Website Update: Devouring Dominic

This weekend we have a special DOUBLE surprise in store for our viewers: Dominic‘s very first experience with a guy, AND Justice finally taking things to the NEXT LEVEL by sucking dick on camera for the very first time!

Dominic initially told us that he was only open to doing solo and guy⁄girl scenes. But after a little bit of back and forth, we eventually persuaded the skeptical straight boy to give our MUCH better-compensated “gay for pay” option a try 😉 .

As a devious twist, we decided that it would not only be fun but also long overdue to have Justice take on the more SUBMISSIVE role for a change, seducing our newest straight recruit and showing him what messing around with a guy’s all about….

“I’ve never been with a dude!” Dominic nervously insists at the start of this scene. “But I’m very open-minded, so who knows what can happen!”

It’s not every day you get to witness a straight black male’s first experimentation with guy-on-guy sex – especially one as irresistibly sexy as Dominic!

Taking a seat next to the visibly uncertain straight jock, Justice begins tentatively touching Dominic’s smooth, sculpted chest and rippling abs. He slowly unbuttons Dominic’s shorts and begins groping Dominic’s beautiful dick, eventually pulling it out and putting it in his mouth….

Viewers looking for hardcore fucking from Dominic will not find it here in this scene. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite ready for that just yet (and neither was Justice).

But if you’re turned on by the idea of watching every unscripted, unpredictable moment of a sexy straight athlete’s first “baby steps” into “gay for pay” porn, unfolding in close to real time toward an unforgettable climax, then this is a “reality porn” exclusive you don’t want to miss!


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21 comments on “Website Update: Devouring Dominic
  1. Aaron

    Soooo when will we see Jahan Ace and jc power scene cause y’all could’ve kept this scene 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ IJS

  2. lob taylor

    These 2 people are okay but I’m really more interested in the Jay C and Jahan Ace matchup like am sure a lot of folks are. ‘Sigh’ . Just have to wait another week or more now.

  3. Daniel

    This shit was hot as fuck. Please bring Dominic back with Justice in a hot bareback fucking scene. 10’s across the board.


    DOMINIC babyboi please make that money it’s there for u babyboi messing with another young thug don’t make u gay i see u have a very strong mind long as u know who u r don’t worry about what the haters say they just r hating cause they can’t get to that sexy body of yours damm bro u r hott too hot to handle/too cold to hold man i love both of your scenes please come back for another scene u said in the shower u will be back out your own mouth u said it wasn’t that bad (YOUR ROYAL BADDNESS)DAMM BABYBOI U WAS BLESSED BY THE GODS IN EVERY WAY U GOT SOME PRETTY TOES/FEETS ANY 1 WOULD LICK THEM U R ALL THE MAN THE MAN THAT I LOVE TO LOOK AT(MIKE THANK U SO MUCH) PLEASE NO MORE LOOKING AT SCENES BEFORE THEY COME OUT THAT WILL KEEP THE HATERS AT BAY U REALLY ROCKED THEIR WORLD ON THIS SCENE THANKS MIKE JOB WELL DONE.BBA ROCKS

  5. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    Great update! 10/10…..Oh Dominic it’s only a matter of time……….Welcome to BBA LOL!

    Can we please get Apollo and Dominic in a scene together


    U got the people what they want both of these young sexy handsome thugs got the people what they wanted after this scene every one should take a chill pill and just let mike/bba staff do their thing they have prove to us over/over they put out the best porn there is they already got a very big fight on their hands with the other porn companys who r hating on them because they have the best sexy young models working for them added they have to explain to their members why this scene wasn’t what they like everyone who works at bba is human and that really take a toll on any human so lets all just relax and let mike/bba staff do their thing just enjoy the scenes there will be a scene u will like (ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY)as the old saying goes.

  7. cocopop

    So Justice has being practicing off camera, or he already knew how to suck dick. He does a fairly good job of it too. What I wasn’t expecting was Dominic playing with Justice’s dick, really wasn’t looking for him to return like Mikey. He was aggressive, but no real emotion the best part was the toe sucking and when Dominic threw Justice’s legs in the air. Hell I was getting excited he was bout to fuck him. Watching Justice shoot cum in his own face was hot as hell. Overall pretty good Mike.

  8. Stoned Mountain

    Shocked to see Dominic dive right in to explore his job! And clearly enjoying himself, what will be his next step?! And what a great Tour Guide, Justice!

  9. Jayden

    I have to admit that it was nice seeing Dominic and Justice again. I was surprised that you all paired him with Justice. I, low key, thought the action would be minimal because of Dominic being new to this type of work, but I still liked the scene! 😉

    I liked how Justice broke the ice in the beginning. The convo was funny, especially when he got Dominic to admit that he thought about messing around with a Whether acting or real—that part was great! I LOVE how Justice made Dominic comfortable. You can tell that Dominic was nervous and reserved based on his body language, which is understandable. It makes for a better scene when both models enjoy the experience. When they love making it, we love watching it. 💯

    Justice’s oral skills are erotically enticing—he plays well with the audience. It’s awesome to see him to go to the next level—a major requirement in the BBA experience. What I love most is that Justice appeared to enjoy giving Dominic brain. Not to mention it was great seeing Dominic bite his lips as he enjoyed the pleasure he received.

    My favorite part was the ass eating session. Although the angle was nice for the camera, I kind of wish Justice had more room to work. Maybe have Dominic get on “all fours”, and Justice work from behind next time?

    Justice loves feet—to each his own..LOL! Dominic’s feet are very nice though! It was great for the camera and a reminder to the guys that everyone (guys and girls) likes to see a nice set of toes. It’s a turn off to see the opposite of that! The climax was awesome. I liked that Justice received a facial from Dominic and himself—great ending!

    Previously, Justice described himself as “heteroflexible”. It seemed that his third leg was in love with Dominic. Can you blame him? LOL. I loved how Dominic allowed himself to enjoy the experience. He didn’t hold back when he enjoyed the head. Hopefully, he’ll stick around; I would love to see him do more.

    Shax—thanks bro! You still rock!

    To Mike, Dominic, Justice, and Shax, much love to ya! Thanks for anotha one!

    PS: If Dominic ever bottoms in the future (long, long time from now lol), his first bottoming scene should be called “Dominating Dominic”. LOL 😂

  10. oneloveme2u

    That was a great initiation. Good pairing and chemistry. I love Justice. Dominic and Apollo would be the scene of the year. Great job BBA. July was a great month for you guys. Kudos to Mike.

  11. John

    Well done for July even with the big event last week in July love seeing Justice give head hope he goes further now Dominic is nice to look at still kinda shy To me patiently waiting on jc n jahan don’t understand y it was in the teaser like it was coming in July but hey hope the momentum from July carries into August I know bba has a reputation for going hard den poof we waiting another month for one update. Overall great job

    1. Michael

      The video teaser for Jahan’s scenes clearly says “Coming This Summer.” We never said anything about releasing both scenes in July, and as I tried to explain in the comments under an earlier post, it would have been foolish for us to release them that way.

      But glad you’ve been enjoying our summer content so far overall, and we’ll be announcing a more specific release date for that scene soon.


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