Website Update: Grade School Reunion

Lil Tyga Fucks D-Rel

Here’s the scene I just filmed this past Friday night, the first of four shoots from my whirlwind weekend of filming. Didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped, but then again I knew going into it that working with D-Rel is always an adventure and gamble 😉 . But it still has its fair share of hot and entertaining moments if you’re a fan of these models and unscripted, real-life stories like this:

After producing gay porn in a relatively small Midwestern city for over five years, I’ve learned that it’s sometimes a very small world and most of BBA’s local models have crossed paths at some point in their lives.

In previous scenes, we’ve reunited Beno with his high school girlfriend’s gay best friend, and later the younger foster brother he always wanted to fuck. We surprised Saint by pairing him with his long-lost friend from middle school. And now it’s time once again for another entertaining BBA “reunion,” this time between former friends from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!

Shortly after he began working for BBA over three years ago, Lil Tyga saw D-Rel on the site and immediately recognized him as one of his former friends from elementary school. D-Rel wasn’t an active model at the time, but the possibility of pairing these two childhood friends has been in the back of my mind ever since and when D-Rel recently returned to finish what he’d started with his college buddy Suspense, I decided to take a gamble on this unlikely “grade school reunion”….

D-Rel and Lil Tyga Reunite
The scene begins with D-Rel and Lil Tyga nervously meeting for the VERY FIRST TIME in nearly ten years.

They laugh and reminisce about being “partners in crime” back in elementary school – in other words, the “bad kids” always stirring up trouble in class! I’m sure that never in a million years could they have imagined back then that all these years later, they’d be meeting once again as popular models on a GAY porn website!

It’s an unpredictable and unscripted reunion that you don’t want to miss as these long-lost friends get intimately reacquainted in ways that would have been unthinkable back in their elementary school days….

D-Rel and Lil Tyga - First Kiss
Lil Tyga Fucks D-Rel
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Lil Tyga Fucks D-Rel 2

D-Rel and Lil Tyga

25 comments on “Website Update: Grade School Reunion
    1. Michael

      Not sure why you don’t believe the story? I don’t make up the stories behind BBA’s models and scenes. Never have and never will. Everything from this scene and scene summary is 100% true.

  1. D-Money

    great scene mike — gotta say its always a joy to see sexy Tyga — always brings fun and str8 dick to the scene — to me D-Rel is D-Rel funny goofy yet such an inner freak that keeps him wanting more lol I enjoyed watching the great foreplay nice fucking tyga knows how to get it and fuck it good and to be honest im already ready for one more update nothing like a midweek update i could get use to that mike lol……

  2. Stoned Mountain

    D-Rel is a cuddly lovable morsel. I want him just for me, to eat that ass, and suck his dick till he busts, give him sloppy head. And put my tongue down his throat. Every day. LOL

  3. DJ

    Dude the last few post have been lackluster at best. There really isn’t a reason to continue a subscription to BBA. Sorry, not sorry! I have Not been excited to see what you have posted I quite some time. Showcase your boys! Apollo, Beno, Brandon, Migo, do a hot ass threesome with some of the model. Your just getting by! I’m slowing starting to become less of a fan. Fixed it! Real shit!!

    1. Michael

      Awwww, damn, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been disappointed with BBA’s recent models and scenes. It’s been less than a month since I posted a very hot action scene with Apollo, and Migo will be showing up again soon. Hopefully some of my upcoming models and scenes will be more to your liking!

  4. samoan.kid

    man d-rell looks unhealthy..he used to be kinda cute lol.. couldnt enjoy this scene.. neway is there a post coming this week or nahh..

  5. Me Thats Who Igottit

    I’ve been a viewer of your videos since the beginning when I noticed Shyne, who I did work with for a wedding, and has watched ever since. Sure there will be scenes we don’t like, but that’s the game can’t please everybody, and there will be more scenes we may not like!
    Let’s not criticize for a few scenes, plus Mike is very candid bout his feelings about the scenes! He is honest! Making helpful suggestions help but to throw a tantrum over 1 scene, which I’m sure you bust a nut to or another scene, is a little merch!
    We still got 7 mo monfs left lol…just wait and see what’s comn up. I know it’s some hot shit..I just Know it lol! Dnt fail me Mike jp!

  6. Isaiah fan

    Okay I must say this, since D-rel came back recently with his scenes with Suspense he hasn’t been looking good at all it’s like he’s not that good looking as he once was he looks washed up and drugged up even tho I enjoyed that scene with Suspense, However, I did NOT enjoy this scene for several reasons. Lil Tyga has been slowly losing his “mojo” when fucking these guys the “rough” way and it takes away from the “Tyga” in Lil Tyga. I give this scene a 4/10 tbh


    1. Michael

      I don’t think Lil Tyga has lost his “mojo,” it’s just that in his last few scenes he’s been asked to work with more reluctant and inexperienced models, so of course he’s not going to be able to fuck these guys as aggressively as he would gay “bottoms” like Diesel or Spyda.

      Lil Tyga actually prefers more feminine and eager gay boys, but since we don’t film a lot of those here at BBA, I’ve been asking him to step out of his comfort zone by working with the “gay for pay” boys. I think Lil Tyga went about as hard and “rough” as he could under the circumstances.

      I’m working on another hot new scene as we speak, and it should be ready by tomorrow (Sunday).

  7. M J

    I like the scene D-Rell looked much better in this scene…he cleaned up well!! Nice feet he has….Would love to see more of him being more comfortable taking dick. Mike bring this brother back….lol

  8. Ezdawg

    This is a scene I has always wanted to see…. and I hear you that Lil Tyga could fuck the shit outta that pretty D Rel booty if D Rel would just let him….Obviously D Rel just wants to fuck some booty and I wish he would just let it all go hard on somebody…love D Rel but he always seems like he is holding back… but dam… that body and all is hot although he does seem like hes getting skinnier…. Now for Tyga…he is hungry for a plump booty to gangster fuck….mm… maybe I should call him but I am as much of a bottom as D Rel…lol Keep lil tyga happy…. It makes me happy when he is happy!!!!

  9. Pascal

    Well I was wrong about the ‘underfed’ models part in the other comment… Please tell D-Rel to take better care of himself! It’s worrying seeing him look like this.

    But the reverse double doggy-style where Tyga ate D-Rel’s butt was extraordinary! Please congratulate Tyga once again and have other models look at it so they can incorporate it in their own performances.

  10. Michael

    D-Rel’s looks have no doubt declined over the past couple years, but at least he still has that PERFECT little muscle-butt that I’ve always loved 😉 .

    As far as his sexuality is concerned, I’d say D-Rel is now somewhere on the bisexual range of the spectrum but still deeply conflicted about the pleasure he gets from guy-on-guy sex.

    I’m usually VERY kind to D-Rel with my editing, as he continues to be EXTREMELY difficult to work with most of the time. As some of you have pointed out, there were parts where he comes off as more of a “bottom” who was obviously LOVING that dick, but just as he did with Suspense, it’s like every time he gets caught up in the moment and begins to reveal his true self, his guilty, self-hating, homophobic side pops up and that’s when he starts saying crazy shit and complaining like he was just being tortured.


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