Website Update: Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It (Part One)

Randy and Kendall

Randy is a handsome and open-minded “straight” guy who recently contacted me about wanting to make some money while exploring his bi-curiosity on camera. He admits to having experimented with transsexuals, and assures me that he’s finally ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL by having sex with a “full-on guy.”

“I like to experience new things,” he explains with a mischievous smile. “I want to try everything at least once. Don’t knock it until you try it!”

Randy and Kendall By River
To help initiate him into the exciting new world of guy-on-guy sex, I enlisted the help of our newest gay model Kendall, the bashfully cute college freshman who is also making his action debut in this scene.

See for yourself what happens when these new models meet for the very first time and enjoy a surprisingly sensual and erotic encounter that includes lots of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-licking – plus Kendall’s fresh young ass getting fucked RAW!

Randy and Kendall Kissing
Kendall Sucking Randy

You’ll have to judge for yourself, but I suspect that Randy is more experienced than he’s ready to admit. Unlike most of the TRULY straight guys I work with who are usually reluctant and motivated solely by money, Randy seems somewhat uncertain but at the same time surprisingly passionate and eager to please.

Enjoy the hot show as he excitedly jumps from one “new” activity to the next, including stuffing his big uncut dick in Kendall’s pretty young mouth, feasting on the college freshman’s sweet ass, and last but not least, being the first guy lucky enough to RAW-FUCK the skinny black teenager on camera….

Eating Kendall's Ass
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Randy Fucks Kendall
Even though this scene is jam-packed with hot and passionate action, not everything goes according to plan.

When Randy’s anxiety and lack of experience lead to some “technical difficulties” that bring the shoot to a premature end, I decide to call up one of BBA’s trusted “gay for pay” veterans and ask him to come by the very next day to help me “break in” our two newest models – and show Randy that here at BBA, it’s either FUCK or GET FUCKED!

Don’t miss the action-packed conclusion when fan favorite Saint joins Randy and Kendall for a raw and raunchy threesome – COMING SOON to!

12 comments on “Website Update: Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It (Part One)
  1. D-Money

    gotta say i know we aint suppose to say raw is good but fuck that i love this scene especially because its 2 newbies and btw im a big 4play guy and love that ass eating and dik sucking from both guys — now mike due to it being a great scene gotta shoutout that preview i have a feeling that with saint we have one of the top 3 threesome in BBA possibly if saint do what we allll know he going do put that scene in a big competition on BBA all time top 5 best scenes on the site (Mike I think that needs to be a Tumblr question — opinion poll — whether thru voting or most viewed whats your top 5 all time favorite past present future BBA scenes??)

    1. Man1234

      Speaking of raw, as hot as the those scenes are I wonder what are the precautions that you are taking? Are you making sure that the models and you are tested to make sure that no one is in danger of exposure the HIV/AIDS? As much as I am fascinated by watching porn, the socially conscious side of me is always concerned about peoples lives and what we are putting out there in the world. I love supporting this website and want to continue but I want to make sure that you are supporting safety and health choices. When it comes to raw sex, when we are at home, it should be with a partner that you know and trust! Just my personal opinion!

  2. 4shetl

    …Brilliant Michael…BRILLIANT! My new favorite couple! Randy’s talented and his demeanor with Kendall was spot on… I have watched this video several times since its posting and have ‘erupted’ every time… AND after Randy’s ‘performance anxiety’ got the better of him, what a surprise that he blew Kendall and “kept the change”… Cannot wait to see what happens next with the introduction of Saint to their already smoldering dynamic. I am a very pleased customer this week.

    1. Man1234

      Really nice scene. I was not disappointed at all. I can understand Randy getting nervous after a while, that is a lot to take on and handle. Kendall is a nature, what skills!

  3. Stoned Mountain

    Randy is straight. Yeah, right. LOL

    Randy is a freak. No man who kisses like THAT, goes straight for the dick and eats ass has EVER been straight.

    Randy is a future star. Book him. Kendall is fine but green, nice bottom but that NERDY PERSONALITY must develop! He has fine head game and took dick nice.

    Love the position with Kendall straddling Randy and fucking Randy’s mouth I liked it, and Randy LOVED IT. HOT

    Main problem with Randy was premature ejaculation, or just had a hard time maintaining his hard-on??

    I like the couple. Cannot wait to see what Saint does with them.

    Randy is very well equipped…

    Good to see you making Saint feel useful.

  4. Thaddeus Pimusique

    Every now and then you put out a vid that keeps my dick in my hand. You have done it again. I am over here jacking off with gasoline and lube. Randy is my new boyfriend. I love his openness to try new things. When he learn how to eat ass and give and take dick…he is going to be a beast. He already know how to suck dick and swallow. A plus.

    Kendall, hmmm… He is my dude on the side. He looks like he smells good. I would eat his ass until I get lock jaws. His hole looks so nice.

    At the end of the vid you bring in the Teacher. I can’t wait for the second part. I bet he teaches them how to entertain us at home.

    Keep it up and you are going to cause me to pull my dick out of place. Love this vid. Reminds me of how I started.

    I am about to watch it again. I also have to put it on my blog so that you will get hits that will blow up your site. I am always directing people to your site…..I am out.

  5. Tori Fan

    You made me late for church this morning! I just had to write this note about Randy and Kendall. HOT HOT HOT! I love the way Kendall or is it Randy looks into the camera. I was bone hard as he sucked that dick and said….yo dick sure is HARD! He was making me wish he was doing that to me. I gotta run but I needed to let you know that those two and the anticipation of Saint has been added to my lust list, following Dragon and Tori……and thanks for the toe shots

  6. lob Taylor

    Kudos Micheal you hit it out of the ball park with this one! Wow at the equipment on new model Randy. I have zero complaint about this scene. In fact I cant stop grinning….and cumming.

  7. Rommel

    Well done Michael, I really enjoyed this scene despite it being mostly foreplay. Randy is very lovable, can’t help but love this guy after the interview and then his chemistry with Kendall was on point and it showed. You can tell he really enjoyed his scene despite it not finishing the way it was planned I think its one of your best works.

    Looking forward to seeing part 2 with Saint who is another of my favorites. Again keep up the good work Michael and don’t let Randy get away, he works well for the site.

  8. kenny fan

    I must say…..I enjoyed this scene I am VERY surprised at Randy claiming he is “Straight” yet he ate that ass and sucked that dick like a PRO ! I can’t wait to see Randy get fucked by Saint…I give this scene an 8/10

  9. Cobra

    You just never know how much the guys are revealing about their sexual experiences but I just accept it for what it is…a fantasy. Some guys even like to bottom for trannies so that may be the case for Randy. Everyone seems to agree the scene will be more than salvaged with the addition of Saint.

  10. fmint63

    Actually Jr. and Saint would’ve made a much BETTER pair Saint would’ve brought out the best in Jr. Isaiah is just NOT exciting enough he IS Mono if you know what that means and I don’t believe he will ever be exciting enough he has to loosen up his panties A Lot. He is definitely a gay for pay DUDE!!!


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