Coming Soon: Jahan Raises The Stakes!

How much would you be willing to wager on a friendly game of 2K with your bro? 

Confident enough in your skills to put your very own TIGHT ASS on the line?!?

Don’t miss this epic showdown between the two “cross-over” straight porn stars who’ve had everyone talking all summer. 

Dropping 8/10/18. 

4 comments on “Coming Soon: Jahan Raises The Stakes!
  1. Yoseph Tassain

    Cant wait to see Jay C fuck the shit out of Jahan Ace Virgin asshole this will be the Video of the Year and Century. Kudos goes out to you Brother Michael Galletta, Jahan Ace and Jay C. is Pure Black Masculine Adonis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. GetRealNigga

    Honestly I feel we are all being played. I do not think Jahan is going to take dick during this video lol

  3. VSWboy18

    Yep me too. In the past, tops taken down had much more hype. This has been library quiet and nothing in the preview indicates he actually took the D.


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