Website Update: Game Break

This weekend we’re serving up a visual feast for all of our fellow dark chocolate addicts out there.

After making his official gay porn debut just a few weeks ago, Shameeks is back and ready to prove that his impressive first scene was only a HINT of his true star potential. This time the strikingly handsome, dark-skinned 18-year-old has set his sights on one of BBA’s older veteran “gay for pay” stars​.

Of course that infamous bubble-butt stretching through Isaiah’s sweatpants is what first catches Shameeks’ attention while Isaiah plays an arcade video-game. The horny new kid silently spies on the sexy straight boy from the other side of the room, even sliding his hand under his pants and no doubt imagining just how damn GOOD that firm, round ass must feel.

Shameeks eventually works up the courage to move in behind Isaiah and claim that enticing prize for himself. Without even uttering a word, he drops to his knees and yanks down Isaiah’s sweatpants, eagerly burying his face between those twin, ripe melons like he’s been dreaming of this moment for months….

This unexpected “game break” quickly escalates into the type of encounter where the foreplay comes very close to stealing the show.​ ​

There’s nothing quite like an exotically handsome, hung “top” who not only doesn’t mind but clearly ENJOYS sucking dick, and if you can make it past watching ​Shameeks’ ​thick, sexy lips sliding up and down Isaiah’s big dick without busting at least one or two “nutts,” then you’re a far stronger person than I was while ​reviewing​ the footage 😉 !

​Shameeks also lets Isaiah enjoy a taste of his own spectacular bubble-ass before slowly plunging his thick and RAW nine-inch dick deep inside that tempting straight-boy ass he’s been craving from the first moment they met….

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18 comments on “Website Update: Game Break
  1. Jamal

    Nice af. Only thing that would have made it better is if bandit was getting head from Isaiah while it happened, and if apollo was getting fucked right next to him by knockout. But loved it

    1. D'Sean

      Bandit would have taken over the scene. Bandit’s dick loves Isaiah’s ass.

      I thought Isaiah was going to smash. Did you see the arch in Shameeks’ back?

      If there would have been a 4sum I would have added Blake Bishop and Bandit to the mix. I can’t wait to see Shameeks top Blake.

      Shameeks is on his way to being number one! He is raw talent like Justice.

  2. JVerde

    Wow nice potential scene suggestions from Jamal and D’Sean. But I’m not at all sure Apollo is ready for Knockout. That would be one hella flip flop though. Blake paired with almost any of the new guys or current top models would be good. This weeks update was okay. But you can’t please everyone every time. Can’t wait to see what’s up next.

    1. Bkboi

      I Can’t wait Until Mike Get Back behind the Camera or in front of it 🤷🏾‍♂️. No disrespect to Shax and the other Dude. But these last few updates been lack luster and the Models were Dope. Ayo Mike now that your in NYC 🗣Pull up I’m in Brooklyn East Flatbush the same neighborhood DL Chill spot was. you can use my Crib for a few Scenes lol

  3. Stepp

    1st off Isaiah ass thicker than a Snickers! When Meek pulled them draws down tho and all that cake popped out, I was like got damn his ass fat than a bitch. And is it me or do Isaiah look like he got more meat on that pipe these days? Meek head game on a hundred. I love Isaiah as a total bottom. Good scene! I’m fucn with Meek but its past time for him to get the stuffin beat out that muffin. Now bring back my Bandit!

    1. JVerde

      How is it past time for Shameeks to get fucked. He has done two scenes. I mean just two. What if he doesn’t want his booty busted from kin to kan’t 😆 or does that matter.

  4. LemanR

    This is BBA’s masterpiece! This was a Iit chocolate kingdom. It can’t get any better than this. But please do try. Thanx…

  5. Zayvayn

    I will never like Isaiah as a bottom and better does Isaiah. He is truly gay for pay. He hardly ever assists in the fuck. He lays there and take the shame and pain. I love to see him top. He’s my #1… but I love to watch Bro stroke. He has the best fuck game. Good job Shax and everyone. No complaints.

  6. llob taylor

    Damn this was hawt as hell! Isaiah hasnt been fucked this good till I say knockout! Wow am brick thinking about the noise dude was making. I loved this. Seriously the cameraman needs to look at the faces and the naked bodies more. Not a fan of the new camera person! I wanted to see more of Isaiah’s face and his body.

  7. Jayden

    This was a pairing I was hoping for, and I am so glad that you all made it happen. First off, it’s great to see both Shameeks AND Isaiah again! I’ve always had a sweet tooth for chocolate, and this scene gave me a double dose! Thanks for that! The opening of the scene was unique as well. No dialogue–just started off with action. Nice! Very fitting for these two as they don’t say a lot in front of the camera.

    Shameeks- He’s so fuckin’ cute. Shameeks has this quiet, sexy, confident, “IDGAF” vibe, which I love. I loved how Shameeks starts off the scene by feasting on Isaiah’s cakes, and he did not hold back. He ate that ass like there was no tomorrow! I could watch this dude give blow jobs all day long! I love his effortless, no-hands technique, and his costars so far have too. Hearing Isaiah say, “Fuck, Suck that shit” in between groans of pleasure was HOT! That’s the quickest I have ever seen Isaiah get hard, and that’s the most expressive I’ve ever seen him during a blow job in all of his scenes!

    I also loved the subtle smirk that Shameeks gave Isaiah when he was being undressed by him. When he got on the bed, the view of him from the back on all fours was HOT! Shameeks was awesome on top. His stroke was on point, and he gave Isaiah everything! There was a moment when Isaiah got up from the chair to get on the bed and Shameeks’ look was priceless. You could tell he was ready to dive back in for more. I can’t blame him Isaiah is sexy as hell. Without a doubt, you could definitely tell he enjoyed Isaiah, and we enjoyed them together! Good work!

    Isaiah- This dude is still fine AF, and gives me a chocolate high! I love how Isaiah is more vocal in the scenes these days. I remember when he would barely say a word a few years ago. In this scene right from the beginning, we hear, “Shit, Damn, oh shit!” and it’s sexy AF! Isaiah’s oral skills have improved greatly. While watching him eat ass, I was wishing I was Shameeks. He tore that up! Can you blame him? Shameeks’ ass is BEAUTIFUL! There were a couple shots of the two of them on the bed together where Shax panned back to catch Isaiah’s whole body–breathtaking. There were parts where Isaiah grimaced in pain, but his performance was top notch. He took every inch of Shameeks’ dick, and made it look good. My favorite part of that portion of the scene is the missionary on the bed. Seeing Isaiah’s legs in the air was sexy AF! Lastly, watching Shameeks bring Isaiah to a satisfying finish was the perfect way to end this sexy scene! Good shit!

    This was a break I thoroughly enjoyed. Care to take anymore breaks anytime soon? LOL! To you, Shax, Montez, Isaiah, and Shameeks, thank you for a damn good time!

  8. Isaiah & Apollo fan

    When I first saw this scene I was like “double chocolate double fun” this scene was everything, Shameeks tight ass needs to be fucked. He fucked Isaiah really good and I can never get through the entire video, this has to be one of my favourite scenes of Isaiah. Everything about this scene was sexy I give this scene a straight 10/10


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