Website Update: Kingston Meets The Killa

This week we’re bringing you the much-requested return of Kingston in his first full-action “gay for pay” scene!

“First time for everything, you know?” Kingston shrugs when asked about his surprising decision to take this big step. “You can’t knock something until you try it!”

While still visibly nervous and uncertain about the whole “gay for pay” thing, Kingston also comes across as MUCH more confident, open-minded, and friendly compared to when we first met him earlier this year.

He even admits that fucking a guy has secretly been on his “bucket list” ever since high school – he just never imagined crossing it off the list so soon, let alone with the entire world watching 😉 !

With his impressive oral and bottoming skills, and being from the same area as Kingston and King Ant, Manny Killa was a natural choice to be the first guy lucky enough to introduce the cocky Jamaican teen to the unique pleasures of guy-on-guy sex.

Having previously met Kingston a couple times through King Ant, Manny admits to having had his lustful eye on the cute newbie for awhile, and was more than eager to sample that fresh straight-boy meat for himself….

After enjoying Manny’s unrivaled deep-throating and ass-eating skills, Kingston is finally ready to try fucking a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME.

He tentatively pokes his RAW uncut dick between Manny’s smooth honey-brown cakes until it slowly sinks into that tight, warm ass….

Viewers looking for polished and professional fucking from more experienced models would probably be better off skipping this scene. But if you enjoy watching every spontaneous, unpredictable, occasionally awkward, and sometimes even hilarious moment of a curious straight boy’s first time fucking a guy in the ass, then this is a “reality porn” exclusive that you do NOT want to miss!

Manny Killa gasps in pleasure mingled with pain as the inexperienced but clearly horny straight boy grabs him by the hips and eventually begins POUNDING that round, juicy ass the way I’m guessing he probably fucked his girlfriend’s pussy later that night – clearly enjoying his first piece of BOY ASS!

(Don’t miss Kingston’s hilariously honest take on Manny Killa’s porn name near the end of this scene).

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13 comments on “Website Update: Kingston Meets The Killa

    Ok 😎 let me do what I did last week by being the first to comment again 😉. Michael now it’s your turn to take “Kingston” to the next level right? 🤗 He has to start out with you before you can put him on to “Mar” or even better yet the “Uber Vet” “Saint”! He does look even more sexier than the last time he was there, and it seems like he & “King Ant” are doing some practicing in private cause that kissing though intimate gave him a semi. I knew he had potential his curiosity is always going to be peaked most freaky boys are always ready to go the full length for experience sake……good job so far kid! Manny 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😎 with your sexy slender self!


    KINGSTON being around king-ant is a good reason that in time he will give up that 48kt gold thug asshole i like king-ant cause he is all about his paper and he will sit kingston down and school him make him understand giving up that ass don’t make him gay plus kingston want to have all the nice things that king-ant has bba usa don’t have to call him he will call bba usa and say he is ready to suck dick/give up the ass he has been watching a lot of (SCOTTY/SHAUN SCENES)MY HAT OFF TO MIKE HE HANDLED IT JUST LIKE HE DID WITH SCOTTY/SHAUN LIKE A PRO SO IS MIKE GOING TO LET HIS #1 OPEN THAT HOLE KINGSTON MIGHT BE MORE AT EASE WITH BANDIT BEING ANOTHER YOUNG THUG MANNY KILLA IS MORE OF A PRETTY BOY THUG BANDIT IS MORE OF A HARD THUG NOT SAYING MANNY KILLA IS WEAK NOT AT ALL KINGSTON WE WANT U BACK FOR ROUND 4 WE WANT TRAPP.


    1 Thing a young thug never knows is bba usa got a lot of members that r old pros who have been young themselfs what do they really think we fell out of our mother’s pussy full grown? we never had a childhood there was no way that was his first time fucking that good (BOY PUSSY) his dick stayed hard manny killa made that dick nutt kingston manny killa rocked your world that don’t make u weak u know u fucked manny killa better than your girlfriend.

  4. decaturbaby

    Wow, Kingston has gotten even more beautiful. Everything about him is so sexy. His voice and his personality are so manly. I don’t know who has sexier eyes, Him or JC. Kingston’s kissing turned me on, and apparently, it turned on Kingston as well, his dick got hard fast while. That was also a beautiful nutt shot, so thick and creamy. I just love him. His voice and his personality are so manly. I’m not a Manny fan, but I was still able to enjoy this update. Great job.

  5. Claudebb

    Kingston is cool….very honest and authentic….don’t push him out of his comfort zone let it happen organically with the right people Manny Killa was perfect for the scene


    (M.K.) i went back and looked at all your scenes from day 1 i couldn’t find any mistakes u made in your scenes (M.K.) u got good looks/very sexy/great body/super size dick/nice hole that’s not busted open very tight/sexy lips/pretty skin i don’t know why no 1 would not like u i said all this to say keep making your paper u have nothing to prove i really hope u do hook up with trapp 1 scene cause trapp love a pretty boy young thug i see it in him plus i can tell u would know how to put all your dick in him without hurting him damm that would be a scene for a lifetime.

  7. Dan

    Overall, I love the raw energy of the BBA shoots. Some of the dialogue is a little awkward and stilted, but that’s why I watch. With Kingston, it’s really odd because I normally don’t like the “trying too hard to prove that I am straight” attitude (I prefer g4p Apollo as opposed to Shaun and Scotty), but Kingston is the exception. I think it’s his reactions to all the new sensations and varied experiences. I especially love how Kingston’s eyes roll up in his head when he’s getting his dick serviced. I hope that Kingston continues to move along the path towards bottom bliss, even if it is glacially.

    Looking forward to more play with Jay-C, Bandit, and Dominic.

  8. Chris

    What I like most about BBA is the rawness of the scenes. Kingston couldn’t deny shit felt good & he was about to cum quick

  9. Jayden

    Well, the Jamaican fire 🔥 returns to the BBA zone! It was great seeing Kingston again—he’s been missed. For his first time sexing with a guy, the scene was pretty good. However, neither Kingston or “The Killa” are boring to watch. One of the funniest parts was Kingston rolling his eyes in boredom when Manny was giving head. Sorry dude…that reaction was not believable..LOL! Bandit even gave a reaction to Manny’s oral game, and he is the most chill of all the models, with the exception of Mello.

    As for the BBA legend in the making, Manny. He rocked too. Oral work is his specialty, and it is always good to see his performance. After Kingston loosened up, you could clearly tell that he was enjoying it. Manny is a great bottom as well. To be honest, he is an all around great performer—I don’t know if there is anything he can’t do.

    I know that Kingston said that he can’t find himself doing any of that stuff (gay sex) again, but I’ll cross my fingers 🤞🏾 in hopes that he’ll come back to play some more.

  10. blktop2002

    This was priceless for Kingston’s expressions alone. Kingston is adorable and to me an (Ole Soul) in a young man’s body. Manny is charming and diplomatic as well as drop dead beautiful. There were some moments that I was as uncomfortable as Kingston appeared to be. But that made the experience all the more genuine. This was absolutely a return to what BBA is really originally all about.

    1. Montez

      I think Manny was the perfect choice for Kingston’s first time topping. While Kingston wasn’t completely comfortable, Manny is so laid back and chill that it is nearly impossible not to feel some sort of comfort around him. It will be interesting to see how far Kingston will go moving forward.

  11. dcstudnw

    My First Time Comment. Hot scene with both Manny and Kingston. Great to see Kingston loosen up a bit, he even seemed to be having fun. Would love to see more. His furry booty is hot a hell. As for Manny, he’s a pro and as always, sexy as hell too.


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