Website Update: Dominic In Demand

It’s been a couple months since we last worked with Dominic. As many of you are already aware, he ​recently did a few scenes for another company, without our knowledge while he was waiting for more work from us. But he’s finally back where he belongs here at BBA, this time with a little more experience under his belt and looking better than ever!

With his breathtaking good looks and almost impossibly perfect physique, Dominic is easily one of the hottest guys we’ve filmed since Apollo, and we weren’t about to let him get away that easily. We’re proud and excited to announce his much-requested return to the BBA roster as our newest EXCLUSIVE/VIP model!

To welcome Dominic back to the BBA family, we’ve paired him with King Ant, another popular and upcoming BBA star who specifically requested him by name – even agreeing to give up his tight, near-virgin ass once again if we could make his dream scene come true.

Since this was also my first time meeting and working with Dominic directly, we start with an in-depth interview in which Dominic reflects on his “gay for pay” adventures so far, discusses the “blindfold backlash” and his initial performance anxiety, and addresses the “elephant in the room” of his recent non-BBA scenes.

Dominic is later joined by King Ant, who is clearly (and understandably) smitten with the muscular black Adonis sitting next to him on the bed. Nervous small talk about their zodiac signs and tattoos helps break the ice and leads into the surprisingly steamy encounter that follows.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for nearly a FULL HOUR of hot amateur action that includes dick-sucking, ass-eating, toe-sucking, and of course Dominic picking up where Bandit left off by thoroughly “breaking in” King Ant’s tight, tempting ass….

Dominic’s recent “practice” apart from BBA might actually be a blessing in disguise, because this time he clearly has something to prove and delivers a far more confident and verbal performance than we got from him last time.

“I’m about to make that ass mine!” Dominic teases King Ant in his deep, sexy voice, and boy, does he deliver on that promise! He grabs King Ant by the hair and mouth-fucks his thick, sexy lips. He even lets King Ant eagerly feast on his own thick, tasty butt before sliding his hard, RAW dick deep inside the bisexual top’s tight, formerly off-limits ass….​

Looks to me like Dominic is slowly but surely starting to​ come out of his shell as he explores and enjoys the kind of freaky and forbidden guy-on-guy sex his ​clueless​ girlfriend just can’t provide!

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50 comments on “Website Update: Dominic In Demand
  1. Indian

    Dominic is everything, a total package.
    I do not know if these questions have been answered, I beg your pardon if it was, but I am not aware.
    Where are Apollo and Cory?
    I think Dominic was about to accept a kiss from King Ant. Wait and see.

    1. Michael

      Glad you’re as smitten with Dominic as we are! Like Apollo (the similarities between the two are uncanny), Dominic is one of those guys who only come along every few years and not a day goes by that I don’t thank the porn gods for sending him our way lol. Still beating myself up for not signing him to an exclusive contract right away smh.

      Speaking of Apollo, we’re still in touch and hoping to work with him again very soon. So stay tuned!

      Cory is in retirement, but we’re hoping to bring him back along with some of the other popular early models for our special celebration of BBA’s 10th Anniversary next year.

  2. Chris

    Great looking guys. Maybe kissing would have made it better. 6/10

    Ready for Mikey Piper, Trapp & Shazeer to return before the end of the year

  3. IcyCryos

    Dominic is one fine black ass. I can’t wait until the update when he gives up said fine black ass. I’m looking forward to him being the next Apollo….complete with that Dominic train!


    😎 “King Ant” is sooo sensual he could seduce the hell out of a candy from a wrapper without touching it! I change my mind about him and “Jay C” yo, Michael please re-introduce him to “Mr Passion/Love Maker” “Blake” now that’ll give us more than an hour of non-stop toe curling excitement! They’ll prolly burn BBA down cause I know Blake is waiting to get his revenge! “DOMINIC” you got in there boi! You “Sculptured Caramel God” I’m impressed you went on the sidelines and came back ready to do the damn thing yo! I think you’re ready to meet the original “Sculptured Chocolate God” “APOLLO” & take it to the next level!😉 Michael Those two physique’s together 😍😍 pure bliss😏…

      1. Michael

        We’re well aware of your dislike for Blake Bishop by now lol. I think you’ve mentioned it at least three or four times on this one post alone.

        Blake is one of BBA’s most popular models of all time for good reason, and we’re certainly not going to stop giving him work just because he happens not to be your personal type. Sorry.

  5. WeatherMan

    Mike, I have got to hand it to you for SEVERAL reasons. First of all, you brought something out of Dominic that hasn’t been captured YET at BBA: his wild side. I have kind of been on the fence about him as a performer. Yes, he is a beautiful guy with the body of an Adonis, that cannot be disputed at all. But, this time, he really proved himself as a performer and he actually seemed confident and interested in King Ant, who continues to do amazing work and is probably going to be one of the BBA go-to models. The credit also goes to Dom for seeking other work while not with BBA because he came back on a mission and ready to prove he has got what it takes. Thank you man for pairing these two up together. But, now, it’s time for Dom to take the next step and suck a dick and eat an ass and he will be so improved. He could be a BBA all-star if he keeps performing how he performed in this scene, this was a turning point for him.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for the rave review of our latest scene! Like you, I was shocked and impressed to see Dominic start to come out of his shell and show more energy and passion this time. That was both surprising and exciting to witness. Let’s hope that momentum continues in the weeks and months to come….

  6. Jayden

    King Ant’s wish became Dominic’s command, and it fulfilled a desire of BBA Land! Cheesy, I know. LOL! But you all get the picture. This scene was 🔥!! Great to see Dominic back! Both models did a good job—they were great to watch! Dominic was more talkative this time around..good stuff!

    There were parts of this scene during the ass eating that reminded me of Apollo and Cordell. Dominic and King Ant clearly enjoyed themselves! The moans that were coming from Dominic alone were nut-worthy.

    Watching Dominic pound King Ant-priceless! He was pounding like no tomorrow!! His facial expressions and lip biting was a big hint to the pleasure he was receiving. I normally am not a fan of the angles viewing the nutsacks while the models are sexing, but I loved it this time. That was a BEAUTIFUL view from below! Of course, these models look good from any angle. The dialogue was 🔥too. My favorite part was when Dominic said, “It’s wet as fuck!”. At that point, I said to myself, “He’s gotten LOST in that ass! LOL!!” After watching Dominic in this scene, I say as I did last time, he enjoyed that shit! I did too!! 💯

    BBA keep serving up the hotness. I’m lovin’ this shit!

  7. decaturbaby

    I love Dominic, but you can add King Ant to my Manny, Luh Redd and Lil Tyga list of models I never have to see again.

  8. pisces586


    1. cocopop

      From head to toes, the man is beautiful, but those toes I’d wash my face every morning with them. I once thought Apollo had beautiful feet, but Dominic has out done him. I saw something in him this scene, didn’t see in the last two where he topped. He seemed more relaxed, really into the fucking, moaning like crazy. His facial expressions said this ass is good AF. Cant wait to see him take it to the next level Mike.

    1. Michael

      No worries! I haven’t abandoned that theme completely, just been busy with other types of more mainstream projects and scenes. Time flies and next thing I know, it’s been over a year since I appeared in a scene! But I might just come out of my semi-retirement in the near future. Maybe late 2018 or early 2019? Any special requests for who you’d like to see me get my horny hands on next 😉 ?


    CAN’T u see why mike don’t do scenes anymore i thought every1 knew that mike got a lover and they love each other and his lover must have ask him to not do scenes anymore some people don’t like their lovers doing that. now mike is trapp coming soon? it’s killing me on the wait.

    1. Michael

      We’ve been trying to bring Trapp back for several months now. He might be one of the most popular BBA models of all time, but as a hot-headed young thug still running in these Saint Louis streets, he can also be extremely difficult to work with on a consistent professional level. He’s constantly changing phone numbers, in and out of jail, rarely completes his testing when asked (a requirement for all of our models), etc. So scheduling shoots with him can sometimes be next to impossible.

      We can appreciate his popularity, though – finally seeing that phat juicy booty of his get plowed with raw dick was one of the hottest things I’ve ever witnessed in porn!

      Fingers crossed that we can get him back sooner rather than later.

  10. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    I must say, I’m very impressed with this scene. Dominic is really starting to open up more and starting to feel more comfortable with the idea of “g4p”….It really reminds me so much of Apollo in certain aspects. This scene is/was much better than his scenes on the other site and for one observation, he couldn’t stay erect in his FIRST scene and he had to wear a “cock ring” in the second scene. I’m really interested on seeing how far you’ll push Dominic in his journey on BBA and to see how far he’s willing to go in this industry. I really do hope he can go as far as the other popular guys.

    King Ant isn’t my favorite BUT I must commend him in seeing how much of a bottom/submissive he can get.

    I give this scene a 10.

    Please start pairing him (Dominic) with the other older models please. Just a request.

  11. oneloveme2u

    Loved the scene. King Ant did his thing in this one. Dominic was comfortable and seemed to enjoy Ant’s seductive side. Dominic and Apollo will be a great holiday treat. Nice job on this one Mike! You’re the man and enjoyed the interview portion.


    MIKE thank u for saying what’s up on trapp well i will just wait on scotty/shaun to get out of jail how many times that shaun had some1 to eat his ass he is ready to give up that gold hole so is scotty damm i hope it soon mike i know u be busy but u took the time out to give us members an update on who we would love to see in a new scene who do that only u mike thanks again we members love u mike/bba usa staff.

  13. Damien

    Great scene. Miss some of the other models. Stephon? He was just coming out of his shell and disappeared. Isaiah of course. Scotty, Trapp, Ross, Justice, Apollo
    Def. bring back Jay C, Dominic, and Kingston. I think we need a threesome with some of these guys. Please give Blake a long rest.

  14. Buckim

    How the next update ? I am paying since several years, each month, and updates are rare today. Shall I cancel my contribution, for a more serious site ?

    1. Michael

      We’re working hard behind the scenes to have new content ready for you as soon as possible. We promise our monthly subscribers three updates each month. And our updates are significantly longer (and better) than you’ll find on most other sites. We posted three updates in October and still plan to post three updates in November.


    MIKE we r not asking u all to stop working just give us a lil tease of what’s to come like u use to do the only kind we got this week is about king ant plus mike u all can keep on keeping on that’s all we ask for plus u all know me i never had nothing bad to say about bba usa just asking for a lil tease of what’s to come like old times like when manny killa/bandit was walking in the door we didn’t know they was going to fuck. thanks mike.

  16. Jamal

    Mike bring me on the ten. Z for Christmas we need to see bandit and Apollo both getting fucked by Dominic and Blake halfway thru they switch

  17. Cobra

    Again another shout out to the New Star at BBA…Dominic. I had no idea I had a foot fetish before this scene lol. Im looking forward to the Christmas updates and the return HOPEFULLY a few of the BBA favorites. Ever thought about adding a female for the guys as a gift? Of course they still get to unwrap each other lol. Happy Holidays.


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