. This was a really well done scene and this is what BBA and the brand is ALL about. This scene is going to break BBA records and it’s nice to see these two porn stars cross over into new territory. I really hope that soon, these two guys will do more scenes with the other guys on the site and become regulars because they bring the HEAT needed that the viewers want to see.

  4. Santana

    I just watched Jahan and Jay C..honestly michael my opinion is the fantasy didn’t match reality these guys are Hot big dicks asses and all but it just was boring jahan was taking dick like a doctor was taking his temperature no emotion.I know it’s porn but still…Apollo is still a Top model because every scene he does he takes it like its his first time. I do admit that jay c scene was better but not best. When stylez took dick it was cringe worthy but Hot what I’m trying to say is I love when the models act like they are really getting fucked for the first time

    1. lob taylor

      Jahan was trying to keep it together and not scream like a bitch. I gave him props his dick was hard throughout . They were really both into each other and trying not to show it too much I guess. I thought Jahan fucked Jay C like he wasnt expecting and like he’s never been fucked. I thought it thrilled him too and he enjoyed it. I truly didnt realise how thick Jahan’s dick was. Props to Jay C for taking it like a pro. You can tell Jay C is still new at all this his hole is so damn pretty and tight….drives me up the wall.

    2. cocopop

      Jahan was lacking in emotions and sound, but that bro. is hot as hell. He did just lay there like a log. Now that Jay C, that guy loves him some dick and don’t mind showing it. Overall I loved the scene. Hey Mike pair either one with Apollo, Isaiah or Bandit.

    3. KayJay

      This scene was EPIC! I’ve watched a LOT of porn, but I’ve NEVER seen two BLACK Straight porn stars cross-over and do a Gay4Pay scene TOGETHER!

      Jahan did his thing; the way he needed to do it. I’m hoping he’ll return and do more.

      Great job, Mike.


  5. dc

    I gave this video a 9 because Jay needed to break the walls down in that ass and I don’t give a damn if it was his first time taking dick break in that boy pussy and this is not his first time sucking dick he suck dick so good p/s jahan n what he needed to do and he didn’t do. so and another thing is no kissing let me get this straight you will suck a man’s dick n eat his ass and suck his dick where you can get STD but you refuse to kiss another man I mean I just don’t understand it they full of shit both of them. You tell both of them they both have girlfriends tell them to tell their girlfriends they not gay they just gay for pay they don’t kiss another man so they not gay but they do fuck them and eat their ass and suck they dick go figure

    1. cocopop

      Great scene, both guys are to die for but I was thinking the same thing as you dc. I said the same about Justice, he sucked toes, eat ass, finally sucked dick. Now these two, the same routine, I thought it was me being old school. But I see someone else picked up on it too. Mike I do hope we see more of both.

  6. XanderB88

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾….Hands down one of y’all best uploads this WHOLE summer!!! I seen on Twitter that Jahan and Jay C was catching some heat from their crossover but this scene right here was CLASSIC BBA! Please bring both of them back?!?!?

  7. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Okay let me say this….after my anticipation for this update I must say it didn’t disappoint me in any way……I give this a 10/10 they both performed very well I must say that this has to be the scene of the summer

  8. Smokey

    Now that was fucken HOTTTTTTTTTT! I dare to say, seeing Jahan on his back and legs in the air drove me crazier than a mutha fucka! Now keep this shit here Nigga (in my Kat Williams’ voice) coming. In the TOP 3 out of ALL your scenes.



  10. Black King

    Cute scene. Jay C is better as a bottom to me. I noticed how he could barely keep his dick hard at times. Didn’t even eat Jahan’s ass smh. He seems to thrive more in the submissive role. I guess this was the scene Jahan needed to get broken in. Just pleaseeee don’t let this be the last we see of him.

  11. Cam3121

    This is what makes BBA such an amazing site. An EPIC pairing with epic sucking & fucking to boot. Jay and Jahan were feeling each other and it was clear with their dicks. The only thing lacking was that there was no kissing and that would’ve sent it out of the stratosphere. I busted several nuts to this. This scene makes me proud to be a member of BBA. I hope we see more of Jay & Jahan on here. An A+ Classic film!

  12. pisces586

    This was a masterpiece. Best versatile scene in BBA history. As a masculine fully versatile dude, I LOVED THIS SCENE. 2 sexy models. Jay C is a very sexy chocolate mothafucka. He’s my TYPE. Great job Mike. I have told you this before, you are the King of URBAN GAY PORN

  13. Chris

    TBH Jay’s better position is being a bottom. He barely fucked Jahan.

    I bet Jahan probably won’t come back too soon but if he does you should pair him with someone who will suck the nut out his 🍆 he’ll give a great reaction.

    I follow Jahan on social media & I get a sense of arrogance from him but this video showed a more approachable side.

    1. JAy

      Jahan needs to be pounded good like he wants.. he needs a threesum or 4 sum and also want to see him and jay c together again. Jay c was trying to be respectful given it was Jahan first time

  14. JAy

    Mike I want them together again in a threesum with trapp or another aggressive top… also I think we need a taming Jahan Phat ass scene… u need to set all these up while the iron is hot

  15. Jamal

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer but this scene wasn’t all that. The models and the idea or thought of what happened was hot but the overall content not too much. I love it just because of who it is though.

  16. GetDatShit

    michael this shit was epic omg to see one of my fav jahan I been following him on his solo shit for a long time and then to see the other guy jay c this vid right here is epic I truly hope to see more of both of them

  17. Howard

    Really loved this scene, but I really love to see more of Dominic!! Dominic is very sexy and makes a great addition to BlackBoyAddictionz!! Michael you always find great models!! I really love your website!!

  18. Kenny

    It’s rare that I post a comment. This was a very boring scene. I can hear the crickets. Two attractive young men with no chemistry. It’s a no for me.

  19. cobra

    Jay C wins my vote for BBA Model of the Year. Not officially a “gay-for-pay model” but still very qualified. A Saint link up and I’m set for 2019 as well lol.

  20. cobra

    Well Montez I became a fan back in the old days when BBA was a trail blazer in the Gay For Pay genre and to this day many still consider this “fake news”. While JC has never considered himself “straight” he is clearly one of the best “performers” I’ve ever seen on the site and truly has the “total package”. Bandit has the big dick but a little lacking on body and Apollo has body but lacking very slightly on dick so that’s how I came to my conclusion. I love ALL the models so I hope no one takes any offense because I enjoy them ALL.


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