Hotter Than July Detroit Pride 2018

We want to thank everyone who came out this past weekend to show their love and support for BBA and Hotter Than July Detroit Pride.

MichaelMontezStylezBlake BishopJay CBandit, and Manny Killa all enjoyed meeting our amazing fans. Whether it was at the Palmer Park Picnic, casino, or club, every interaction was positive and inspiring.

We weren’t sure if we’d be able to top last year, but you all helped us make 2018 even bigger and better! A special shout-out to Jamesion, Curtis and the rest of the Hotter Than July team for their support and hospitality.

Above are some pics from the weekend. Be on the lookout for more pics and videos on our Instagram and Twitter. Of course you already know the cameras were rolling after the festivities were done, so stay tuned to find out what special surprises we have in store 😉 !

5 comments on “Hotter Than July Detroit Pride 2018
  1. llob taylor

    Awwww. Wish I was there. The guys look cool indeed. I wont mind meeting Bandit and Blake Bishop! Jay C looks cool but strikes me as gay-for-pay. Yikes , Am too young to be someone’s sugar daddy. Anyway looked like everyone had fun.

  2. BD

    Can we get a Bandit & King Ant scenes flipflop…Also I want to meet Bandit, Trapp, King Ant, Lil Scrap can you make this happen in STL


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