Website Update: Rooming With Rocky

Ever wondered what happens when one of BBA’s new straight models ends up sharing a room with one of the more experienced gay models during our trips? Well, this weekend’s update gives you a sexy, voyeuristic sneak peek 😉 .

Fresh off his first sexual encounter with another male, Rocky finds himself sharing a room with the cute gay twink Luh Redd. He tries watching football on TV while Luh Redd lies sprawled out next to him on the bed in nothing but a skimpy pair of shorts, passed out after a late night partying with some of the other BBA models.

Luh Redd’s bubble-butt stretching through his tight shorts while he sleeps proves to be a distraction for the shy but horny straight boy, no doubt stirring up recent memories of plunging his dick in and out of Isaiah’s tight ass…

Almost without thinking, Rocky begins playing with himself beneath his pants while reaching over for a quick, cautious squeeze of Luh Redd’s ass. Next thing he knows, he’s eagerly grabbing and groping the gay boy’s cute ass, curious to see how it compares to his first.

“What you doin’, bruh?!?” Luh Redd asks, startled out of his sleep to the surprising sight of Rocky naked and stroking his hard dick next to him on the bed.

A still half-asleep Luh Redd tries to put the visibly tense and nervous Rocky at ease by leaning in for a kiss. He later DEEP-THROATS that dick like he’s gobbling down his last meal, the challenge of “turning out” yet another sexy straight boy clearly inspiring Luh Redd’s best oral skills…

Horny and curious to see how far his new straight roommate will go, Luh Redd encourages Rocky to return the favor and ends up giving those juicy-thick lips some much-needed practice.

(Spoiler Alert: Rocky’s dick-sucking skills are thankfully improving, slowly but surely!).

The “must see” highlight of this scene for me comes when Luh Redd gets to be the first guy lucky enough to bury his face in Rocky’s cute, hairy ass, hungrily sniffing and slurping and SAVORING that most private and protected part of the sexy straight boy’s slim body….

Luh Redd later gives up his own plump, juicy ass to Rocky’s hard, eager dick, reminding him just how good a guy’s tight and warm ass can feel.

The cute gay twink will no doubt be the envy of many as the inexperienced but clearly horny straight boy awkwardly pounds that ass like it’s his girlfriend’s wet pussy.

Eerily similar to his “gay for pay” mentor Isaiah when he first started out, Rocky is still just as shy and quiet as ever, looking like a deer trapped in the headlights as he fucks a guy in the ass for only the SECOND time in his life. But please be patient with our newest straight star! My hope is that he’ll soon be following in Isaiah’s footsteps and coming out of his shell as he gains more experience and gets more comfortable with the whole idea of guy-on-guy sex.

On the plus side, Rocky’s dick gets rock-hard without any help from straight porn on his phone, which is more than we can say for most of BBA’s “gay for pay” guys, and shows me that he’s enjoying this new exploration more than he wants to admit!

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14 comments on “Website Update: Rooming With Rocky
  1. JVerde

    Let’s see what the nay sayers find to complain about this week. I can hardly wait to hear from the pornocologist 😂 with insights into people’s minds they don’t even know.

  2. TJ

    Nothing against these guys, but I’ll patiently be waiting for the update next week. One thing that I love about BBA is that you guys are all over the spectrum when it comes to the models. I can appreciate that. Can we get a 3some scene with Dominic, Trapp, & Jay C?

  3. mrcwilliams1940

    Wow what a way to step up to the plate for Rocky. Always a pleasure to see Luh Redd in a scene. A little more practice Rocky would be good model for great scenes. Overall good scene. Now it’s time to up it for Rocky (try some dick, uum) I’m just saying,lol! Both models are cute as hell!!(Luh Redd,tall and fine, Rocky a fine twink). A classic pairing.

  4. Christian

    I tried to stay as long as I could but I had to turn in my card for subscription. The production I just couldn’t. Kept paying for stuff I couldn’t get off to like I used to. Hopefully mike will come back soon. Guys are great just production

  5. decaturbaby

    I have changed my opinion about Shax Carter. His taste is terrible. I don’t ever have to see another one of his shoots again. BBA was NOT left in good hands.

    1. Michael

      I already told you that Shax’s personal tastes have absolutely NOTHING to do with these scenes. I still choose the models and pairings, with input from Montez and Shax. So if you have a problem with Rocky, you have a problem with ME.

      I still think Rocky is cute and sexy as hell, and his painful shyness and obvious newness to all of this only turns me on even more. OF COURSE he’s not going to perform with the energy and passion and skill of an experienced gay “porn star” right out of the gate. That’s a ridiculous and unfair expectation for this type of model and scene.

      Being able to rely on Shax and Montez for new content has been a lifesaver during this busy and stressful transition. Some scenes have been better than others, but overall I’m extremely proud of our attractive and exciting new models and their hot debut scenes from the past couple months.

      I’m also humbled and flattered that so many viewers appreciate and miss my own unique style, and I will be back to filming and directing new scenes very soon. Production is slowly but surely getting back in full swing and our plan is to have two hot new scenes for you closer to the end of the month. So stay tuned, the summer is just getting started!

      1. decaturbaby

        I’m afraid this time, it’s not the “style” that upsets me, it’s the last couple of months of models that have paraded thru here, with the exceptions of Shameeks and Isaiah. Thank you for taking ownership and defending Shax (my apologies to Shax). I have wasted my money on this site the last couple of months. I actually do NOT watch the new videos that you are posting. I have no interest in seeing them naked, let alone having sex. Where is Kingston? How can he just disappear after his last fantastic scene? and surely Scotty or Shaun must be out of Prison by now? This has not been a good year.

  6. Midstroke21B

    I love Rocky’s cute ass he gotta fan in me. Luh Redd lucky mf to taste Rocky ass, and I know Luh Redd definitely was loving the dick. This scene was AMAZING. Thank you Michael, Shax, Montez, but especially Rocky & Luh Redd.🔥❤️💯

  7. llob taylor

    Am with the majority on this one. Last 2 months except for Isaiah coming back and the new model SHAMEEKS, the rest of the new models have been way below average. This has to be the worst run of models since I started watching this site (The Schoolboy and the African). I mean I’m not a fan of Dominic, Justice, Apollo but damn, at least they looked good and interesting! I dont care who picked the models they just havent been good enough. Period

  8. Stepp

    I slept on this scene! The oral was fire no cap! Rocky is adorable and I love his lips and how he give neck. Red even tone skin is beautiful.


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