Website Update: Introducing Kendall

Kendall Stripping

It’s that exciting time of year again, when young people all over the country are leaving home for the very first time to begin their first year of college. And with the cost of tuition now higher than ever, more and more of these college freshmen are turning to PORN as a way to pay their skyrocketing bills! This is what brings our newest model Kendall to BBA.

Barely 18 and just fresh out of high school, Kendall is a quiet and slightly awkward black boy who enjoys playing soccer and video-games, going to the mall, and other “regular teenage stuff.” The youngest child in a large upper-middle-class family, he was raised a “good” kid but clearly also has a rebellious side.

Less than a week before starting his freshman year of college, Kendall responded to one of my online ads and decided that showing off his tempting teen body could be a fun and easy way to pay his college tuition. If you share my weakness for cute black twinks with that “barely legal” look, then I guarantee you’re going to fall in lust with Kendall….

Kendall 2
Kendall is naturally kind of timid and shy, and he seems almost scared when the time finally comes for him to take off his clothes. Of course the boy’s nervous innocence only turns me on even more, and I enjoy gently guiding him through a slow, seductive striptease.

“Do you like what you see?” Kendall nervously asks, his teenage voice cracking as he steps out of his clothes to reveal his naked young body to the world for the VERY FIRST TIME….

Kendall 3
Kendall Shows Off His Ass
Before his “audition” is over, Kendall shows off EVERY INCH of his slim, youthful body, including his pretty feet, well-defined abs, and a tempting round ass that you’ll no doubt want to see get eaten and FUCKED.

Just wait until he spreads his skinny legs open wide and shows off his tight, young asshole for us to drool over and fantasize about!

And don’t let this cute college freshman’s “baby face” fool you – Kendall is all grown up where it counts, with a surprisingly BIG DICK for such a skinny boy!

Kendall Shows Off His Asshole
To watch the full-length, uncensored version of Kendall’s “audition,” click here to join BBA today!

If you’re already a BBA member, click here to “meet” BBA’s newest model any time you’d like!

Kendall Shows Off His Dick
Kendall’s “audition” is a little bit quieter and stiffer than most, but he more than makes up for his shy performance with an explosive climax that only a horny teen could deliver!

Stay tuned to the very end for a brief sneak peek of another new model who will soon be joining young Kendall in his amateur ACTION debut!

14 comments on “Website Update: Introducing Kendall
  1. D-Money

    good potential addition on this one mike — cute shy sexy with a lot of potential not bad on the eyes at all will break outta that shyness the more he gets in front of that cam — big dick phat booty i know someone is going have a field day with tonguing that booty good potential like him — cant wait for his action scene!!!

  2. Cobra

    I really wanted to see what a few more of the members thought of Kendall. Nice, personable young man but not a masculine bone in his body. More of a “straight for pay” model but i’ll wait to see if part II holds more promise for me. I’d bet money the guy who he first hooked up with at 14 was over 20 but I guess some viewers are into that.
    As a relatively new subscriber I took the time to check out a few of the older scenes I never really watched. The DL Chillspot videos were pretty intense and Murda would have been a great pairing with some of the BBA guys and even you Mike.
    I know true “gay for pay” models can’t be found every week but when you feature gay models it would be great if they all looked like City Bwoy. Great look and athletic fit body and very personable to boot. I’m also positive that some of your viewers will fall in lust with Kendall like you said so all is good at the end of the day. You have plenty good material to please all of your fans here at BBA.

    1. A.J.

      One thing I can agree with is Mike implementing DLCS models. Murda and Chippy are some real gems that is for sure. Mike has his reasons for not pursuing them though and I understand still it’s a shame lol.

      Now as far as Kendall goes I have no complaints. I am actually quite excited about him being an addition. He’s sexy to me and his feet are perfect. I don’t even care that he is gay that’s fine by me because he doesn’t scream effeminate . You have to let him fuck somebody too Mike his dick is where it’s at. If it’s right he could be a real versatile asset. Anyway nice scouting Mike but that preview was kinda weak at the end.

    2. Michael

      Glad to hear that you’ve been exploring the archives and discovering some of the older models and scenes.

      Murda was probably my personal favorite out of all the DL Chill Spot’s models and I always wanted to work directly with him. I still get turned on when I watch his personal message to me at the end of Training Day (Part 1). But even before the DL Chill Spot CEO’s tragic death back in January, Murda hadn’t been working with him in awhile due to being locked up and I’m not sure when he’ll be out.

    1. Michael

      Sounds like a hot idea for a porn scene 😉 !

      By the way, I know that unscripted “reality porn” has always been BBA’s focus, but would you and other viewers be interested in seeing us explore some fantasy/role-playing type scenes in the future, on a limited basis? Just something I’ve been tossing around in my head for awhile, and I’m curious to hear what other people think about the idea.

      1. A.J.

        Might as well just don’t get too corny. You have already kinda dabbled into that with the whole job orientation scene.

        (I’m trying to be consistent with this hashtag but I keep forgetting on some post lol.)

  3. kidon

    Nice videos so far Mike. I would have to agree with AJ that more should have been shown in the preview with the new model and Kendall like you have done in the past with other models. Just a thought……we buy your stuff regardless just give us a little more next time.

    1. Michael

      Sorry to disappoint you with the brief sneak peek at the end. That was intended to be more of a “teaser” than an official preview. Even the short previews can take a lot of time and extra work to edit together, and I simply ran out of time if I was still going to update the website by Friday night, which I’ve been trying to do on a more regular basis. Hope that better explains why so little was shown from Kendall’s action debut.

  4. Pascal

    Kendall’s upcoming scene partner looks mighty tasty!

    So Michael, you sort of promised us to dish on all the drama during the latest shoots a few weeks back: is that still on?

    Will it happen here or on tumblr?

    1. Michael

      Kendall’s upcoming scene partner’s name is Randy, and I hope you and others will like him.

      I haven’t forgotten about my promise to share some of the behind-the-scenes stories from Freaky J’s visit, just haven’t found the time yet. Thanks for the friendly reminder.

      I’ll be posting that here on the blog. Tumblr is a great forum for visual media like video clips, pics, gifs, etc., and I hope you and others are enjoying the fantastic work that Montez has been doing so far. But this blog will continue to be the place to come for more in-depth communication about the models and scenes, behind-the-scenes stories, fan feedback, etc.

  5. fmint63

    Kendall is a doll have anyone noticed those piercing seductive eyes yaaaa that’s what I’m talking about he’s not shy the way he threw his legs back please there’s much more to him than meets the eye. Rehearsed scenes I don’t think so we see enough of that crapppp in the porn industry already and it sucks!!! My opinion.

  6. Cobra

    Behind the scene stories??? Not sure what that is but a behind the scenes video would be hot. Not sure if you have a second camera but it may be a unique look at making porn if you shot yourself with a second camera of a live shoot. How you actually maneuver to get those crazy shots. Also live banter instead of the staged interview where line up the models in a nice neat row and ask the same question every single time, “how was your experience”? Basically an extended outtake but maybe include actual negotiations with who fucks who and how. I’m sure some of the pre-production talks would shed some enlightening moments in the making of BBA porn. Maybe have like a Saint, Freaky J or other model talk on topics like the prepping you mentioned that goes in prior to each scene and or interview his partner on his expectations, past experiences, or what are there own rituals prior to a shoot. Basically a more detailed video of the entire process filmed live.
    May be a good thing to try when you do your next big special guest like Day Day or Freaky J.


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